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The following is a basic list of library resources. Please consult a reference librarian for assistance in using these resources or in locating additional information. Contact us by e-mail: webref@southalabama.edu or call the number listed above.


Archaeology of Prehistoric Native America: An Encyclopedia. Ref. E 77.9 .A72 1998
Biographical Dictionary of Social and Cultural Anthropology. Ref. GN 20 .B56 2004 
Cambridge Encyclopedia of Hunters and Gatherers. Ref. GN 388 .C35 
Companion Encyclopedia of Anthropology. Ref. GN 25 .C65 1994 
Dictionary of Anthropology. Ref. GN 307 .D485 1997 
Dictionary of Concepts in Cultural Anthropology. Ref. GN 307 .W56 1991 
Encyclopedia of Archaeology: The Great Archaeologists. Ref. CC 110 .E54 1999 
Encyclopedia of Archaeology: History and Discoveries. Ref. CC 100 .E54 2001 
Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology. Ref. GN 307 .E52 
Encyclopedia of Human Evolution and Prehistory. Ref. GN 281 .E53 
Encyclopedia of Precolonial Africa. Bookstacks DT 2 .E53 1997 
Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology. Ref. GN 307 .E525 
Encyclopedia of Underwater and Maritime Archaeology. Ref. CC 77 .U5 E53 1997 
Encyclopedia of World Cultures. Ref. GN 307 .E53 1991 
Folklore: An Encyclopedia of Beliefs, Customs, Tales, Music and Art. Ref. GR 35 .F63 1997 
Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups. Ref. E 184 .A1 H35 
History of Physical Anthropology: An Encyclopedia. Ref. GN 50.3 .S64 1997 
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Mankind. Ref. GN 307 .I44 1990 
Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Near East. Ref. DS 56 .O9 1997 
Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Cultures. Ref. F 1218.6 .095 2001


Anthropological Resources: A Guide to Archival, Library and Museum CollectionsRef. GN 14 .A77 1999  
Archaeological Method and Theory. Ref. CC 75 .A654 2000
Atlas of Man. Ref. GN 378 .A84 
Atlas of Mankind. Ref. G 1046 .E6 A8 1982 (Atlas, Oversize) 
Biographical Directory of Anthropologists Born Before 1920. Ref. Z 5111 .B56 1988 
Cultural Anthropology: A Guide to Reference and Information Sources.
Ref. Z 5111 .K53 1991 
Forensic Anthropology Training Manual. Bookstacks GN 69.8 .B87 1999 
Handbook of Hispanic Cultures in the United States. Ref. E 184 .S75 H365 1993 
Handbook of Methods in Cultural Anthropology. Bookstacks GN 345 .H37 1998 
Handbook of North American Indians. Docs. Ref. SI 1.20/2: 
Handbook of Qualitative Research. Bookstacks H 62 .H2455 
Introduction to Library Research in Anthropology. Ref. GN 42 .W44 1998 
Social and Cultural Anthropology: The Key Concepts. Bookstacks GN 316 .R37 2000  
Student Anthropologist's Handbook. Ref. GN 42 .F7


Use the indexes below to identify articles on specific topics as well as to locate full text electronic articles. Print volumes of journals are shelved by call number on the Third Floor South of the University Library. Current journals and microform titles are shelved alphabetically by title on the Second Floor South. 

For a list of current  journal subscriptions available in the USA Library, go to SOUTHcat Catalog and use a subject search with these words: current subscription sociology/anthropology.

Academic Search Premier. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases: EBSCO 
AnthroSource. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases  
Biological Abstracts. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases: SilverPlatter 
Expanded Academic. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases: Gale/InfoTrac 
InfoTrac OneFile. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases: Gale/InfoTrac 
JSTOR. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases 
ScienceDirect. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases 
Social Sciences Citation Index. Ref. Z 7161 .S65 
Wiley Interscience. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases 
GeoRef.  SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases: SilverPlatter 
Periodicals Archive Online.  SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases 
PsycINFO.  SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases: EBSCO (includes links to PsycARTICLES)  
Agricola. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases 
Medline. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases 
ArticleFirst.  SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases: FirstSearch
SocINDEX with Full Text.
SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases 
BioOne. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases 


Dates of full-text coverage may vary with each title and with different databases. One way to check availability is to use "Our Journal List " on the University Library homepage.

American Anthropologist (JSTOR, AnthroSource)  
American Ethnologist (JSTOR, AnthroSource)  
American Indian Quarterly (Academic Search Premier, Expanded Academic, InfoTrac OneFile
American Journal of Physical Anthropology (Wiley InterScience
American Journal of Primatology (Wiley InterScience
Annual Review of Anthropology (Academic Search Premier, JSTOR, SocINDEX FT)
Anthropological Quarterly (Academic Search Premier, SocINDEX FT, Periodicals Archive Online)
Anthropology Today (Academic Search Premier, JSTOR
Antiquity (Expanded Academic, InfoTrac OneFile, Academic Search Premier
Archaeology and Physical Anthropology in Oceania (Expanded Academic, InfoTrac OneFile
Biennial Review of Anthropology (JSTOR)
Cultural Anthropology (AnthroSource)  
Current Anthropology (JSTOR, Expanded Academic, Academic Search Premier
Ethnology (Academic Search Premier, Expanded Academic, SocINDEX FT, Periodicals Archive Online
Evolution and Human Behavior (ScienceDirect
Evolutionary Anthropology (Wiley Interscience
Forensic Science International (ScienceDirect
International Journal of Osteoarchaeology (Wiley InterScience
Journal of Contemporary Ethnography (Expanded Academic, Periodicals Archive Online)
Journal of Medical Entomology (BioOne)  
Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (JSTOR
Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology (BioOne)
Mankind Quarterly (Academic Search Premier, MasterFile Premier
Medical Anthropology Quarterly  (JSTOR
Skeptic (Academic Search Premier, Expanded Academic, InfoTrac OneFile
Skeptical Inquirer (Expanded Academic, InfoTrac OneFile
Social Science and Medicine (ScienceDirect
Trends in Ecology and Evolution (ScienceDirect)


  Use subject or keyword searches to locate additional material:

Subject Searches Keyword Searches
Anthropology gender and anthropology
Ethnology anthropolog? and cultur?
educational anthropology bones and analysis
ethnopsychology anthropol? and south?
Archaeology "forensic anthropology"
physical anthropology anthropolog? and "field work"
social archaeology ethnolog? and "field work"
sociobiology anthropolog? and human
medical anthropology anthropolog? and method?
political anthropology "native american?"
indians of mexico "native american?" and cultur?
indians of north america primate? and evolution
forensic anthropology  

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