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CA 230 - Communication in Organizations, Dr. Toelken, Fall 2007, University of South Alabama

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This page created by Ellen K. Wilson (Campus phone: 6-2826), 8/23/07

Resources for Research

These reference sources may help you find good information for this class. This page is by no means comprehensive; rather, it is intended to serve as a starting point for your research. For further assistance, please contact the Reference Desk.

Library Links:

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Use these to identify articles on specific topics, as well as to locate full-text electronic articles. Find them on the Articles, Indexes, and Databases page linked from the Library homepage. Remote access is available for most journals.

Communications-related Databases

Interdisciplinary Databases


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Internet Resources

While careful evaluation of all research sources is important, it is especially critical for information found on the internet. For more information, see the related resources on the library instruction homepage.

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