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November 2007
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The following is a quick guide to searching certain legal information. Contact Reference Services for assistance with finding additional information. We may be reached at the number above, by email at webref@jaguar1.usouthal.edu or Live Chat under Ask a Librarian on the University Library homepage.


Searching for Alabama Case Law:

1. At the LexisNexis main screen, click on Legal tab. This will allow you to search just legal sources. As an example, we will look for the case cited as Beech v. City of Mobile, 1994.

2. On the right side of the screen is the Legal Search sub-category. Click on Federal & State Cases under this area.

3. Under the Federal and State Cases screen, the default search is Terms and Connectors. Enter your search term or terms in the white box and under Select Sources choose AL Federal & State Cases, Combined.  If all the information you have is the case name, treat the names as search terms and enter into the Enter Search Terms box using connectors  (ex.: beech AND “city of mobile” AND 1994). (See Example 1).  Click on.

Or under Select Sources choose AL Federal & State Cases, Combined, and then enter name or names in Case Name boxes. You do not have to know both party names or the full party name to retrieve results. Click.
 (See Example 2)

Example 1:

Example 2:

4. The case you are looking for should appear in the results list. (See Example 3)

Example 3:

5.  Print. Select the case(s) you want. Click on printer icon Print Documents  in upper right corner of the frame. A new window will open. If you want full text, select Full Document in Document View. You may modify to print a list of citations or an expanded list of citations. Document Range will show how many documents you have selected to print.  You may make other modifications to instructions if you would like. Click on . A message will appear which says “your request is being formatted.” When formatting is complete the printer dialog box will open.  Select PrintIf using Library TRACcard printer, enter user name and password.  Title bar on dialog box will change to Delivery Complete. Close window.

6. Email.   Select the case(s) you want to send by email. Click on email icon  Email Documents in upper right corner of the frame. A new window will open.  Select whether you want to Send As an attachment or inline text. Then choose Email format.  There are five choices under the drop down menu, choose only Text or HTML to make sure you can read the document on any computer.  Type in your email address.  In Document View, select Full Document, List or Expanded List. Document Range will show how many documents you have selected to email. You may make other modifications if you wish. Click on Send. You will see a message that request if being formatted, then message will change to request is now being sent.  Title bar on dialog box will change to Delivery Complete.  Close window.

7. Download/Save.  Select case or cases you want to save. Click on Download in upper right corner of frame. Another window will open.  Select format Text only (Word or HTML may not work). In Document View, select whether you want full document or one of the other options. Click Download.  You will see a message that your request is being formatted.  NOTE: The message will change to show two options for downloading. The first, “right click on the link above” will not work on public computers. This option will work on your personal computer on in one of the computer labs on campus. The second option is “click on the link…and save using your word processing application. Click on the link. A dialog box will appear asking if you want to open or save. Choose Open (Save will not work on public computers), then go to File, then Save as. Drives that will work in the Library are A: or F: (drive name may vary and this option will only appear if you have a flash drive in the USB port)

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