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January 2009
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The following is a guide to library resources that may prove useful. It is not an exhaustive list - see Marine Life Identification Guides to find resources on animal and plant species. See also Biology, Chemistry, and Geology guides. Please consult a reference librarian for help in locating additional materials, call 460-7025, or e-mail webref@southalabama.edu.


Academic Search Premier. On SOUTHcat Plus click “Articles, Indexes, Databases” then  EBSCO. Includes full-text for:
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
Journal of Coastal Research
Journal of Ecology
Journal of Physical Oceanography
Marine Fisheries Review
Ocean Development and International Law
Expanded Academic Index. On SOUTHcat Plus click “Articles, Indexes, Databases” then Gale/InfoTrac.
Includes full-text for:
Fishery Bulletin
Journal of Shellfish Research
Marine Fisheries Review
Biological Abstracts. On SOUTHcat Plus click “Articles, Indexes, Databases” then choose SilverPlatter.
ScienceDirect. On SOUTHcat Plus under "Articles, Indexes, Databases". Includes full-text for:
Annual Review of Fish Diseases
Deep Sea Research
Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans
Estuarine, Coastal, and Shelf Science
Fisheries Research
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology
Journal of Hydrology
Journal of Marine Systems
Marine Environmental Research
Marine Chemistry
Marine Models
Ocean and Coastal Management
Ocean Modelling
Progess in Oceanography
Water Research
SciFinder Scholar. On SOUTHcat Plus under Articles, Indexes, Databases. End-user online access to Chemical Abstracts. USA faculty and students only.
JSTOR. On SOUTHcat Plus under Articles, Indexes, Databases. Includes full-text for:
Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics (except most recent 5 years)
Ecology (except most recent 4 years)
Journal of Ecology (except most recent 3 years)
Limnology and Oceanography (except most recent 3 years)


Concise Marine Almanac.  Reference GC 24 .M36 1986
Encyclopedia of the Sea. Reference GC 9 .E38 2000
Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences. Reference GC 9 .E57
Facts on File Dictionary of Marine Science.  Reference GC9 .F28 2008
Facts on File Marine Science Handbook. Bookstacks GC 24 .M43 2003
Ocean and Coastal Conservation Guide.  Bookstacks GC 1020 .O24 [2005/06]
Oceans: An Illustrated Reference. Bookstacks GC 11.2 .S76 2004
Oceanography: An Illustrated Guide. Bookstacks GC 11.2 .O22 1996
Practical Handbook of Estuarine and Marine Pollution.  Bookstacks GC 1085 .K46 1997
Practical Handbook of Marine Science.  Bookstacks GC 11.2 .P73 2001
Water Encyclopedia.  Reference TD 351 .V36 1990


Dictionary of Marine Technology.  Reference VM 600 .T38 1989
Encyclopedia of Coastal Science. Reference TC 203.7 .E53 2005
Marine Technology Reference Book. Reference TC 1645 .M27 1990
Ocean Engineering Handbook. Bookstacks VM 605 .O24 2001


Atlas of Maritime Florida.  Reference G 1316 .P5 A8 1997
Climate Atlas of the Atlantic Ocean. Bookstacks G 2806 .C8 L5 2001
CRC Handbook of Coastal Processes and Erosion.  Bookstacks GB 451.2 .C73 1983
CRC Handbook of Geophysical Exploration at Sea.  Bookstacks GC 87 .C73 1983
Encyclopedia of Beaches and Coastal Environments.  Reference GB 450.4 .E53 1982
Oceans and Islands. Reference GB 471 .O22 1991
Times Atlas and Encyclopedia of  the Sea.  Atlas/Reference G 2800 .T5 1989
World Ocean Atlas 2001. Government Documents CD-ROM. C 55.297: W 89/2001/CD or


Careers for Nature Lovers & Other Outdoor Types. Reference Career Counter S 945 .M55 2008
Great Jobs for Environmental Studies Majors. Reference Career Counter GE 60 .D44 2008
Marine Science Careers: A Sea Grant Guide to Ocean Opportunities.
Career Resources/Reference GC 30.5 .M37 1996
Peterson's Graduate Programs in the Biological Sciences.  Directories/Reference L 901 .P444 [annual]


NOAA Coastal Services Center. http://www.csc.noaa.gov/
OceanPortal. http://oceanportal.org/
Sea Grant Marine Careers. http://www.marinecareers.net
WINDandSEA. http://www.lib.noaa.gov/docs/windandsea.html
Marine Sciences Internet Sources. http://www.southalabama.edu/univlib/picks/marinesc.htm


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marine resources  sponge? or porifera
oceanography echinoderm?
marine biology  "coral reef?" and conservation
marine ecology crustace?


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