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October, 2008
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This is a list of selected resources only and there are many others available in the Library. See also the Geology and Geography guides. Please ask a reference librarian, e-mail the Reference Department at webref@southalabama.edu, or call 460-7025 for help.


Maps for cities, states, and countries are kept in the Vertical File in Reference under the state or country name. Topographical and other U. S. and state Geological Survey maps are kept in the map cabinets in Government Documents. Some Geological Survey of Alabama maps are on Reserve behind the Circulation Desk.

To find maps we own in SOUTHcat Catalog try these keyword searches:

Also try subject searches:
alabama and (map? or atlas?) atlases
geolog? and (map? or atlas?) cartography
topograph? and map? digital mapping
"geological survey" and map? geographic information systems
cartography and history historical geography--maps
historical and maps remote sensing

You may also limit to maps - on the SOUTHcat Catalog main page click on the "Set More Limits" button then scroll down to "Item Type." Click on "Map" then click on "Set Limits." On the search screen you will see the message "Search Limits are in effect!" Enter the word or phrase you want to search. Always also do a keyword search WITHOUT search limits as in the examples above to be sure you find all cataloged maps and atlases.

Also try author searches:

geological survey u.s.
geological survey of alabama


Book of Old Maps Delineating American History From the Earliest Days Down to the
Close of the Revolutionary War. Atlas Counter Reference GA 405 .F5 [1969]
Facsimile-Atlas to the Early History of Cartography With Reproductions of the Most
Important Maps Printed in the XV and XVI Centuries . Atlas Counter Reference G 1025 .N72 1973
Historical Atlas of Alabama. Ready Reference G 1340 .H57 [1997]
Historical Atlas of the United States: With Original Maps. Atlas Counter Reference G 1201 .S1 H4 2007
Images of the World: The Atlas Through History. Reference GA 300 .I42 1997
Landmarks of Mapmaking. Reference GA 201 .B74 1976
List of Nineteenth Century Maps of the State of Alabama. Reference Z 6027 .A25 M37 [1973]
Mapping of the World: Early Printed World Maps. Atlas Counter Reference G 3200 .S54 1983
Mapping the World: An Illustrated History of Cartography. Bookstacks G 1021 .E2985 2006
Southeast in Early Maps. Reference GA 405 .C8 1998
Vinland Map and the Tartar Relation. Book Shelves GA 308 .Z65 S55 [1965]


Atlas of Exploration. Reference G 1036 .S12 R6 1997
The Atlas of Global Change. Reference GE 149 .G4813 1998
Atlas of the North American Indian. Reference E 77 .W195 2000
Atlas of the World’s Religions. Atlas Counter Reference G 1046 .E4 A7 1999
Maps on File. Reference G 1046 .A1 M16 2003
NASA Atlas of the Solar System. Atlas Counter Reference G 1000 .G7 1997
Outline Maps on File. Reference G 1046 .A1 F3 1997


Analytic Mapping and Geographic Databases. Bookstacks G 70.2 .G37 1992
Cartography : Visualization of Spatial Data. Bookstacks GA 105.3 .O76513 1996
Coordinate Systems and Map Projections. Bookstacks GA 110 .M32 1992
Geologic Maps : a Practical Guide to the Preparation and Interpretation of Geologic Maps:
for Geologists, Geographers, Engineers, and Planners. Bookstacks QE 36 .S64 2000
GIS Book: Understanding the Value and Implementation of Geographic Information Systems.
Bookstacks G 70.212 .K67 1997
How Maps Work : Representation, Visualization, and Design. Bookstacks GA 105.3 .M32 1995
Making Maps: A Visual Guide to Map Design for GIS. Bookstacks GA 105.3 .K79 2005
Map Use : Reading, Analysis, and Interpretation. Bookstacks GA 105.3 .M83 1992
Mismapping of America. Bookstacks GA 405 .S32 2003


American Places Dictionary. Reference E 154 .A48 1994
Cambridge Gazetteer of the United States and Canada: A Dictionary of Places.
Reference E 154 .C36 1995
Columbia Gazetteer of the World. Atlas Counter Reference G 103.5 .C65 1998
Encyclopedia of Historic Places. Reference D 9 .C29 1984
Geo-Data: The World Geographical Encyclopedia. Ready Reference G 103.5 .G36 2003
Oxford Dictionary of the World. Reference G 103.5 .O94 1995
Merriam-Webster’s Geographical Dictionary. Ready Reference G 103 .W42 1997


American National Biography. Reference CT 213 .A68 1999
Biographical Index to American Science: The Seventeenth Century to 1920.
Reference Q 141 .E373 1990
Biography & Genealogy Master Index. On SOUTHcat Plus click Electronic Reference Sources
Dictionary of Scientific Biography. Reference Q 141 .D5 1990
Mapmakers. Bookstacks GA 105.3 .W49 2000
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Reference DA 28 .O95 2004


Alabama Maps. [http://alabamamaps.ua.edu/]
Earth Sciences Internet Sources. [http://www.southalabama.edu/univlib/picks/geolgeog.htm]
Internet Resources in Maps and Cartography
Mapquest. [http://www.mapquest.com]
Odden's Bookmarks: The Fascinating World of Maps and Mapping.


Academic Search Premier. Click Articles, Indexes, and Databases on SOUTHcat Plus webpage then choose EBSCO.
Academic OneFile. Click Articles, Indexes, and Databases on SOUTHcat Plus webpage then choose InfoTrac.
GeoRef Click Articles, Indexes, and Databases on SOUTHcat Plus webpage then choose SilverPlatter.
JSTOR. Click Articles, Indexes, and Databases on SOUTHcat Plus.
ScienceDirect. Click Articles, Indexes, and Databases on SOUTHcat Plus.

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