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Technology Fair Presentation Resources

This page gathers additional resources related to my presentation at the University of South Alabama Technology Fair on October 26, 2007.

LibX USA Toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer

The LibX USA Toolbar is an extension for the Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers that allows direct access to library resources. For more information about LibX USA, or to download a toolbar, please visit the LibX USA webpage.

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Mozilla Firefox is an open source web browser, available for most platforms. Because it is open source, a variety of extensions have been developed for the browser by third parties. LibX is one example of an extension.

Firefox can be downloaded from the Firefox website. There is a Campus Edition of Firefox which includes several popular extensions, including Zotero.

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Zotero is a free and open source Firefox extension that helps you collect, manage, and cite research. Zotero features automatic capture of citation information from web pages, library catalogs, online databases, and digital archives. It also allows you to save, search, and organize files, images, links, and whole web pages. More information about Zotero is available from the Zotero documentation page.

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Social Bookmarking & Tagging

The Common Craft Show created the following excellent introduction to social bookmarking, Social Bookmarking in Plain English:

There are many sites that employ tagging and social bookmarking. The following are some of the most-used, particularly in higher education:

You can see my bookmarks at

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The Common Craft Show's video RSS in Plain English is an excellent introduction to the topic:

There are many RSS readers available. Two of the most populer web-based aggregators are:

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