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February 2009
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This is a list of selected resources. Please consult a reference librarian for assistance in using these materials or in locating additional information. You may contact Reference at webref@jaguar1.usouthal.edu , 251-460-7025, or Live Chat under “Ask a Librarian” on the Library homepage.

Locating Books:

                        Keyword Searching in SOUTHcat
                        Search Tips for Limiting to Primary Sources: Include one or more of  
the following search terms in a keyword search to limit a search to primary sources: correspondence, diaries, personal narratives, interviews, letters and sources. Use truncation symbol (?) to broaden search terms.
Do an author search: e.g. Churchill, Disraeli, Victoria
                                    “British Empire” History
                                    “Great Britain” History Sources
                                    “Great Britain” History Victoria?
                                    “George V” History “Great Britain”
                                    “Sex Role” “Great Britain” “19th Century”
                                    “Social Conditions” “Great Britain” “19th Century”
                                    “Great Britain” “Economic Conditions” “20th Century”
                                    Women “Great Britain” History
                                    Women “Great Britain” Diar?
                                    “Prime Ministers” “Great Britain” correspondence
                                    “Great Britain” diar? “19th Century”
                                    Education “Great Britain” “19th Century”

Online Indexes and Abstracts for Journal Articles:
            (All are located under Articles, Indexes, and Databases on Library homepage)

Print Indexes and Abstracts for Journal Articles:

C.R.I.S.; The Combined Retrospective Index Set to Journals in History, 1838-1974.
Reference Z 6205 .C18 (vols. 1-11)
Essay and General Literature Index. Reference AI 3 .E752 1900/33-1998
An index to essays and chapters in books.
Historical Abstracts. Reference D 299 .H5 (1955-1998)
(Fee based mediated  searches available – ask at Reference).
Humanities Index.  Reference AI 3 .H84  (1974/75-1997/98)
Nineteenth Century Readers Guide to Periodical Literature, 1890-1899.
Reference AI  3 .R47 (vols. 1-2)
Poole’s Index to Periodical Literature. Reference AI 3 .P7
Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature. Reference AI 3 .R48 (1900-1999) and
Library homepage: Articles, Indexes, and Databases.
Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals, 1824-1900. Reference AI 3 .W45
(vols. 1-2,4)  

Indexes for Newspaper Articles:

Handbooks and Guides:

American Historical Association’s Guide to Historical Literature. 
Reference  Z 6201 .A55 1995
Black Experience and the Empire. Bookstacks DT 32 .B54 2004
British Archives: a Guide to Archive Resources in the United Kingdom. Reference CD 1040 .F67 2002
British Imperialism.  Bookstacks DA 16 .J65 2003
Cambridge History of the British Empire. Bookstacks DA 30 .C3 1929
Colonialism: a Theoretical Overview. Bookstacks JV 51 .O8713 1997
Companion to Contemporary Britain, 1939-2000. Bookstacks DA 592 .C613 2005
Companion to Early Twentieth Century Britain.  Bookstacks DA 566 .C66 2003
Companion to Nineteenth Century Britain.  Bookstacks DA 530 .C76 2004
Companion to Victorian Literature and Culture. Bookstacks PR 461 .C597 1999
Decline and Fall of the British Empire, 1781-1997. Bookstacks DA 16 .B675 2008
Eighteenth-Century Constitution, 1688-1815, Documents and Commentary. Bookstacks JN 210 .W54 1965
English Historical Documents, 1906-1939.  Reference DA 576 .B45
Great Britain, The Lion at Home; a Documentary History of Domestic Policy, 1689-1973. 
Reference DA 470 .W48 (vols. 1-4)
Great Britain: Foreign Policy and the Span of Empire. Bookstacks DA 45 .W53 (vols. 1-4)
Guide to the Papers of British Cabinet Ministers, 1900-1951. Reference Z 6616 .A2 H39
Handbook in Outline of the Political History of England to 1913.  Reference DA 32 .A187
Oxford History of the British Empire.  Bookstacks DA 16 .O95 1998
(vols. 1-5; vol. 5 is Historiography)
Postcolonialism: an Historical Introduction.  Bookstacks JV .Y68 2001
Readers Guide to British History. Bookstacks DA 34 .R43 2003 (vols. 1-2)
Sources of Information for Historical Research. Bookstacks Z 6201 .S64 1994
Tools of Empire: Technology and European Imperialism in the Nineteenth Century.  Bookstacks JC 359 .H4
Victorian Periodicals: a Guide to Research.  Reference PN 5124 .P4 V5   


Annual Bibliography of British and Irish History. Bookstacks DA 30 .A55 (1978, 1982-2002) 
Continues Writings in British History.  Available online only 2003 to date [http://www.rhs.ac.wk/bibl/dataset.asp]
Bibliographic Index. Reference Z 1002 .B595  (1937/42-1998)
Emphasizes material published in English books, pamphlets, and periodicals since 1937.
Bibliography of British History, 1851-1914.  Reference and Bookstacks Z 2019 .H35
Bibliography of British History, 1914-1989. Bookstacks Z 2020 .R63 1996
Bibliography of British History: the Eighteenth Century, 1714-1789.  Reference Z 2018 .P37 1977
Bibliography of British History.  Bookstacks Z 2029 .R63 1996
Bibliography of Historical Works Issued in the United Kingdom, 1957-1960.  Reference  Z 6201 .K4 1969
British Diaries: an Annotated Bibliography of British Diaries Written Between 1442 and 1942. 
Reference Z 2014 .D5 M3
General Catalog of Printed Books to 1955.  Reference Z 921 .B87 (vols. 1-27)
Great Britain in the Twentieth Century.  Bookstacks Z 2020 .W5
Guide to Reference Books. Ready Reference Z 1035 .W79 (11th  ed., 1996)
Historical Bibliographies: A Systematic and Annotated Guide. Reference Z 6201 .A1 C8 1965.
Modern England, 1901-1970.  Reference Z 2020 .H38
Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland, and Ireland and of
English Books Printed Abroad, 1475-1640. Reference Z 2002 .P77 1946.
Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and British America, and of English Books Printed in Other Countries, 1641-1700.  
Reference Z 2002 .W52 (vols. 1-3)
Sources in British Political History 1900-1951.  Reference CD 1042 .A2 C66(vols. 1-4)
World Bibliography of Bibliographies: And of Bibliographical Catalogs, Calendars,
Abstracts, Digests, Indexes, and the Like. 4th ed. Reference Z 1002 .B5685 (vols 1-5)
Index in the fifth volume is a dictionary catalog of authors, editors, translators, titles of serials and anonymous works, libraries, and patents.
Writings in British History.  Bookstacks DA 30 .A55 (1934-1973/74) Continued by
Annual Bibliography of British and Irish History

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias:

Britain and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History. 
Bookstacks E 18.75 .B75 2005 (vols. 1-3)
Cambridge Historical Encyclopedia of Great Britain and Ireland.  Bookstacks DA 34 .C28 1990
Dictionary of Concepts in History. Reference D 13 .R49 1986
Dictionary of National Biography. Reference DA 28 .D47 1959
Encyclopedia of Historians and Historical Writing. Bookstacks D 14 .E53 1999
Encyclopedia of the Victorian Era. Reference DA 550 .E527 2004 (vols. 1-4)
Illustrated Dictionary of British History.  Bookstacks DA 34 .I44 1980b
New Dictionary of British History.  Bookstacks DA 34 .S7 1963a
Steinberg’s Dictionary of British History.  Bookstacks DA 34 .S7 1971
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Reference DA 28 .O95 2004
Oxford Encyclopedia of British Literature. Reference PR 19 .O95 2006 (vols. 1-5)
Victorian Britain: an Encyclopedia.  Reference DA 550 .V53 1988

Selected Primary Source Material:

Diary of Samuel Pepys.  Bookstacks DA 447 .P4 1953 (vols. 1-3)
Shoulder to Shoulder: a Documentary. Circulation Desk, 7-Day Reserve JN 979 .S5 1975
They Saw it Happen; an Anthology of Eyewitness’s Accounts of Events in British History, 1689-1897. 
Bookstacks DA 300 .C43
War Memoirs of David Lloyd George. Bookstacks D 546 .L5 1982 (vols. 1-6)

Internet Sites:

British History Organizations [ http://h-net.org/~albion/links/ ]
British History Online [ http://www.british-history.ac.uk/ ]
British History, General Research, and Teaching Sources [ http://www.eiu.edu/~localite/britain/#Research ]
British History: Era by Era [ http://www.eiu.edu/~localite/britain/#Era ]
British Library Newspapers  [ http://www.bl.uk/collections/newspapers.html ]
EuroDocs [ http://eudocs.lib.byu.edu/index.php/Main_Page ]
IBIS Links  [ http://www.usc.edu/schools/college/history/ibis/links/ ]
Institute of Historical Research [ http://www.history.ac.uk ]
Internet Library of Early Journals [ http://www.bodley.ox.ac.uk/ilej/ ]
Internet Modern History Sourcebook [ http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/mod/modsbook.html ]
Official Document System of the United Nations [ http://documents.un.org ]         
Penny Magazine [ http://www.history.rochester.edu/pennymag/ ]
Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674-1913 [ http://www.oldbaileyonline.org ]
Victorian England Online Resources [ http://www.academicinfo.net/histukvictorian.html ]    
Victorian Web [ http://www.victorianweb.org ]
England [ http://www.eiu.edu/~localite/britain/england.htm ]
Ireland [ http://www.eiu.edu/~localite/britain/ireland.htm ]
Scotland [ http://www.eiu.edu/~localite/britain/scotland.htm ]
Wales [ http://www.eiu.edu/~localite/britain/wales.htm ]

Locating Specific Journals:

Use “Our Journals List” on the Library homepage to find if the library has
access to the print or electronic version of an issue of a journal. You may search by specific title or browse by subject category. The entry will indicate what years of coverage are available online. If the journal is only available in print, bound journals are shelved by call number on Third Floor-South and current issues are shelved by title on Second Floor-South.

            Selected Journals
                        20th Century British History
                        British Journal of Politics and International Relations
                        Contemporary British History
                        Economic History Review
                        Eighteenth Century
                        English Historical Review
                        Feminist Review
                        Gender and History
                        Historical Journal
                        History Workshop Journal
                        Journal of British Studies
                        Journal of Contemporary History
                        Journal of Economic History
                        Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History
                        Journal of Modern History
                        Journal of Social History
                        Journal of Victorian Culture: JVC
                        Past and Present
                        Scottish Historical Review
                        Social History
                        Race and Class
                        Radical History Review
                        Transactions of the Royal Historical Society
                        Victorian Studies
                        Women’s Studies International Forum

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