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January, 2012
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This is a list of selected resources only and there are many others available in the Library. Please e-mail the Reference Department or call 460-7025 for help. To locate internet sources, click on the Electronic Reference Books button on SOUTHcat Plus and select Colleges & Financial Aid.


College Money Handbook. Reference/Directories LB 2337.2.C65 2012
Directory of Financial Aids for Women. Reference/Directories LB 2338 .D564 2009/11
Don’t Miss Out. Reference/Directories LB2337.4 .D65 2011/12
Financial Aid for African Americans. Reference/Directories LB 2337.2 .F56 2009/11
Financial Aid for Native Americans. Reference/Directories LB 2338 .F5646 2009/11
Financial Aid for Research and Creative Activities Abroad.
LB 2375 .F574 2006/08
Financial Aid for the Disabled and Their Families.
Reference/Directories LB 2337.2 .F58 2008/10
Financial Aid for Veterans, Military Personnel, and Their Dependents.
US 403 .F47 2008/10
Funding Education Beyond High School: the Guide to Federal Student Aid.
Government Doc. ED 1.45/7: 2011/12 and online http://studentaid.ed.gov/students/publications/student_guide/index.html
Getting Financial Aid.  Reference/Directories  LB 2342 .C633 2011
Money for Graduate Students in the Arts & Humanities.
Reference/Directories LB 2337.2 .M664 2010/12
Money for Graduate Students in the Biological Sciences.
Reference/Directories LB 2337.2 .M6538 2010/12
Money for Graduate Students in the Health Sciences.
Reference/Directories LB 2337.2 .M6537 2010/12
Money for Graduate Students in the Physical & Earth Sciences.
Reference/Directories LB 2337.2 .M6662 2010/12
Money for Graduate Students in the Social & Behavioral Sciences.
Reference/Directories LB 2337.2 .M655 2010/12
Peterson’s How to Get Money for College.
Reference/Directories LB 2337.2 .H8471 P4851 2012
Scholarship Book. Reference/Directories LB 2337.2 .S38 2008
Scholarship Book. CD ROM Instructional Media Center---LB 2337.2 S38 2008
Scholarships, Fellowships and Loans. Reference/Directories LB 2338 .S35 2007
Scholarship Handbook. Reference/Directories LB 2338 .C597 2007
Scholarships, Grants & Prizes. Reference/Directories LB 2337.4 .P475 2012
The Ultimate Scholarship Book. Reference/Directories LB 2338 .T36 2011
Vault Guide to Top Internships. Reference/Directories LC 1072 .I58 V38 2008

Some Suggestions for Searching SOUTHCat:

Try SUBJECT Searches:          

Try KEYWORD Searches:

student aid

sports scholarship?


college costs


arts scholarship?

student loans

“foreign study” and scholarship?

research grants

financial aid

grants in aid


federal aid to higher education

graduate school aid

Free Internet Resources:

U.S. Department of Education websites:
Home page:  http://www.ed.gov/students/landing.jhtml?src=pn  
Information about federal aid, careers, and links to information about education.

Office of Postsecondary Education:  http://www.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ope/index.html?src=mr
Information on initiatives, education planning, student resources, etc.

Financial Aid:
General information about federal money, links to other financial aid sites, and ability to apply online for aid

Federal Student Aid Handbook.
USA’s Financial Aid Webpage.  http://www.finaid.usouthal.edu/
University Library, Best Web Sites: Colleges and Financial Aid. http://www.southalabama.edu/univlib/picks/colleges.htm
Links to several sites with information about universities, study abroad, and financial aid.
College Board webpage: http://apps.collegeboard.com/cbsearch_ss/welcome.jsp
Search over 2,000 scholarships.
Sallie Mae webpage:  http://www.collegeanswer.com/index.jsp
Comprehensive source of financial aid resources.
Finaid webpage: http://www.finaid.org/
Financial aid information for all levels of schooling. Includes scholarships, loans, military aid, savings, and grants
Yahoo Financial Aid:  http://dir.yahoo.com/education/financial_aid/
Includes resources for a wide variety of grants, loans, and scholarships programs ranging from the Miss America Pageant to the Croatian Scholarship Fund.


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