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May 2008
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This is a list of selected resources only and there are many others available in the Library. Please email the Reference Department at webref@southalabama.edu or call 460-7025 for help.


Dictionary of Architecture and Building:  Biographical, Historical, and Descriptive. Ref. NA 31 .S84
Dictionary of Architecture & Construction. Ref. NA 31 .H32 2006
Dictionary of Art. 36 Vols. Ref. N 31 .D5 1996. In Index Vol. 34 - See Entries under “Architecture”
Elements of Style: a Practical Encyclopedia of Interior Architectural Details … Ref. NA 2850 .E44 1991
Encyclopedia of Architecture:  Design, Engineering & Construction. Ref. NA 31 .E59 1989
Encyclopedia of Interior Design.  Ref. NK 1165 .E53 1997
Encyclopedia of 20th Century Architecture. Ref. NA 680 .E495 2004
Encyclopedia of Vernacular Architecture of the World. Ref. NA 208 .E53 1997
Encyclopedia of World Art. 17 Vols. Ref. N 31 .E4833 . In Index Vol. 15 – See Entries Under “Architecture”
Illustrated Dictionary of Historic Architecture. Ref. NA 31 .H56 1983


Architectural Technology up to the Scientific Revolution. Bookstacks TH 15 .A73 1993  
Historical Outline of Architectural Science. Bookstacks TH 845 .C6 1966
Sir Banister Fletcher’s a History of Architecture. Ref. NA 200 .F63 1998
History of Architecture: Settings and Rituals. Bookstacks NA 200 .K65 1995
History of Architectural Development. Bookstacks NA 200 .S52
History of Building Types. Bookstacks NA 4170 .P48 1979
Master Builders: A History of Structural and Environmental Design … Bookstacks TH 15 .C62 1977


Architecture and the Crisis of Modern Science. Bookstacks NA 956 .P413 1983
Architectural Principles in the Age of Humanism. Bookstacks NA 520 .W5 1971
Ancient Greek Architects at Work: Problems of Structure and Design. Bookstacks NA 270 .C65 1982
Divine Proportion:  a Study in Mathematical Beauty.  Bookstacks QA 466 .H85 1970
Golden Ratio: the Story of Phi, the World’s Most Astonishing Number…, Bookstacks QA 466 .L58 2002
Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Numbers. Bookstacks QA 466 .D86 1997
History of Architectural Theory:  From Vitruvius to the Present. Bookstacks NA 2500 .K7513 1994
Medieval Architecture, Medieval Learning… Bookstacks NA 390 .R33 1992
On the Art of Building in Ten Books: Leon Battista Alberti. Bookstacks NA 2515 .A3513 1992
Signs, Symbols and Architecture. Bookstacks NA 2500 .S48 1980
Vitruvius:  Ten Books on Architecture. Bookstacks NA 2515 .V6135 2001



American Architects. Ref. NA 736 .K7 1989
Contemporary Architects. Ref. NA 680 .C625
MacMillan Encyclopedia of Architects
Vols 1-4. Ref. NA 40 .M25 1982
Who’s Who in Architecture:  From 1400 to the Present.
Ref. NA 40 .W48 1977
Women in American Architecture… Bookstacks NA 1997 .W65 1977


Subject Searches:   Keyword Searches:
architects domes architecture and rococo
architectural design decoration and ornament building? and (conservation or preservation)
architecture greek temple? (cathedral or church) and England and architecture
architecture conservation palace interior design and architecture
architecture domestic Richardson H Islamic architecture
architecture roman temples renaissance and Italy and architecture
cathedrals vaults structure and gothic
church architecture Wren Christopher temple? and (India or Hindu)


Academic Search Complete.  SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases:  EBSCO.
Art Index.
Ref. Z 5937 .A78 (1929 – 1999)
SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases:  FirstSearch
Arts and Humanities Index
. Ref. AI 3 .A63 (1979, 1981-1987)
Bibliography of  the History of Art BHA. Ref. B 7510 .B53 (Vols 1-6, 1991 – 1996)
Expanded Academic ASAP. SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases:  Gale/InfoTrac
Dissertation Abstracts/Digital Dissertations.  SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases
JSTOR. SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases.
(Choose Disciplines – Architecture & Architectural History , Art & Art History)
PapersFirst. SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases:  FirstSearch
Repertoire International de la Litterature de l’Art: RILA. Ref. N 7510 .R16 (Vols. 1-15, 1975 -  1989)
Wiley Online Library. SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases
WorldCat. SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases:  FirstSearch

Below is a list of some full-text journals.  This is not an exhaustive list; please consult a reference librarian for help in locating additional material.  From SOUTHcat Plus click on ‘Our Journal List’.   At the Subject Browse field, select ‘Fine Arts ’ to view a list of matching journal titles. 
Architectural Record                        Art Bulletin            Design Quarterly       Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism      
Architecture                                     Art in America       Interior Design           Journal of Urban Design



Architecture Archives Sites – http://www.library.cmu.edu/Research/ArchArch/
Great Buildings Collection – http://www.greatbuildings.com/
Built in America – http://lcweb2.loc.gov/ammem/hhhtml/habshome.html
Architecture & Interior Design for 20th Century America – http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/gschtml/gotthome.html
International Archive of Women in Architecture – http://spec.lib.vt.edu/IAWA/
Phi and the Golden Section in Architecture – http://goldennumber.net/architecture.htm
Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section in Art, Architecture and Music – http://www.mcs.surrey.ac.uk/Personal/R.Knott/Fibonacci/fibInArt.html

For additional Web Sites go to SOUTHcat Plus:  Research Guides:  Art and Art History.

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