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Selected Resources

Jan Sauer and Kathy Jones                                                                                         Revised 6/00

The following is a partial list of resources that may be helpful when doing research on government agencies. This is a selective list and not meant to be definitive. Please e-mail the Reference Department or call 460-7025 for help.

First Choices:

U.S. Government Manual. Ref. Desk and Docs. Desk
Federal Agency Profiles for Students. Ref JK 421.F42 1999
Government Agencies (Greenwood Encyclopedia). Ref JK 421.G65 1983

Government Documents:

List of Classes(Ask at Docs. Desk). to determine what is published by the agency
Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications. Gov.Docs.
Code of Federal Regulations/Federal Register--Docs. agency regulations
Budget of the United States. Docs PrEx2.8:--yearly appropriations
Librarians' choice of websites--http://www.southalabama.edu/univlib/picks/federal.htm
Auburn catalog--http://aubiecat.auburn.edu

Indexes and Databases--All have links from our homepage (http://library.southalabama.edu) also

Marcive--Web index to government pubs.--http://www.marcive.com/scripts/webdocs.dll
GPO Access--linked from Electronic Indexes page-- http://www.access.gpo.gov/su_docs/
Expanded Academic Index-- InfoTrac
Extended Academic--Ebsco
ABC POL SCI. Print index only, Index Table #7

Reference Books:

Encyclopedia of the American Judicial System. Ref KF 154 .E53
Encyclopedia of the American Legislative System. Ref. JF 501 .E53 1994
Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice. Ref HV 6017. E52
Facts on File. Ref D 410 .F3
Guide to American Law. Ref. KF 156.G77 1983
Guide to Selected Federal Agency Programs and Publications for Librarians &
Teachers. Ref Z 688.G6553 1986
United States Intelligence. Ref. JK 468 .I6 U55 1990

USA Online Catalog--suggested searches:

Subject Searches Keyword searches
administrative agencies--united states agency and atomic
bureaucracy--united states government agencies
executive departments--united states department and treasury
bureau and alcohol
service and immigration

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