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August 2008
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This is a very basic guide to materials in education.   The Library of Congress Subject Headingsis the standard for searching the USA catalog, SOUTHcat, while the Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors is the standard for ERIC searching for articles and documents. The Thesaurus is online within ERIC.  Keyword searching offers flexibility without total precision. Also look at some of the web sites accessible from the Library home page. Link through Topic Guides On the right side of the page link through Education.  Queries?  Call, or send email to webref@southalabama.edu



 Link through the Library home page.  Select "Articles, Indexes, Databases" Off campus requires a password for qualified users.

Dissertations Abstracts International.  
Professional Collection.  Select Gale / InfoTrac
ERICUse EBSCO for access to the leading education bibliography.
You may search ERIC, the Professional Development Collection and other relevant databases
at the same time, but if you do, the special limiters used with ERIC alone may not work: reports research for empirical research studies, for example.
PsycInfo.  Also link through EBSCO.


Education and Sociology:  An Encyclopedia.  Ref. LC 189.95
Encyclopedia of American Education.  Ref. LB 17 .U54 2001
Encyclopedia of Education. 23ded. 8 vols. Ref. LB 15 .E47 2003
Encyclopedia of Special Education. Ref. LC 4007 .E53 2007
Encyclopedia of Educational Research.  Ref. LB 15. E48
Historical Dictionary of American Education.  Ref. LB .H57  1999
International Encyclopedia of Education.  Ref. LB 15 .I569 1994
Learning Theories: A to Z.  PETAL collection (3d floor) LB 15 .L4695 2002
World Education Encyclopedia.  Ref. LB 15 .W87 2002


Educational Media and Technology Yearbook.  Bookstacks LB1028.3 .E372
In addition to directory information,  this source has scholarly chapters,
an overview of the year, and the year’s bibliography in educational technology.
Accredited Institutions of Post-Secondary Education.  Ready Ref. L 901 .A48 Latest issue only.
Patterson’s American Education.  Ref. L 901 .P3 Latest 2006
Patterson’s Elementary Education.  Ref. L 901 .P33 Latest 2006
College Sources Online  http://www.collegesource.org
or link through E-Reference Sources on the Library home page.


Digest of Educational Statistics.  Gov Doc ED 1.326:.
National Center for Educational Statistics.  Website.  http://nces.ed.gov


Deskbook Encyclopedia of American School Law.  annual.  Ref. KF 4117 .T39
Education and the Law.Ref. KF 4117 .T39 1996
West’s Education Law Digest.  Documents Law Area KF 4110 .A2 W475 (2nd fl South)
Accessible from the home page; link through “Articles, Indexes, and Databases,”  Then choose “Legal.”

BIOGRAPHY AND ADDRESSES                                          

Biographical Dictionary of Modern American Educators.  Ref. LA 2311 .O55 1997
Biography and Genealogy Master Index.  Link through  "e-Reference Sources"on the home page.
Women Educators in the United States, 1820-1993. Ref. LA 2311 .W65 1994
Directory of American Scholars. 1999. Ref. LA 2311 .C32 9th


Alternative Routes to Teacher Certification. Docs  ED 1.11/2: c33                                                          
Certification and Private School Teachers: Moving to Public Schools.
            Docs ED 1.322/2: SCH 6/14
Changing Your Career: Teaching As Your New Profession.  Bookstacks LB 1745.2 .S73 2006
NASDTEC Manual.  Manual on Certification.  Ref. LB 1771. N37 latest is 2004.


Teaching Children With AIDSPatricia Ainsa. Bookstacks  LC 4561 .A55 2000
Counseling For Diversity:  A Guide For School Counselors & Related Professionals.
Bookstacks LB 1027.5 .C653 1995
Dictionary of Multicultural Education.  Bookstacks LC 1099 .D53 1997
From Idea To Funded Project:  Grant Proposals That Work.  Ref. LB 2336 .B43 1992
Education Sourcebook:  Basic Information About National Education Expectations & Goals.
Ref. LA 210 .E4473 1997
Getting Online: A Friendly Guide for Teachers, Students and Parents. Gov Docs ED 1.308.T 22/4/97
How to Get Grants and Gifts for the Public Schools.  Bookstacks LC 243 .L49 2002
Creating Safe Schools:  A Resource Collection. Gov.Docs. ED1.2: SA 1/2/COLLECT./
Opposing Censorship in the Public Schools:  Religion, Morality, and Literature.Bookstacks LC 89 .E38 1998
Religion, Culture, Curriculum, and Diversity in 21st Century America. Bookstacks LC 1099.3 .R458 2007
Safe Schools Healthy Students.  Docs HE 2.402: SA 1/2002


            Searching SOUTHcat, the Libraries’ catalog, for books—some examples follow:
(Search by subject or keyword; for keyword searching with boolean operator enclose phrases in quotes, e.g. “learning disabilities” and teaching . The default search assumes Boolean, e.g., universities evaluation.

curriculum planning                    education standards                       home schooling
                                                              Mann Horace
education secondary
“teaching methods” and secondary                       Bethune Mary
education elementary                                                                    mathematics
elementary education                  education secondary case studies
school management        
                                                 private schools
NOTE: TheThesaurus of ERIC Descriptors contains the standard vocabulary for searching ERIC.
                        A thesaurus is also available within the ERIC database.
                        Ready Ref. Z 695.1 .E3 34
Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms. Ready Ref. Z 6951 .F7 T48
Standard vocabulary for searching PsycInfo. An online thesaurus
is available in PsycInfo (EBSCO).


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