Where can I find a copy of the Alabama Constitution of 1901?
The Alabama Constitution is located in a number of places at the University Library. The most recent copy can be found online. 






The official print copy is  published as Volumes 1 and 2 of the Thompson/West’s edition of theCode of Alabama (2005 Replacement Volume).

You can find these volumes in Row 2A of the Law area, located next to Government Documents on the 2nd floor*.

The call numbers are LAW KFA 30 .A3 v.1 2005 and LAW KFA 30 .A3 v.2 2005.
*Note these books are not located in the Bookstacks.


How is the Alabama Constitution of 1901 arranged?
Before the recompilation of 2005, the Constitution was arranged according to the amendment number. You can still find an amendment by its number at the Constitution of Alabama website.
In Volume 1 of the Code of Alabama, you will find the Constitution of Alabama from 1875, Articles I thru XVII.  This is followed by the Official Recompilation of the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, sections 1 to 287, supplemented with statewide amendments renumbered as subsections within the constitution itself.
In Volume 2 of the Code of Alabama, you will find local amendments, usually affecting a single county or city. Local amendments are grouped alphabetically by county, then by cities within the county.


How do I find a specific Amendment?
The online version of the Alabama Constitution is listed both by section and by the amendments in the numerical order.
To help you find where a particular amendment is located in the recompiled Constitution there is a Disposition Table located toward the end of Volume 2.
For example, what if you wanted to find Amendment 100? You would look for Amendment 100 under the section labeled, Original Constitution of 1901. Look across from the amendment to see what is listed under the Recompiled Constitution of 1901. In this example, it will be Mobile 12. This means Amendment 100 was placed under the Mobile section and is in Section 12.


How do I find a specific topic?
First, you will need to have an idea of what your topic is about. Let’s use Election Rights as our example. Go to the Table of Contents in the Code of Alabama, Volume 1. Look for the article that applies to the subject. We will need Article XVII, Suffrage and Elections. The article can be found on page 587.
At the beginning of the article your will find a second Table of Contents, only this time it is within the article only. Since we are looking for Election Rights, we find what we need in Section 177.