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October 2009
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This is a basic list of University Library resources for the use of students doing research in physical education, nutrition, and other health-related subjects. Web resources are listed at the end of the relevant categories. Others are available on the Health page under Subject Guides on SOUTHcat Plus. Please consult a reference librarian for assistance in locating more detailed or subject specific materials. The Biomedical Library will have more in-depth information on health-related and medical subjects.


Academic OneFile. On SOUTHcat Plus select “Articles, Indexes, and Databases” then click Gale/InfoTrac.
Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition and Consumer Edition. On SOUTHcat Plus select “Articles,
Indexes, and Databases” then click “EBSCO.”
Medline. On SOUTHcat Plus select “Articles, Indexes, and Databases” then scroll down to Medline.
Professional Development Collection. On SOUTHcat Plus select “Articles, Indexes, and Databases” then
click “EBSCO.”
SportDiscus. On SOUTHcat Plus select “Articles, Indexes, and Databases” then click “EBSCO.”


Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment. Reference RC 71 .A14 [latest]
Encyclopedia of Health and Aging. Reference RA 777.6 .E534 2007
Encyclopedia of Senior Health and Well-Being. Reference RA 777.6 .K357 2003
Encyclopedia of Women’s Health. Reference RA 778 .A494 2009
Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine. Reference RC 41 .G35 2002
Handbook of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. Bookstacks RA 427.8 .H36 1999
Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy. Reference RC 55 .M4 [latest]
World of Health. Reference R 130.5 .W67 2000
Healthfinder. http://www.healthfinder.gov


Alternative Health and Medicine Encyclopedia. Reference R 733 .M38 1998
Alternative Medicine Sourcebook. Reference R 733 .A475 1999
Encyclopedia of Complementary Health Practice. Bookstacks R 733 .E525 1999
Encyclopedia of Folk Medicine: Old World and New World Traditions. Bookstacks R733 .H376 2004
Fundamentals of Complementary and Integrative Medicine. Bookstacks R 733 .F86 2006
What is  Complementary and Alternative Medicine? http://nccam.nih.gov/health/whatiscam/


Black’s Medical Dictionary. Reference R 121 .T47 40th ed. 2004
Medical Word Finder: A Reverse Medical Dictionary. Reference R 121 .H232 1987
Oxford Medical Companion. Reference RC 41 .O84 1994
Stedman’s Medical Dictionary. Reference R 121.S8 27th  2000
MedlinePlus: Medical Dictionaryhttp://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/mplusdictionary.html


Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine. Bookstacks RC 1206 .O355 2005
Handbook of Research on Sport Psychology. Bookstacks GV 706.4 .H37 2001
Your Injury: A Common Sense Guide to Sports Injuries. Bookstacks RD 97 .R57 2000


Bowes and Church’s Food Values of Portions Commonly Used. Reference TX 551 .B64 16th 1994
CRC Desk Reference for Nutrition. Reference QP 141 .B523 2006
Diet and Nutrition Sourcebook. Reference RA 784 .D534 1996
Doctor’s Vitamin and Mineral Encyclopedia. Reference QP 771 .H363 1990
Encyclopedia of Foods: A Guide to Healthy Nutrition. Bookstacks TX 349 .E482 2002
Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health. Reference RA 784 .R646 2003
Encyclopedia of Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements. Reference QP 771 .E53 1996
Food and Nutrition Controversies Today: A Reference Guide. Bookstacks TX 357 .G5745 2009
Mount Sinai School of Medicine Complete Book of Nutrition. Reference RM 217.2 .M68 1990
Nutritive Value of American Foods in Common Units. Documents Reference A 1.76:456/988 [1989]
Surgeon General’s Report on Nutrition and Health. Government Documents HE 20.2: N95/2 [1988]
Nutrition.gov. http://www.nutrition.gov/


Complete Drug Reference. Reference RS 51 .U65 1993
Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants. Reference RS 164 .C4437 1996
Medicinal Plants of the World. Reference RS 164 .R676 1999
Merck Index. Ready Reference RS 51 .M4 [latest]
PDR Drug Guide for Mental Health Professionals. Reference RC 483 .P47 [2004]
PDR for Herbal Medicines. Reference RS 75 .P554 [latest]
Pill Book. Reference RS 51 .S555 2004
RxList – The Internet Drug Index. http://www.rxlist.com


Health Care State Rankings. Reference RA 407.3 .H4 [2006]
Injury Facts. Reference HA 217 .A4 [latest]
International Health Statistics: What the Numbers Mean for the United States.
Government Documents Y3.T22/2:2 H34/7 [1993]
International Mortality Chartbook: Levels and Trends 1955-1991.
Government Documents HE 20.6202:M 84/2 [1994]
Know Your Chances: Understanding Health Statistics Bookstacks RA 427.3 .W65 2008
State of Health Atlas: Mapping the Challenges and Causes of Disease. Reference G 1046 .E5 O36 2008
Statistical Abstract of the United States. Ready Reference HA 202 .A299 [annual]
Vital Statistics of the United States: Births, Life Expectancy, Deaths and Selected Health Data.
Ready Reference HA 203 .V587 [2008]
National Center for Health Statistics. http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/


Career Opportunities in Health Care. Career Counter Reference R 690 .F54 2007b
Medical School Admission Requirements, USA and Canada.
Directories Counter Reference R 745 .A8 [latest]
Money for Graduate Students in the Biological and Health Sciences.
Directories Counter Reference LB 2337.2 .M6663 [latest]
Peterson’s Graduate Programs in Business, Education, Health, Information Studies, Law, and
Social Work. Directories Counter Reference L 901 .P459 [latest]
Top 100 Health Care Careers: Your Complete Guidebook
Career Counter Reference GV 734 .F545 2004b
Careers and Jobshttp://www.southalabama.edu/univlib/picks/careers.htm


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