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June 2007
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This is a selected list of resources that will assist you in finding information on prominent court cases. If you need assistance, please consult a reference librarian, call 460-7025, or send e-mail to webref@jaguar1.usouthal.edu for help in locating additional materials  


Dictionary of American Criminal Justice: Key Terms and Major Supreme Court Cases.
Ref. HV 7411 .C53 1998
Great American Trials . Ref. KF 220 .G74 1994
Great World Trials
. Ref. K 540 .G74 1997
Historic U.S. Court Cases, 1690-1900: An Encyclopedia
. Ref. KF 385 .A4 J64 1992
Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Legal Issues
. Bookstacks KF 384 .A2 T33 1995
West’s Encyclopedia of American Law
. Ref. KF 154 .W47 2005


Basic Cases in Constitutional Law. Ref. KF 4549 .L55 1992
Cases in Constitutional Law
. Ref. KF 4549 .C8 2000
Civil Liberties and the Constitution: Cases and Commentaries
. Ref. KF 4748 .B2
Constitution and the Flag
. Bookstacks KF 4772 .A7 C66 1993
Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation: Annotations of Cases
Docs. Y 1.1/2: 14152
Constitutional Interpretation: Rights of the Individual. Bookstacks KF 4748 .D83 1992
Flag Burning and Free Speech: the Case of Texas v. Johnson
. Bookstacks KF 224 .J64 G65 2000
Free Speech on Trial: Communication Perspectives on Landmark Supreme Court Decisions
Bookstacks KF 4772 .A7 F74 2003
Great Cases in Constitutional Law. Bookstacks KF 4549 .G68 2000
Illustrated Great Decisions of the Supreme Court
. Ref. KF 4549 .M334 2000
In Our Defense : the Bill of Rights in Action
. Bookstacks KF 4750 .A43 1991
Landmark Decisions of the United States Supreme Court. Ready Reference KF 4549 .F56 2003
Landmark Supreme Court Cases: A Reference Guide
. Ready Reference KF 4549 .L58 1999
May It Please the Court : the Most Significant Oral Arguments Made Before the Supreme Court Since 1955.                
Bookstacks KF 4748 .M39 1993
Oxford Guide  to United States Supreme Court Decisions. Ready Reference KF 4548 .O97 1999
Speaking Our Minds: Conversations with the People Behind Landmark First Amendment Cases
Bookstacks KF 4770 .A7 R87 2002
Supreme Court A to Z. Ready Reference KF 8742 .A35 S8 2003
When the Nazis Came to Skokie: Freedom for Speech We Hate
. Bookstacks KF 4772 .A7 S77 1999


Affirmative Action on Trial: Sex Discrimination in Johnson v. Santa Clara.
Bookstacks KF 228 .J64 U758 1997
African Americans and the Living Constitution. Bookstacks KF 4757 .A5 A44 1995
Americans with Disabilities Cases
. Labor Relations Ref. KF 3469 .A5 A45
Antitrust and the Formation of the Postwar World. Bookstacks KF 1652 .W45 2002
Bakke Case: Race, Education, and Affirmative Action
. Bookstacks KF 228 .B34 B35 2000
Briefs of 100 Leading Cases in Law Enforcement
. Bookstacks KF 9614 .D45 1991
Bush v. Gore: the Court Cases and the Commentary
. Bookstacks KF 5074.2 .B87 2001
Cases and Materials on Patent Law
. Bookstacks KF 3113 .C47 2002
Clergy Malpractice in America: Nally v. Grace Community Church of the Valley.
Bookstacks KF 228 .N27 W45 2001
Coastal and Ocean Law: Cases and Materials. Bookstacks KF 5627 .A7 C63 2002
Contemporary Cases in Women’s Rights
. Bookstacks KF 478 .A4 G65 1994
Death Penalty Cases: Leading U.S. Supreme Court Cases on Capital Punishment
Bookstacks KF 9227 .C2 L38 1998
Marbury v. Madison: the Origins and Legacy of Judicial Review. Bookstacks KF 4575 .N45 2000
Murder, Culture, and Injustice: Four Sensational Cases in American History
Bookstacks HV 6529 .H59 2000
Roe v. Wade: the Untold story of the Landmark Supreme Court Decision  That Made Abortion Legal.               
Bookstacks KF 228 .R59 F38 2001
Selected Antitrust Cases; Landmark Decisions. Bookstacks KF 1648 .S74 1976
Sexuality and the Law: an Encyclopedia of Major Legal Cases
. Ref. KF 9325 .A7 L46 1993
Sports and the Law: Major Legal Cases
. Bookstacks KF 3989 .S675 1996


All Deliberate Speed: Reflections on the First Half Century of Brown v. Board of Education.
Bookstacks KF 4757 .O35 2004
Deskbook Encyclopedia of American School Law. Ref. KF 4114 .D46 2003 [annual]
School Law: Cases and Concepts.
Bookstacks KF 4118 .L25 1987
Schoolhouse Decisions of the United States Supreme Court.
Ref. KF 4118 .S35 1997
Special Education Law with Cases
. Bookstacks KF 4209.3 .B69 2001
We the Students: Supreme Court Decisions For and About Students.
Bookstacks KF 4150 .A7 R37 2003
West’s Education Law Digest
. 2nd Floor South. Law Area. KF 4110 .A2 W475


In USA Catalog try Subject or Keyword searches.



educational law and legislation bill rights cases
civil rights – united states – cases “landmark law cases”
freedom of the press – cases  “supreme court” cases
constitutional law – united states abortion cases
womens rights – united states – cases   “commercial law” cases
freedom of speech – united states – cases landmark decisions


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