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August 2008
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The following is a selective guide to library and other resources specifically aimed at advanced and graduate students of English.   Call to ask a  librarian if you need more assistance,  ask in person or at webref@southalabama.edu


Harner, James L. Literary Research Guide. 4th edition.
Ref. PR 83 .H37 2002
Baker, Nancy L. A Research Guide for Undergraduate Students: English and American Literature.
Ref. PR 56 .B34 2006 (also Bookstacks)
Literature in English: A Guide for Librarians in the Digital Age.
Bookstacks Z 2001 .A2 L57 2000


Unless otherwise noted, all of these must be accessed through the Library home page (click Articles, Indexes, Databases). Don't forget to search the Catalog under journal title.  Sometimes the article you seek may be available in printed form. Or you may use “Our Journal List.”

MLA Bibliography.
Linked full text, but this is the major languages and literatures database.  MLA covers articles and collections from 1963-
Academic OneFile (Gale Infotrac)
This is a general database with many full text literary, articles;
Citations and abstracts available when full text is not.
Academic Search Complete (EBSCO). General database. Full text to many articles.
This is an academic journal database all full text. Does not cover the last five years.
Literature Resource Center (Gale InfoTrac)
Link from "Electronic Reference Sources " on the home page.
Project Muse.


Years Work in English Studies. 1919/1920- .
Bookstacks PE 58 .E6 Annual publication. Continuing subscription; there is a gap from 1952 through 1961.
Short Story in English, Britain and America: An Annotated Bibliography.
Ref. PR 829 .B35 1994
English Novel Explication (1973). Ref. Z 2014 ,F5 P26. Supplements extend coverage to mid-1993.
Twentieth Century Short Story Explication. New Series. Ref. Z 5917 .S5 w35
British Women Writers, 1700-1850: An Annotated Bibliography.
Ref. PR 111 .W6 H67 1997


Anglo-Saxon England. 1972- . Bookstacks DA 152.2 .A75
Manual of the Writings in Middle English, 1050-1500. 1967- . Ref. PR 255 .M3
Index of Printed Middle English Prose. Bookstacks Z 2014 .P795 L49 1985
Middle English Prose: A Critical Guide. Ref. PR 255 .M52 1984
Middle English Romance: An Annotated Bibliography. Bookstacks Z 2014 .R6 R5 1987
Short Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland, and Ireland, 1475-1640. 1969.
Ref. Z 2002 .P77
Early English Drama: ĎEverymaní To 1850, A Reference Guide. Ref. PR 641 .W48 1986
English Literary Renaissance. 1971- Serials collection.
Check SOUTHcat for holdings. This journal has bibliographies.
Shakespeare: A Study and Research Guide. Ref. PR 2894 .B44 1995
Shakespeare Quarterly. 1950- .
Serials collection. Check SOUTHcat for holdings. Yearís work usually reviewed in summer issue.
Literature of the Romantic Period: A Bibliograpical Guide. Bookstacks PR 457 .L58 1998
Romantic Poetry by Women: A Bibliography, 1770-1835. Ref. PR 508 .W6 J33 1998
Studies in English Literature, 1500-1900. 1961- .
Serials collection. Check SOUTHcat by title. Winter issue: renaissance; spring: Elizabethan and Jacobean drama; summer: 18th century autumn: victorian and romantic
Review of English Studies. 1950- . Check SOUTHcat for Library holdings.
Readerís Guide To The Twentieth Century Novel. Ref. PR 888 .P53 R43 1995

For books, do keyword searches in SOUTHcat, our Library catalog:

"anglo saxon" and bibliography "old english" and bibliography
"middle english" and bibliography "early modern" and bibliography
"victorian poetry" and criticism english literature

OR subject searches, such as--

restoration literature romantic literature
English literature  

(Capital letters are not necessary; omit punctuation.)


The following three series published by Gale have excerpts from critical articles; author indexes, cumulative title indexes.  The database Literature Resource Center contains much of this material.
Search SOUTHcat by title for holdings  for these three representative titles:
Literature Criticism from 1400 To 18001984-   .  Ref. PN 86 .L56
Twentieth Century Literary Criticism1978-  .   Ref. PN 771 .T9
Shakespearean Criticism1984-  Ref. PR 2965 .S43

Library of Literary Criticism of English and American Authors. 1901-1905. 8 vols. Ref. 83 .M73 Familiarly known as Moultonís. Collected criticism of leading authors by their contemporaries, often their rivals.


keyword search: dictionaries and "english literature"

subject search : english literature [and scroll until you find the appropriate subdivision, i. e., dictionaries]

Handbook To Literature. 6th ed. Ref. PN 41 .H6 1992
Cambridge Guide To Literature in English. Ref. PR 85 .C29 1993
Johns Hopkins Guide To Literary Theory and Criticism. Ref. PN 81 .J554 2005
Oxford Companion To English Literature. 6th ed. Ref PR 19 .D73 2000
Oxford Companion To the Romantic Age: British Culture, 1776-1832. Ref. PR 447 .R64 1999
Oxford English Dictionary. 20 vols. + supplements. Ref. PE 1625 .O87 1989
For etymologies of English words.
Dictionary of British Literary Characters. 2 vols. Ref. PR 830 .C47 D5 1993
Shakespeareís Characters for Students. Ref. PR 2989 .S53 1997
Dictionary of Irish Literature. Ref. PR 8706 ,/d5 1996
New Fowlerís Modern English Usage. 3d ed. Ref. PE 1628 .F65 1996
Gazetteer of the British Isles. Ref. DA 640 .B2 1970


New Pelican Guide To English Literature. Rev. and Exp.
Ref. PR 83 .N49 1982 Library has vols. 2-10.
Short Oxford History of English Literature. Bookstacks PR 83 .S26 1994
Cassell's History of English Literature. Peter Conrad. Bookstacks PR 83 .C62 2003
Concise Chronology of English Literature. Bookstacks PR 87 .S53 1985
Oxford History of English Literature. Series.
Search this title on SOUTHcat to retrieve menu (and call nos.)


Do you want a book-length biography? Search by subject on SOUTHcat, last name first.


burns robert wollstonecraft mary
Biographical Dictionary of Irish Writers. Ref. PR 8727 .B5 1985
British Writers [Scribnerís] 1979- . Ref. PR 85 .B688 Library has vols. 1-8, plus supplements.
Gale InfoTracís Literature Resource Center
has much of this Scribner material in a subscription database available from the home page.
Dictionary of National Biography. 22 vols. Ref. DA 28 .D47 1959 Supplements. Index.
Dictionary of National Biography. Missing Persons. Ref. DA 28 .D525 1993
Dictionary of Literary Biography. 1978- . Ref. PS 129 .D5
Many volumes of this series concern authors in the various genres and periods of English literature.
St. James Reference Guide To English Literature. 8 vols. Ref. PR 85 .S243 1985


The MLA Style Manual and Guide To Scholarly Publishing. Ref. PN 147 .G444 1998
MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. 5th ed. Ref. LB 2369 .G53 2003
Columbia Guide To Online Style. Reserve/Ref. PN 171 .T56 235 1998
Research and Documentation Online. http://www.bedfordstmartins.com/hacker/resdoc


Subject or author searching for a particular writer, examples: rhys, jean;   achebe, chinua

Follow these models for subject searching:

australian literature
authors canadian
caribbean literature
kenyan literature
india and literature
(this heading is anomalous in form)

Follow these models for keyword with boolean searching:

india and literature
"south africa" and literature
literature and commonwealth
"english literature" and "post colonial"
Encyclopedia of Post-Colonial Literatures. 2 vols. Ref. PR 9080 .A52 E53 1994
Post Colonial Studies ReaderBookstacks PR 9080 .P57 1995
International  Literature in English: Essays on the Major Writers. Ref. PR 9080 .I57 1991
Fifty Caribbean Writers: A Bio-Bibliographical Critical Sourcebook.   Ref. PR 9205.A52 P54 1986


Recommended Reading: 500 Classics Reviewed. Ref. Z 1035 .R37 1995
Masterplots (1968) 8 vols. Ref. PN 44 .M3
Readerís Guide to the Twentieth Century Novel. Ref. PR 888 .P53 R43 1995
Book of 1,000 Plays. Ref. 6112.5 .F54 1989
Summaries are very sketchy for short stories; it's probably better just to read the story again.


Try these subject searches:

new criticism canon literature
marxist criticism feminist criticism
Altick, R. Guide To Literary Criticism and Research. 4th ed. Ref. PN 81 .S73 1993
Handbook for Academic Authors. Ref. PN 146 .L84 1995 also Bookstacks
Redrawing the Boundaries: The Transformation of English and American Literary Studies.
Ref. / Bookstacks PR 21 .R43 1992
Romantic Poetry: Recent Revisionist Criticism. Bookstacks PR 590 .R59 1993


English Server. http://eserver.org

Complete Works of Shakespeare. http://the-tech.mit.edu/Shakespeare/works.html

Humanities Text Initiative. http://www.hti.umich.edu

VoS: Voice of the Shuttle. http://vos.ucsb.edu/index.asp

British Poetry, 1780-1900: A Hypertext Archives of Scholarly Editions. http://etext.lib.virginia.edu/britpo.html

Romantic Circles. http://www.rc.umd.edu

Other relevant WWW sites at http://www.southalabama.edu/univlib/picks/lit.html

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