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September 2008
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This is a highly selective guide for the study of music. If you need assistance, ask at the Reference Desk (460-7025) or email to webref@southalabama.edu

SOUTHcat Catalog search examples:

subject keyword
piano music "chamber music"
violin composer? and biograph?
violin music opera and dictionaries
musicals song?
song score? and beethoven
symphonies "saint saens" and "sorcerer's apprentice"
vocal music "folk music"
jazz "choral music"

Capitalization is not necessary; punctuation is not used.  Subject searching is based on the Library of Congress Subject Headings.  Keyword searching looks in all fields of a record for  books or other formats.  Omit hyphens. Persons can be subjects. Type the last name of a composer first. Example: bach j or bernstein l.
Caution: some composer's names have alternative spellings.



Music Reference and Research Materials: An Annotated Bibliography. (Duckles) Ref. ML 113 .D83 1998
Library Acquisition of Music. IMC ML 111 .F48 2004
Music Research: A Handbook. Ref. ML 113 .S28 2009


Music Index: The Key to Current Music Periodical Literature.
Ref. ML 118 .M84 Library has through 1998.
Expanded Academic ASAP(InfoTrac).
On homepage, select “Articles, Indexes, Databases” Choose InfoTrac.
JSTOR Browse music journals. Latest 5 yrs. usually not available.


Song Index of the Enoch Pratt Free Library. Ref. ML 128 .S3 L665 1998
Century of American Popular Music.
Ref. ML 128 .P63 J37 2002
French Song Companion.
Bookstacks ML 54.6 .J76 F74 2002
Green Book of Songs by Subject.
Ref. ML 156.4 .P6 G73 2002
Song Finder: A Title Index to 12,000 Popular Songs in Collections, 1854-1992
Ref. ML 128 .S3 F47 1995. Compiled from collections held by the State Library of Louisiana.
Popular Song Index.
Ref. ML 128 .S3 H4 Songs published between 1940-1972; indexed by title, first line, first lines of choruses
Word By Word Translations of Songs and Arias. 1966-72.
Ref. ML 54.6 .W65


Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology. 1984. Supplements. Ref. ML 128 .M8 D6
                Latest is 1992/93
American Music Librarianship: A Research and Information Guide.  Ref. ML 111 .B773 2005
Musical:  A Research and Information Guide.  Bookstacks  ML 128 .M78 E84 2004
Musician’s Business and Legal Guide.  Ref. ML 3790 .M84 2001
Folk Music in America: A Reference Guide. Ref. ML 128 .F7 M5 1986
Research Guide to Musicology. Ref. ML 3797 .P78 1985
Sourcebook  for Research in Music.  2nd ed. Rev.  Bookstacks  ML 113 .C68 2005


Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock and Roll. Ref. ML 102 .R6 R64 2001
La Scala Encyclopedia of the Opera. Ref. ML 102 .O6 L14 1993
Billboard Encyclopedia of Classical Music.  Ref. ML 100 .B37 2004
Literature of Chamber Music.  4 vols.  Ref. ML 1100 .C68 1997
Baker’s Dictionary of Opera.  Ref. ML 102 .O6 B26 2000
Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart. 1949-1979. 16 vols.  Bookstacks  ML 100 .M92
New Grove Dictionary of American Music. 4 vols. Ref. ML 101 .U6 N48 1986
New Grove Dictionary of Jazz. 2 vols. Ref. ML 102 .J3 N48 1988
New Grove Dictionary of Music.  29 vols. Ref. ML 100 .N48 2002
New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments. 3 vols. Ref. ML 102 .I5 N48 1984
New Harvard Dictionary of Music. Ref. ML 100 .N485 1986
New Oxford Companion to Music. 2 vols. Ref. ML 100 .N5 1983
Heritage Encyclopedia of Band Music. 2 vols. Ref. ML 102 .B35 R4 1991


Most of the encyclopedias listed above also have biographical articles.  Example of searching for full-length
                Biographies in the Catalog:  bernstein L
Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians. Ref. ML 105 .B16
Baker’s Biographical Dictionary of Popular Musicians Since 1990.  Ref. ML 102 .P66 B35 2004
Biographical Dictionary of Afro American and African Musicians. Ref. ML 105 .S67 1982
Biography and Genealogy Master Index.
Go to “Electronic Reference Sources” on Library home page. Scroll down to this source in the left column and click.
Contemporary Composers. Ref. ML 105 .C75 1992
Great Composers, 1300-1900: A Biographical and Critical Guide. Ref. ML 105 .E944
International Dictionary of Black Composers.  Ref. ML 105 .I5 1999
Latin American Classical Composers.  Ref. ML 105 .F53 2002Songwriters: A Biographical Dictionary with Discographies.  Ref. ML 102 .P66 H47 1998


History of Keyboard Literature. Bookstacks  ML 700 .G65 1996
Music and the Politics of Culture. Bookstacks  ML 3800 .M88 1989
Music Since 1900. Ref. ML 197 .S634 1994. "Slonimsky"
New Oxford History of Music. Ref. ML 160 .N44
Show Tunes: the Songs, Shows, and Careers of Broadway’s Major Composers.  Bookstacks ML 128 .M78 S86 2000



Gramophone Classical Good CD Guide. 2000. 
Bookstacks  ML 156.9 .G72
NPR Guide to Building a Classical CD Collection.
Ref.  ML 156.9 .L5 1999
Penguin Guide to Compact Discs.  Ref. ML 156.9 .M33 1999
CD Now.  http://www.cdnow.com

                There are many other commercial sites.


Dictionary of Music Business Terms.  Ref. ML 3790 .W45
100 Careers in the Music Business. Ref./Career Counter ML 3795 .C74 2008
Building Your Music Career.  IMC ML 3795 .B84 (DVD 001191)
Creative Careers in Music.   Bookstacks  ML 3795 .D396 2000
Songwriters Market.  Ref. MT 67 .S657  Latest in Library is 2001 ed.


Blues: A Bibliographical Guide. Ref. ML 128 .B49 H3 1989
History of the Blues. Bookstacks ML 3521 .D36 1995
Ganzl's Book of the Musical Theatre. Ref. MT 95 .G2 1989
Last Night's Fun: A Book About Irish Traditional Music.
Bookstacks ML 3654 .C38 1996
Popular Song Index. 1975. Supplements, 1978. 1984. 1989.
Ref. ML 128 .S3 H4
Cash Box Country Singles Charts, 1958-1982.
Ref. ML 156.4 .C7 A4 1984
Country: The Music and the Musicians. Ref. ML 3524 .C66 1994
Singing Cowboys. 1978. Bookstacks PN 1995.9 .W4 R67
Rock and Roll Record Breakers. Bookstacks  ML 156.4 .R6 M33 1992
Rock Movers and Shakers. Ref. ML 385 .R736 1991
Show Tunes, 1905-1985. Ref. ML 390 .S983 1986
Rap Music in the 1980's: A Reference Guide.
Ref. ML 128 .R28 M3 1992
Catalogue of Choral Music. Ref. ML 128 .CC54 L4 1996
Choral Singer's Companion. Bookstacks MT 875 .C68 1987
Art Song: A Reference and Information Guide.
Bookstacks ML 128 .S3 S33 1987
Guide to Chamber Music. Bookstacks ML 1100 .B45 1985
Jubilate! Church Music in the Evangelical Tradition. 1981.
Bookstacks ML 3100 .H87
When We Were Good: The Folk Revival.
Bookstacks ML 3551 .C36 1996


Worldwide Internet Music Resources
Online Resources for Music Scholars.
All Music Guide
From Library home page on SOUTHcat Plus: Topic Guides> Music.



Music materials housed in the University of South Alabama Library are classified according to the Library of Congress Classification System. Music (scores, etc.) are classed in M.
Books about music are classed in ML and MT. Recordings (DVD or CD), videocassettes (or DVD) are classed similarly. “Print” materials are sometimes on CD (example: sheet music on CD ROM)
Books will have various locations: bookstacks, reference, reserve, etc. Other media such as sound recordings will typically be held by the Instructional Media Center (IMC).
SOUTHcat catalog searches:-
Don’t use punctuation in SOUTHcat searching other than in call number searches.
Capitalization is unnecessary. For keyword searching place quotation marks around phrases. For example:
“Chicago symphony” “chamber music”

The authority for subject searching is the Library of Congress Subject Headings, which lists the standard subject or topic headings. An alternative is keyword searching. A single word or phrase may be used, or a combination of words with a Boolean operator (and, or. & not).

Subjects may be persons, things, or concepts. Subject searches are used when one does not have a specific work in mind. Example: piano. Choose the appropriate subheading from the list that follows.

music history and criticism (subject; this is the standard subject heading)
chopin frederic (subject)
chopin (keyword)
chopin and scores (keyword)
symphonies and beethoven (keyword)
beethoven and scores (keyword)

Set Limits. You may set limits for keyword searches. You can limit by language (e.g., german) or by location (instructional media). Using medium limiter (sound recordings, etc.) or item type is "iffy." Set limits first and then return to search screen. Experiment with keyword searching without any limits if you don’t get a satisfactory result: Example: bach and recording? The ? is the truncation sign.

Searching for composer: use author search.
faure Gabriel
Searching for performer use author search. Example: gould glenn
Searching for performer: use keyword search. Examples: “leontyne price” “chicago symphony”
(or conductor) “leonard slatkin”
Choose the desired title from the list of titles which follows.

Title searching
You will not usually be able to find individual pieces or songs with a title search.
Sometimes a keyword search will uncover a piece in a collection of works.
Example: hallelujah chorus as title or keyword search gets 0 results
You should be able to find titles of operas, symphonies, concertos and longer works. Leave off articles such as the, a, die, les at the beginning of titles. traviata not la traviata.

Examples: messiah (title search yields score and recording)
eroica (keyword or title)
symphony no 3 (title)


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