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September, 2008
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The following is a guide to library resources that may prove useful. It is not an exhaustive list; see also the Chemistry  guide. Please consult a reference librarian, call 460-7025, or send e-mail to webref@southalabama.edu for help in locating additional materials.


SciFinder Scholar. On Library homepage, choose “Articles, Indexes, and Databases.” End-user online
access to Chemical Abstracts. USA faculty and students only, must download software.
American Chemical Society Journals. On SOUTHcat Plus choose “Articles, Indexes, and Databases.”
Includes full-text from 1996-current.
Expanded Academic Index. On SOUTHcat Plus choose “Articles, Indexes, and Databases” then click on
Gale/InfoTrac. Includes full-text for: Chemistry & Industry, Hydrocarbon Processing, Manufacturing Chemist, Oil & Gas Journal, Pesticide & Toxic Chemical News, Polymer Engineering and Science
Academic Search Premier. On SOUTHcat Plus choose “Articles, Indexes, and Databases” then click on EBSCO.
Includes full-text for: Chemical Engineering Communications, Hydrocarbon Processing, Theoretical Foundations of Chemical Engineering.
ScienceDirect. On SOUTHcat Plus choose “Articles, Indexes, and Databases.” Includes full-text for:
Applied Catalysis, Chemical Engineering Research & Development, Chemical Health & Safety, Computers & Chemical Engineering, Filtration & Separation, Fuel, Hydrometallurgy, International Journal of Heat & Fluid Flow, Journal of Catalysis, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Journal of Molecular Catalysis, Tribology International
Wiley InterScience. On Library homepage choose “Articles, Indexes, and Databases.” Includes full-text for:
AIChE Journal, Biotechnology Progress, Environmental Progress, Process Safety Progress


CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. Reference QD 65 .H3 [latest]
Dictionary of Chemistry and Chemical Technology. English-German. Reference QD 5 .D53 1989
Handbook of Chemical Engineering Calculations. Bookstacks TP 149 .H285 2004
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms. Reference QA 5 .M425 1994
Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook. Reference TP 151 .P45 2008
Riegel's Handbook of Industrial Chemistry. Reference TP 145 .R53 2003
Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers. Bookstacks TP 151 .R85 2002
Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry. Reference TP 9 .U57 2003


Applied Parameter Estimation for Chemical Engineers. Bookstacks TP 155.2 .M35 E54
Chemical Formulary. Reference TP 151 .C53 1933-
Chemical Processing Handbook. Reference TP 151 .C573 1993
Encyclopedia of Chemical Processing. Bookstacks TP 9 .E648 2006
Encyclopedia of Chemical Processing and Design. Reference TP 9 .E66 1976-
Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology. Reference TP 9 .E685 1991
Kirk-Othmer Concise Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology. Reference TP 9 .K54 2007
Kirk-Othmer Separation Technology. Reference TP 156 .S45 E53 2008
Handbook of Chemical Technology and Pollution Control. Bookstacks TP 155 .H58 1998
Handbook of Green Chemistry and Technology. Bookstacks TP 155.2 .E58 G73 2002
Handbook of Industrial Membrane Technology. Reference TP 159 .M4 H36 1990
Instrument Engineer's Handbook. Bookstacks TS 156.8 .I56 2003


Aldrich Handbook of Fine Chemicals and Laboratory Equipment. Reference TP 202 .A54 [latest]
Biochemicals and Reagents and Kits for Life Science Research. Reference TP 202 .S53 [latest]
Chemical Engineering Buyer's Guide. Reference TP 158 .C47 [latest]
Fisher Scientific Catalogs. https://www1.fishersci.com/wps/portal/HOME
Handbook of Chiral Chemicals. Reference TP 201 .H26 2006
Handbook of Plastics, Elastomers, and Composites. Reference TP 1130 .H36 1996
Industrial Solvents Handbook. Reference TP 247.5 .C46 2003
OPD Chemical Buyer's Directory. Reference TP 12 .O6 [1995]
Regulatory Chemicals Handbook. Bookstacks TD 176.4 .S65 2000
Sax's Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials. Reference T 55.3 .H3 L494 2000


American Men and Women of Science. Reference Q 141 .A471 [serial]
Biographical Dictionary of Scientists. Reference Q 141 .B528 2000
Chemical Engineering Faculties. Reference TP 165 .C43 [latest]
Famous Names in Engineering. Reference TA 139 .C37 1981
Great Engineers and Pioneers in Technology. Reference TA 139 .G7 1981


Careers in High Tech. Career Counter/Reference TA 157 .B3418 2007
Chemical Engineering License Review. Circulation 7-Day Reserve TP 155 .D29 2005
Great Jobs for Engineering Majors. Bookstacks TA 157 .G327 2008
Peterson's Graduate Programs in Engineering and Applied Sciences.
Directories/Reference L 901 .P446 [annual]
Six Minute Solutions for Chemical PE Exam Problems. Bookstacks TP 168 .U37 2004


EngineeringJobs.com. http://www.engineeringjobs.com/
Paper Industry Page. http://www.jefflindsay.com/Paper.shtml
Science & Technology Internet Sources. http://www.southalabama.edu/univlib/picks/scitech.htm

CURRENT PRINT SUBSCRIPTIONS (Current Issues, 2nd Floor South, Alphabetical by Title; Bound Volumes, 3rd Floor South, Call No. order)

Biotechnology Progress. Serials TP 248.13 .B578
Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering. Serials TP 1 .C25
Chemical Engineer. Serials Current Issues
Chemical Engineering. Serials TN 1 .M35
Chemical Engineering Progress. Serials TP 1 .A6
Chemical Engineering Research & Design. Serials TP 1 .I7
Food & Bioproducts Processing. Serials TP 368 .F57
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. Serials TP 1 .I68
Process Safety & Environmental Protection. Serials TP 1 .I72


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