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Social Work

This guide provides an introduction to selected print and online sources available for Social Work studies research in the Sterne Library.  It will be of particular value to students enrolled in SW 203 "Social Welfare History," a course offered by the UAB Anthropology and Social Work department.

Some of the resources included in this guide are available as electronic subscriptions or databases through SCOTTY <>, Sterne Library's online information system.  Off-campus access to these electronic sources is restricted to current UAB students, faculty, and staff.

For assistance in using the resources listed in this guide or identifying additional sources for research, ask at the Reference/Information Desk.  Questions may be submitted through the "Ask Us" section on the Sterne Library Web site as well.

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    To locate Sterne Library print materials related to Social Work studies, use the Local Catalog via SCOTTY, <> Sterne Library's online information system.  The books preceded by Ref can be found on the first floor of the Mervyn H. Sterne Library.  All circulating books are on the third floor.

    You have 2 basic search options:

    1) Enter the phrase "social work" for a Keyword search; OR

        Note the "quotation marks".

    2) View a list of books by using the following Library of Congress Subject Headings to conduct Subject searches:

    Additional suggested subject headings are:

      [Heading]--[Subheading] Social work with [group]
    Examples: Human services--United States Social work with African Americans
      Public welfare--Alabama Social work with criminals
      Social policy Social work with drug addicts
      United States--Social policy Social work with older people

    Sample Reference titles:

    Sample circulating titles:

    You can search the Local Catalog for journal titles and audiovisual material located in Sterne Library and Educational Technology Services (ETS) as well.

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    The following databases, indexes, and abstracts provide citations and, in some cases, full text of articles related to Social Work studies. Some of the sources listed here may include references to books, essays in books, or other types of publications.

    This is a representative sample, not a full listing, of journals to which Sterne Library subscribes which pertain to Social Work studies.  Unless otherwise noted, all journals are located on the 2nd Floor of Sterne Library, either in the bound collection or on microfilm.  Journals and holdings information can be found by performing a Journal Title search in the Local Catalog.  When searching them and combining terms, you should use the word AND.

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    Federal Government e-Publications

    Alabama websites

    Federal websites

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    The primary source materials for discovering the history of U.S. social welfare is located in legal texts.  Most of our current welfare programs began with the enactment of the Social Security Act of 1935.  The assistance programs which resulted from this legistation were developed to help an American public that was suffering through the financial hardships of the Great Depression.  To uncover the origins of these policies and programs, you need to do a little detective work known as "tracing legislation"

    EXAMPLE: Foster Care Independence Act of 1999

    THOMAS  ( )  Legislative information from the Library of Congress  OR  LexisNexis Congressional & Legal Research

    H.R. 3443   To amend part E of title IV of the Social Security Act to provide States with more funding and greater flexibility in carrying out programs designed to help children make the transition from foster care to self-sufficiency

    P.L. 106-169 / 113 STAT. 1822  (GPO)

    United States Code, Title 42 - The Public Health and Welfare, Chapter 7 - Social Security

    42 USC 677   John H. Chafee Foster Care Independence Program  (Cornell U/LII)

    Code of Federal Regulations, Title 45 - Public Welfare
    45 CFR 1355.25  Principles of child and family services
    (c) Services promote the healthy development of children and youth, promote permanency for all children and help prepare youth emancipating from the foster care system for self-sufficiency and independent living

    ALISON (Alabama Legislative Information System Online)  Search the Alabama Constitution of 1901, The Code of Alabama 1975, and current activities in the Alabama state legislature  OR  LexisNexis Legal Research

    Code of Alabama, Title 38 - Public Welfare, Chapter 7 - Child Care

    Code of Ala. 38-7-19  Powers of department as to transitional living facilities
    The Department of Human Resources may . . . operate residences to be used as transitional living facilities to provide transitional living program services to an eligible child . . .
    Alabama Administrative Code, Chapter 660 - Alabama Department of Human Resources
    Ala. Admin. Code 660-5-48  Smooth transitions into adulthood
    The "system of care" shall promote smooth transitions for class members to adult service systems and/or independent living when class members "age out" of the system
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