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October 2008
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All-time Greatest Alabama Sports Stories. Bookstacks GV 584 .A53 M37 2003
Baseball in Mobile. Bookstacks GV 863 .A22 M53 2003
Beyond Glory: Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling and a World on the Brink. Bookstacks GV 1136.8 .M37 2005
Big Bam: the Life and Times of Babe Ruth. Bookstacks GV 865 .R8 M56 2006
Body & Soul: Notebooks of an Apprentice Boxer. Bookstacks GV 1136.8 W3213 2004
Body Sculpting Bible for Abs. Bookstacks GV 508 .V55 2007
Boys of Summer. Bookstacks GV 875 .B7 K3 1972b
Cheerleader! Cheerleader! An American Icon. Bookstacks LB 3635 .A33 2003
Complete Boston Red Sox: the Total Encyclopedia of the Team. Bookstacks GV 875 .B62 G45 2003
Complete Guide to Fencing. Bookstacks GV 1147 .F43 2007
Driven from Within (by Michael Jordan). Bookstacks GV 884 .J67 A278 2005
Extreme Sports: in Search of the Ultimate Thrill. Bookstacks GV 749.7 .T665 2004
Fields of Honor: the Golden Age of College Football and the Men Who Created It.
Bookstacks GV 939 .A1 P63 2001
Get Fit, Stay Fit. Bookstacks RA 781 .P67 2004
Hank Aaron and the Home Run That Changed America. Bookstacks GV 865 .A25 S83 2005
Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book : Lessons and Teachings from a Lifetime in Golf. Bookstacks GV 965 .P415 1992
Living Yoga: Creating a Life Practice. Bookstacks RA 781 .T86 2002
Pilates for Every Body. Bookstacks RA 781 .A875 2002
Rocky Marciano: the Rock of His Times. Bookstacks GV 1132 .M3 S85 2002
Running: a Year Long Plan. Bookstacks GV 1061.5 .T73 G34 2006
Sailing : the Complete Practical Manual. Bookstacks GV 811 D535 2001
Science of Soccer. Bookstacks QC 26 .W47 2002
Sculpting Her Body Perfect. Bookstacks GV 482 .S37 2008
Tennis Fundamentals. Bookstacks GV 995 .M3724 2004
They Call Me Coach (by John Wooden). Bookstacks GV 884 .W66 A3 2004


Andrews, Allen. The Mad Motorist: The Great Peking-Paris Race of ’07. (1965) Bookstacks DS 9 .A5
Bird, Isabella.  Six Months in Hawaii. (1875).  Bookstacks DU 623 .B6 1986
Boswell, James.  Journal of the Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson. (1785) Bookstacks DA 880 .H4B7 1961
Buckley, William F.  Atlantic High: A Celebration.  Bookstacks G 530 .B89 1982
Byron, Robert.  Road to Oxiana [Persia]. (1937) Bookstacks DS 49.5 .B9 1982
Cabot, Mabel H. Vanished Kingdoms…1921-1925 [China, etc.] Bookstacks DS 710 .C26 2003
Cherry-Garrard. A.   Worst Journey in the World, Antarctic, 1910-1913. Bookstacks G 850 1910 .S464 2005
Darwin, Charles.  Voyage of the Beagle. (1839)  Bookstacks QH 11 .D2 1960
Dana, Richard H.  Two Years Before the Mast. (1845)  Bookstacks G 540 .D2 1946
Defoe, Daniel.  Tour Through the Whole Island of Great Britain. (1762) Bookstacks DA 620 .D31 1963
Dickens, Charles.  American Notes & Pictures from Italy.  Bookstacks E 165 .D614 [1957]
Doughty, Charles.  Arabia Deserta. (1888)  Bookstacks DS 207 .D73 1955
Fermor, Patrick L.  A Time of Gifts:  On Foot to Constantinople.  Bookstacks D 921 .F38 1979
Fuller, Margaret.  Summer on the Lakes [Great Lakes] (1844)  Bookstacks F 551 .O84 1970
Greenhaw, Wayne.  My Heart is in the Earth:  True Stories of Alabama and Mexico. Bookstacks F 330 .G76 2001
Harrer, Heinrich. Seven Years in Tibet. (1953)  Bookstacks DS 785 .H273
Heat Moon, William Least.  Blue Highways: Journey Into America. Bookstacks E 169.04 .H4 1982
Heil, Nick.  Dark Summit: The True Story of Everest’s Most Controversial Season.
Bookstacks GV 199.44 .E85 h43 2008
Henson, Matthew.  A Negro Explorer at the North Pole. (1912) Bookstacks G 635 .H4A3 2007
Hunt, John.  Conquest of Everest.  Bookstacks GV 199.44 .E85 H86 1954
Jenkins, Peter.  Along the Edge of America.   Bookstacks F 296 .J46 1995
Lawrence, D. H.   Twilight in Italy.  (1916)  Bookstacks DG 901 .L3 1990b
London, Jack.  Cruise of the Snark [Pacific voyage]. (1939)  
Bookstacks DU 22 .L6 1939 Also PS 3523 .O46 Z464 1997
Maclean, Sir Fitzroy.  Eastern Approaches [the Balkans].  Bookstacks D 811 .M254 1964
Mayes, Frances.  Under the Tuscan Sun.  Bookstacks DG 734.23 .M38 1997
Mayle, Peter.  A Year in Provence.  Bookstacks DC 611 .P961 M38 1991
Meier, Andrew.  Black Earth: A Journey Through Russia After the Fall. Bookstacks DK 510.76 M44 2003
Morris, Jan.  Journeys.  Bookstacks G 465 .M66 1984
Muir, John.  Travels in Alaska.  Bookstacks QH 31 .M9 A36 1979
Naipaul, V. S.  India:  A Million Mutinies Now.  Bookstacks DS 414.2 .N35 1991
Naipaul, V. S.  A Turn in the South.  Bookstacks F 216.2 .N35 1990
Post, Emily.  By Motor to the Golden Gate. (1916) Bookstacks E 196 .P85 2004
Raban, Jonathan.  Coasting.  Bookstacks DA 632 .R33 1986
Raban, Jonathan.  Old Glory: An American Voyage. (1981)  Bookstacks F355 .R3
Scott, Robert F.  Scott’s Last Expedition [Antarctic]. (1913) Bookstacks G 850 1910 .S41
Schoder, Raymond V.  Wings Over Hellas: Ancient Greece from the Air. Bookstacks DF 719 .S36 1974
Slocum, Joshua.  Sailing Along Around the World. (1898) Bookstacks G 440 .S628 1954
Stark, Freya.  Baghdad Sketches.  Bookstacks DS 79.9 .B25 S73 1992
Stevenson, Robert Louis.  Inland Voyage – Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes. Bookstacks PR 5488 .I6 1925
Tayler, Jeffrey.  Angry Wind: Through Muslim Black Africa.  Bookstacks DT 528 .T39 2005
Theroux, Paul.  Great Railway Bazaar.  Bookstacks DS 10 .T43 1975b
Theroux, Paul.  Old Patagonian Express. (1979)  Bookstacks E 27.2 .T47
Theroux, Paul.  Kingdom By the Sea [Britain]. Bookstacks DA 632 .T46 1983
Twain, Mark.  Innocents Abroad – Roughing It.  Bookstacks PS 1302 1984
Wharton, Edith.  Edith Wharton Abroad. Bookstacks PS 3545 .H16 A6 1995
Wharton, Edith.  Italian Backgrounds.  Bookstacks DG 428 .W44 1989


Fatal Vision (J. MacDonald case).Bookstacks HV 7248 .M178 M33 1985
Helter Skelter: the True Story of the Manson Murders. Bookstacks HV 6533 .C2 B83 1975
In Cold Blood: a True Account of a Multiple Murder and Its Consequences. Bookstacks HV 6533 .K3 C3
Jack the Ripper: the Final Solution. Bookstacks HV 6535 .G6 L637 1986
The Maul and the Pear Tree: the Ratcliffe Highway Murders, 1811. Bookstacks HV 6535 .G6 L634 1987
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Bookstacks F 294 .S2 B48 1994
My Mother’s Witness: the Peggy Morgan Story (Medgar Evers case). Bookstacks HQ 1438 .M7 H35 2003
The Onion Field. Bookstacks HV 6534 .L7 W35
Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper Case Closed. Bookstacks HV 6535 .G6 L6335 2003
The Stranger Beside Me (Ted Bundy case). Bookstacks HV 6428 .B773 R84
The Von Bulow Affair. Bookstacks HV 6534 .N54 W75 1983


Alive: the Story of the Andes Survivors. Bookstacks TL 553.9 .R4
Alone. Richard Byrd. Bookstacks G 875 .B9 A2 and G 875 .B9 A32 1984
Brendan Voyage. Bookstacks G 470 .S48 2000
Falcon and the Snowman: a True Story of Friendship and Espionage. Bookstacks UB 271 .R92 L425
Into the Wild. Bookstacks CT 9971 .M38 K73 2007
Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mount Everest Disaster. Bookstacks GV 199.44 .E85 K725 1999
Journal for Christa: Christa McAuliffe, Teacher in Space Bookstacks TL 789.85 .M33 C67 1993
K2: The Story of the Savage Mountain. Bookstacks GV 199.44 .P18 C87 1995
Kon-Tiki: Across the Pacific by Raft. Bookstacks G 530 .H463 1950b
Perfect Storm: a True Story of Men Against the Sea. Bookstacks QC 945 .J66 1997
To the Ends of the Earth. Bookstacks G 222 .P47
Where Hell Freezes Over. Bookstacks TL 553.9 .K43 2005

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