All events are held at the USA University Library

Monday,September 15th
Workshop: Take Charge! Informed Health Decisions for Older Adults, by Paula Webb & Beverly Rossini, Rm 305, 1-2 pm more...
Special Speaker: Commissioner Stephen Nodine, Auditorum, 3-4 pm more...

Tuesday, September 16th
~ Workshop:
Statistical Resources for Student Research, by Vicki Tate, Rm 305, 1-2 pm more...

Wednesday, September 17th
~ 40th Anniversary Celebration, Gov Docs Dept, 2nd Floor South, 10-12 pm
~ Constitution Day Speaker:
Professor Brannon Denning, of Samford University, Auditorum, 3-4:30 pm


Thursday, September 18th
~ Workshop: Drug Education Information, by Vicki Tate, Rm 305, 1-2 pm

Friday, September 19th
Workshop: Take Charge! Health, Diet and Personal Safety for College Students, by Paula Webb & Beverly Rossini, Rm 305, 1-2 pm

Celebrate with us!

Since 1968, the University Library at USA has served as a federal depository library for the Mobile area. Come help us celebrate this milestone during the week of September 15th through 19th.

Visit our Display!

Visit our display of notable examples of government publications received by the library over the last 40 years. Located on the 3rd Floor North Exhibit Area, the display shows the wide variety of materials produced by the government for your benefit. It is available for viewing from August 1st to September 30th. You can also view the online exhibit.

Online Exhibit

Play a Game!

Winners Announced!

Paul Hendrix - Portable Barbecue Kettle Grill
Bret Heim - Alarm Clock with CD Player
Debbie Cobb - 4G Flash Drive
Angela Andrews - Sak Purse
Lisa Sills - $10 TracCard

Congradulations to our winners!

Think you know the U.S. Constitution? Do you know what happend in 1968? Test your knowledge by taking either the 1968 Trivia Quiz or the Constitution Test at the Government Documents Desk on 2nd Floor South. Pass the test and enter your name in a drawing for several prizes: an alarm clock with CD player, a portable barbecue kettle grill, a SAK purse, $10 USA TracCard or a 4GB flash drive.

Recite the Preamble!

Recite the preamble of the U.S. Constitution or give 5 of the 10 amendments from the Bill of Rights and receive a free pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Just come to the Government Documents Desk on 2nd Floor South to test your skills.

You are Invited!

Join us for the official celebration of our 40th Anniversary on September 17th. From 10am to 12 noon there will be a reception in the map area of the Government Documents Department on 2nd Floor South. Refreshments will be served, along with special gift mementos honoring the event.