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September, 2008
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The following is a guide to library resources that may prove useful. It is not an exhaustive list; please consult a reference librarian, call 460-7025, or e-mail webref@southalabama.edu for help in locating additional materials. See also the Biology guide.


Biological Abstracts. 1969-current. On SOUTHcat Plus click "Articles, Indexes, and Databases" then choose "SilverPlatter".
BioOne. On SOUTHcat Plus click "Articles, Indexes, and Databases."
Academic OneFile. On SOUTHcat Plus click "Articles, Indexes, and Databases." Includes: Botanical Review;
Canadian Journal of Botany; International Journal of Plant Genomics; Plant Methods
Academic Search Premier. On SOUTHcat Plus click "Articles, Indexes, and Databases."
Includes: Canadian Journal of Botany; Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences; Curtis’ Botanical Magazine; Horticulture
JSTOR. On SOUTHcat Plus click "Articles, Indexes, and Databases." Includes:
American Journal of Botany; Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden; Brittonia; International Journal of Plant Sciences; Botanical Gazette; Botanical Bulletin; Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society; Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club; Missouri Botanical Garden Annual Report; New Phytologist; Systematic Botany
ScienceDirect. On SOUTHcat Plus click "Articles, Indexes, and Databases." Includes:Environmental and
Experimental Botany; Journal of Plant Physiology; Plant Physiology and Biochemistry; Plant Science; Plant Science Letters; Trends in Plant Science


Guide to Information Sources in the Botanical Sciences. Reference Z 5351 .D38 1987
Information Sources in the Life Sciences. Reference QH 303.6 .I54 1987
Using the Biological Literature: A Practical Guide. Bookstacks QH 303.6 .D38 2002


Botanical Classifications. Bookstacks QK 95 .S94
Contemporary Plant Systematics. Bookstacks QK 95 .W66 1997
Index Kewensis Plantarum Phanerogamarum. Reference QK 11 .I4
Index Nominum Genericorum (Plantarum). Reference QK 96 .R4 I56 or http://botany.si.edu/ing/ing
International Code of Botanical Nomenclature. Reference QK 96 .I51 1999 or
Scientific and Common Names of 7000 Vascular Plants in the United States. Reference QK 96 .B68 1995
Synonymized Checklist of the Vascular Flora of the United States, Canada and Greenland. Reference QK 110 .K37 1994


Botanical Bibliographies. Reference Z 5351 .A1 S8
B-P-H: Botanico-Periodicum-Huntianum. Reference Z5353 .H85
Index Herbariorum: A Guide to the Location and Contents of the World's Public Herbaria.
Reference QK 96 .R4 I53
Index to Botanical Monographs. Reference Z 5358 .G7 K4


Dictionary of Botany. Reference QK 9 .L735 [1980]
Dictionary of Gardening. Reference SB 450.95 .D53 1992
Dictionary of Plant Pathology. Reference SB 728 .H65 1989
Dictionary of Generic Names of Seed Plants. Reference QK 11.W52 1995
Elsevier's Dictionary of Plant Names and Their Origins. Reference QK 13 .E565 2000
Encyclopedia of Gardens: History and Design. Bookstacks SB465 .E63 2001
Encyclopedia of Genetics. Reference QH 427 .E53 2002
Facts on File Dictionary of Botany. Reference QK 9 .F33 1984
Index of Garden Plants. Bookstacks SB 407 .G75 1994
Plant Book: A Portable Dictionary of the Vascular Plants. Reference QK 11 .M29 1997
Thesaurus Literaturae Botanicae Omnium Gentium. Reference Z 5351 .P964 1972


Botanica North America: The Illustrated Guide to Our Native Plants, Their Botany,
History, and the Way They Have Shaped Our World. Bookstacks QK 115 .H365 2003
Chromosome Atlas of Flowering Plants. Reference SB 107 .D18 1956
Complete Guide to Garden Plants. Bookstacks SB 407 .D38 1989
Gray's Manual of Botany. Reference QK 117 .G75 1950
Guide to Common Aquatic Plants of the Mobile Delta. Ready Reference QK 145 .H4
Guide to Flowering Plant Families. Bookstacks QK 115 .Z65 1994
Guide to Standard Floras of the World. Reference Z5351 .F76 1984
Herbal or General History of Plants. Reference QK 41 .G3 1975
Index to Plant Chromosome Numbers. Reference QK 96 .R4 I576
Plant Disease Handbook. Reference SB 731 .W47 1979
Plant Form. Bookstacks QK 641 .B45 1991
Plant Taxonomy: the Systematic Evaluation of Comparative Data. Bookstacks QK 95 .S78 1990


Biography and Genealogy Master Index. On SOUTHcat Plus click "Electronic Reference Sources"
Dictionary of British and Irish Botanists and Horticulturists. Reference QK 26 .D47 1977
Dictionary of Scientific Biography. Reference Q 141 .D5
One Hundred and One Botanists. Bookstacks QK 26 .I75 1994


Deep Green. http://ucjeps.berkeley.edu/bryolab/GPphylo/
Harvard University Herbaria Databases. http://www.huh.harvard.edu/databases/
Internet Directory for Botany. http://www.botany.net/IDB/
PLANTS National Database. http://plants.usda.gov/
Internet Sources for Biology. http://www.southalabama.edu/univlib/picks/biologyweb.htm


Try Subject searches: Try Keyword searches
rare plants botan? and (name? or nomenclature)
wetland flora (aquatic or wetland) and plant?
botanical artists photosynthesis
plant diseases plant? and drugs
botany--nomenclature botan? and chemistry
climbing plants vines
fungi "flowering plants"
trees plant? and cultivat?


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