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Travel and Entertainment Regulations


USA Student International Travel Review Procedures

These policies apply under the following scenarios:

  1. Student travelling with financial, grant, fellowship, scholarship, fin. aid or other support from USA departments/units.
  2. Students travelling for academic credit.
  3. Students travelling to do research, attend conferences, make presentations or other participate in academic/professional activity reviewed and/or approved by a USA faculty/staff member, academic unit, etc.
  4. Students travelling for experiential activities that are encouraged, approved or otherwise supported/encouraged by faculty or academic/administrative units.
  5. Students accompanying faculty/staff on approved USA business abroad.
  6. Students travelling under one or more of the scenarios above or other similar scenarios involving USA sponsored, approved, reviewed, etc. activities.

NOTE: All students receiving academic credit whether it be as on-campus USA GPA course credit (traditional course, externship, internship, pre-ceptorship, clinical work, directed studies, special topics, seminars, etc.) or for transient credit must have their activities reviewed under the USA Office of International Education - Education/Study Abroad procedures. For more details please go to the USA Study Abroad website.


QUESTIONS about any USA student travel or if student travel abroad is involved under one or more of the scenarios listed above please contact the USA Office of International Education, AHE 320, 251-460-7053 or intledu@usouthal.edu and/or Ms. Ana Burgamy.


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