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September 2009
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The following is a guide to library resources that may prove useful. It is not an exhaustive list; please consult a reference librarian, call 460-7025, or e-mail webref@southalabama.edu for help in locating additional materials.


For sources for specific journal full-text, on SOUTHcat Plus click "Our Journal List"
Academic Search Premier. On SOUTHcat Plus click "Articles, Indexes, and Databases" then choose EBSCO.
Academic OneFile. On SOUTHcat Plus click "Articles, Indexes, and Databases" then choose Gale/InfoTrac.
ASCE Civil Engineering Database. On SOUTHcat Plus click "Articles, Indexes, and Databases." Includes
full-text for all ASCE journals.
Engineering Index. Reference Z 5861 .E62 [1919-1998]
Institution of Civil Engineers Proceedings. On SOUTHcat Plus click “Articles, Indexes, and Databases.
ScienceDirect. On SOUTHcat Plus click "Articles, Indexes, and Databases."
SciFinder Scholar. On SOUTHcat Plus click "Articles, Indexes, and Databases."
Wiley Interscience. On SOUTHcat Plus click "Articles, Indexes, and Databases."


Dictionary of Engineering Acronyms and Abbreviations. Reference TA 11 .E73 1989
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Engineering. Reference TA 9 .M35 1997
Wiley Dictionary of Civil Engineering and Construction. Reference TA 9 .W44 1997


Annual Book of ASTM Standards. Reference TA 401 .A653 2006
Civil Engineering Formulas. Reference TA 331 .H53 2001
Civil Engineering Handbook. Bookstacks TA 151 .C57 2003
Civil Engineering Practice. Reference TA 145 .C58 1988
Civil Engineering Reference Manual. Reference TA 159 .L54 1992
Eshbach's Handbook of Engineering Fundamentals. Reference TA 151 .E8 1989
Field Engineer's Manual. Reference TA 151 .F5 2002
Handbook of Ergonomic and Human Factors Tables. Reference TA 166 .W45 1993
Handbook of Statistical Methods for Engineers and Scientists.
Bookstacks TA 340 .H34 1998
Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers. Reference TA 151 .S8 2004
Standard Handbook of Engineering Calculations. Bookstacks TA 332 .S73 2005


Dictionary of Environmental & Civil Engineering. Reference TD 9 .W43 2000
Dictionary of Environmental Science and Engineering. Reference GE 10 .P434 1996
Environmental Engineering Solved Problems. Bookstacks TD 157.15 .S36 2006
Environmental Engineers' Handbook. Reference TD 145 .E574 1997
Environmental Technologies Handbook. Bookstacks TD 897.5 .E584 2005
Facts on File Dictionary of Environmental Science. Reference TD 9 .S74 1990
Handbook of Sustainable Building Design and Engineering. Bookstacks TH 880 .H358 2009
Statistics for Environmental Engineers. Bookstacks TD 153 .B47 2002


ACI Manual of Concrete Practice. Reference TA 439 .A64 [1993]
Code of Standard Practice for Steel Buildings and Bridges. Reference TA 684 .A44 1992
Dictionary of Architecture and Construction. Reference NA 31 .H32 2006
Manual of Steel Construction. Reference TA 684 .A47 [1989]
Structural Dynamics and Vibration in Practice: An Engineering Handbook. Bookstacks TA 654 .T56 2008
Structural Engineering Handbook. Reference TA 635 .G3 4th Ed. 1997
Wiley Dictionary of Civil Engineering and Construction. Reference TA 9 .W44 1997
Wood Engineering and Construction Handbook. Bookstacks TA 666 .W63 1995


Foundation Engineering Handbook. Reference TA 775 .F675 1991
Geologic Hazards: A Field Guide for Geotechnical Engineers. Bookstacks TA 705 .H844 2007
Land Development Handbook: Planning, Engineering and Surveying.
Reference TA 549 .L29 1996
Professional Surveyor's Manual. Bookstacks TA 551 .V47 1997


Access Management Manual. Bookstacks HE 336 .T7 A23 2003
Cities and Cars: A Handbook of Best Practices. Bookstacks HE 355 .C53 2007
Handbook of Road Technology. Bookstacks TE 145 .L38 1998
Manual of Transportation Engineering Studies. Bookstacks HE 333 .M28 1994
Traffic Engineering Handbook. Bookstacks HE 333 .T68 1999
Transportation Planning Handbook. Bookstacks HE 152.5 .T73 1999


Encyclopedia of Coastal Science. Reference TC 203.7 .E53 2005
Handbook of Coastal and Ocean Engineering. Bookstacks TC 330 .H36 1990
Handbook of Hydraulics for the Solution of Hydraulic Engineering Problems.
Reference TC 160 .B9123 1996
Marine Technology Reference Book. Reference TC 1645 .M27 1990
Water Resources Handbook. Bookstacks TD 345 .H257 1996
Water Resources Systems Management Tools. Bookstacks TD 345 .M32 2005


American Men and Women of Science. Reference Q 141 .A471 [1998/99]
Biographical Dictionary of Scientists. Reference Q 141 .B528 2000
Famous Names in Engineering. Reference TA 139 .C37 1981
Great Engineers and Pioneers in Technology. Reference TA 139 .G7 1981


Barron’s FE Fundamentals of Engineering Exam. Circulation Desk 7-Day Reserve TA 159 .O45 2008
Civil Engineering Sample Examination. Reference TA 159 .L543 2000
FE Review Manual: Rapid Preparation for the General Fundamentals of Engineering Exam.
Bookstacks TA 159 .L5733 2000
Great Jobs for Engineering Majors. Bookstacks TA 157 .G327 2008
McGraw-Hill Civil Engineering PE Exam Depth Guide: Geotechnical Engineering. Bookstacks TA 705 .S68 2001
Peterson's Graduate Programs in Engineering and Applied Sciences.
Directories Counter/Reference L 901 .P446 [annual]


EngineeringJobs.com. http://www.EngineeringJobs.com/
Intute: Science, Engineering & Technology http://www.intute.ac.uk/sciences/

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