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October 2008
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This is a list of selected titles only and there are many others available in the Library.

Across the Great Divide: Robert Stuart and the discovery of the Oregon Trail. Bookstacks F 880 .M455 2003
Ahmadinejad: the secret history of Iran’s radical leader. Bookstacks DS 318.84.A36 N35 2008
Alice Walker: a life. Bookstacks PS 3573 .A425 Z93 2004
All governments lie: the life and times of rebel journalist I.F. Stone. Bookstacks PN 4874 .S69 M33 2006
American Prometheus: the triumph and tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer. Bookstacks QC 16 .O62 B57 2005
Andrew Carnegie. Bookstacks CT 275 .C3 N37 2006
Animated man: a life of Walt Disney. Bookstacks NC 1766 .U52 D53155 2007
Artist and the mathematician: the story of Nicolas Bourbaki, the genius mathematician who never existed
Bookstacks QA 29 .B692 A29 2006
Autobiography of W.E.B. Du Bois. Bookstacks E 185.97 .D73 A3 2007
Beethoven: the music and the life. Bookstacks ML 410 .B4 L597 2003
Becoming Judy Chicago: a biography of the artist. Bookstacks N 6537 .C48 L48 2007
Bela Lugosi: dreams and nightmares. Bookstacks PN 2859 .H86 L837 2007
Benjamin Franklin: an American life. Bookstacks E 302.6 .F8 I83 2003
Bernard Malamud: a writer’s life. Bookstacks PS 3563 .A4 Z614 2007
Big Bam: the life and times of Babe Ruth. Bookstacks GV 865 .R8 M56 2006
Black Elk speaks. Bookstacks E 99 .O3 B484 2004
Boss Tweed: the rise and fall of the corrupt pol who conceived the soul of modern New York.
Bookstacks F 128.47 .T96 A28 2006
Bradbury chronicles: the life of Ray Bradbury. Bookstacks PS 3503 .R167 Z94 2005
Bradley. Bookstacks E 745 .B7 A969 2008
Broken genius: the rise and fall of William Shockley, creator of the electronic age.
Bookstacks TK 140 .S466 S58 2006
Chaplin: genius of the cinema. Bookstacks PN 2287 .C5 V34 2003
Chasin’ the Bird: the life and legacy of Charlie Parker. Bookstacks ML 419 .P4 P72 2006
Churchill: the unexpected hero. Bookstacks DA 566.9 .C5 A633 2005
China marine (E.B. Sledge). Bookstacks D 811 .S548 2002
Citizen: Jane Addams and the struggle for democracy. Bookstacks HV 40.32 .A33 K59 2005
Colonel: the extraordinary story of Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis Presley. Bookstacks ML 429 .P33 N37 2003
Condoleezza Rice: an American life: a biography. Bookstacks E 840.8 .R48 B86 2007
Crazy Horse: a Lakota life. Bookstacks E 99 .O3 C72163 2006
Daniel Defoe: master of fictions: his life and ideas. Bookstacks PR 3406 .N68 2003
De Kooning: an American master. Bookstacks N 6537 .D43 S74 2004
Disraeli: the Victorian Dandy who became prime minister. Bookstacks DA 564 .B3 H5 2006
Eddie Rickenbacker: an American hero in the twentieth century. Bookstacks TL 540 .R53 L493 2005
Edward Teller: the real Dr. Strangelove. Bookstacks QC 16 .T37 G66 2004
Eudora Welty: a biography. Bookstacks PS 3545 .E6 Z7728 2005
Full bloom: the art and life of Georgia O’Keeffe. ND 237 .O5 D76 2004
Frederic Church. Bookstacks ND 237 .C52 H68 2005
Galileo Galilei, when the world stood still. Bookstacks QB 36 .G2 N2413 2005
Gandhi’s passion: the life and legacy of Mahatma Gandhi. Bookstacks DS 481 .G3 W64 2001
Grace Hopper: admiral of the cyber sea. Bookstacks V 63 .H66 W55 2004
Gustav Stickley. Bookstacks NK 1412 .S8 C37 2003
Hank Aaron and the home run that changed America. Bookstacks GV 865 .A25 S83 2005
Harvard and the Unabomber: the education of an American terrorist. Bookstacks HV 6248 .K235 C48 2003
Horton Foote: a literary biography. Bookstacks PS 3511 .O344 Z94 2003
Howling near heaven: Twyla Tharp and the reinvention of modern dance. Bookstacks GV 1785 .T43 S54 2006
Immortal count: the life and films of Bela Lugosi. Bookstacks PN 2859 .H86 L8353 2003
In black and white: the life of Sammy Davis, Jr. Bookstacks PN 2287 .D322 H39 2003
In rare form: a pictorial history of baseball evangelist Billy Sunday. Bookstacks BV 3785 .S8 F57 2005
Inspiring science: Jim Watson and the age of DNA. Bookstacks QH 506 .W4 I55 2003
Inventing late night: Steve Allen and the original Tonight show. Bookstacks PN 1992.4 .A4 A65 2005
Inventing personality: Gordon Allport and the science of selfhood. Bookstacks BF 109 .A54 N53 2003
It’s one o’clock and here is Mary Margaret McBride: a radio biography. Bookstacks PN 1991.4 .M37 W37 2005
IWoz: computer geek to cult icon … (Wozniak). Bookstacks QA 76.2 .W69 W69 2006
J.R.R. Tolkien: a biography. Bookstacks PR 6039 .O32 Z6616 2003
Joseph Smith: rough stone rolling. Bookstacks BX 8695 .S6 B875 2005
Lance Armstrong’s war: one man’s battle….Bookstacks GV 1049.2 .T68 C69 2005
Last coach: a life of Paul “Bear” Bryant. Bookstacks GV 939 .B79 B37 2005
Last lecture (Pausch). Circulation Desk, 7 Day Library Reserve QA 76.2 .P38 A3 2008
Leni: the life and work of Leni Riefenstahl. Bookstacks PN 1998.3 .R54 B33 2008
Living dangerously: the adventures of Merian C. Cooper, creator of King Kong.
Bookstacks PN 1998.3 .C6697 V38 2005
Man who saved sea turtles: Archie Carr and the origins of conservation biology.
Bookstacks QL 31 .C34 D38 2007
Mandela: the authorized portrait. Bookstacks DT 1974 .M348 2006
Mao: the unknown story. Bookstacks DS 778 .M3 C38 2005
Marco Polo: from Venice to Xanadu. Bookstacks G 370 .P9 B37 2007
Mary Wollstonecraft: a literary life. Bookstacks PR 5841 .W8 Z675 2004
Mencken: the American iconoclast. Bookstacks PS 3525 .E43 Z79 2005
Mercator: the man who mapped the planet. Bookstacks GA 923.5 .M5 C73 2003
Mick: the real Michael Collins. Bookstacks DA 965 .C6 H37 2006
Milton Friedman: a biography. Bookstacks HB 119 .F84 E34 2007
Mockingbird: a portrait of Harper Lee. Bookstacks PS 3562 .E353 Z87 2006
Mirror to America: the autobiography of John Hope Franklin. Bookstacks E 175.5 .F73 A3 2005
Mr. Gatling’s terrible marvel: the gun that changed everything and the misunderstood genius who invented it.
Bookstacks UF 620 .G3 K45 2008
Napoleon: a political life. Bookstacks DC 203 .E64 2004
Obsessive genius: the inner world of Marie Curie. Bookstacks QD 22 .C8 G56 2005
Oscar Wilde. Bookstacks PR 5823 .S58 2003
Perfect union: Dolley Madison and the creation of the American nation. Bookstacks E 342.1 .M2 A45 2006
Phyllis Schlafly and grassroots conservatism. Bookstacks JC 573.2 .U6 C75 2005
Pirate Queen: Queen Elizabeth I, her pirate adventures, and the dawn of empire. Bookstacks DA 356 .R58 2007
Pol Pot: anatomy of a nightmare. Bookstacks DS 554.83 .P65 S53 2004
Ponzi’s scheme: the true story of a financial legend. Bookstacks HV 6692 .P66 Z83 2005
Prophet singer: the voice and vision of Woody Guthrie. Bookstacks ML 410 .G978 J33 2007
Public cowboy no. 1: the life and times of Gene Autry. Bookstacks PN 2287 .A9 G46 2007
Righteous warrior: Jesse Helms and the rise of modern conservatism. Bookstacks E 840.8 .H44 L56 2008
Rosa Parks. Bookstacks F334 .M753 P373 2005
Schulz and Peanuts: a biography. Bookstacks PN 6727 .S3 Z787 2007
Shooting star: the brief arc of Joe McCarthy. Bookstacks E 748 .M143 W53 2006
Spike Lee: that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Bookstacks PN 1998.3 .L44 A68 2005
Stalin: a biography. Bookstacks DK 268 .S8 S4237 2005
Steven Spielberg: a biography. Bookstacks PN 1998.3 .S65 J33 2007
Warren Buffett way. Bookstacks HG 172 .B84 H34 2005
William Clark and the shaping of the West. Bookstacks F 592.7 .C565 J66 2004
Young J. Edgar: Hoover, the Red Scare, and the assault on civil liberties. Bookstacks HV 7911 .H6 A65 2007
Young Stalin. Bookstacks DK 268 .S8 M574 2007

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