Marx Library, University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL 36688-0002

Reading a Catalog Record

Catalog records describe and give location information for library holdings.

Brief View

By default, the brief view of a record is shown. This gives some, but not all, of the descriptive information about the item, as well as the location information.

Fields included in the brief view are author, title, publication information, edition, web links, and subject(s). screenshot of the brief view of a catalog record

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Long View

To see the long view of the record, click the middle button at the top of the record, marked "Long View."

The long view gives additional information about the item, such as additional authors, primary material, ISBN, description information, notes, and table of contents.

screenshot of the long view of a catalog record

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Location Information

To locate an item in the library, you will need information from the location field at the bottom of the record. First, make note of the location field. In the examples above, the location is the Marx Library Bookstacks. Next, note the call number. Check the status field to make sure the item is not already checked out, and then click the USA Location button USA Location button to bring up the locations chart, shown below. Occasionally, you will see status fields other that "Not Checked Out" or "Checked Out." In this case, check with a librarian for further information.

Using the location chart, first find the appropriate location from the left column, highlighted below.

screenshot of locations chart, with location names highlighted

Once you have found the appropriate location, read across the row to find the call number ranges and physical location for the item. In our example, the item is located in the Marx Library Bookstacks and has a call number that begins with PS. This item will be found on the 4th Floor South.

screenshot of locations chart, with call number range and library location highlighted

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