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Selected Resources


May 2008
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This is a list of selected resources only and there are many others available in the Library.
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American Indians. Ref. E 76.2 .A45 1995
Archaeology of Prehistoric Native America: an Encyclopedia. Ref. E 77.9 .A72 1998
Biographical Dictionary of American Indian History to 1990. Ref. E 89 .W35 2001
Dictionary of the American Indian. Ref. E 77 .S84
Encyclopedia of Native American Biography: Six Hundred Life Stories of Important People From Powhatan to
Wilma Mankiller. Ref. E 89 .J69 1997
Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes. Ref. E 76.2 .W35 1988
Encyclopedia of North American Indians. Ref. E 76.2 .E53 1996
Historical Dictionary of North American Archaeology. Ref. E 77.9 .H57 1988
Native America in the Twentieth Century: an Encyclopedia. Ref. E 76.2 .N36 1994
Native Americans: an Encyclopedia of History, Culture, and Peoples. Ref. E 77 .P89 1998
Reference Encyclopedia of the American Indian (7th ed.) Ref. E 76.2 .R4 1995



American Indian and Alaska Native Newspapers and Periodicals, 1826-1955. 2 Vols. Ref. PN 4883 .L57 1984
Chronology of Native North American History: From Pre-Columbian Times To The Present.
Ref. E 77 .C555 1994
Dictionary Catalog of the Edward E. Ayer Collection of Americans and American Indians. 16 Vols.
Ref. Z 1201 N48 1961 and Ref. Z 1201 N48 Suppl. 1970
Ethnographic Bibliography of North America. (4th ed.) 5 Vols. Ref. Z 1209.2 .N67 M87 1975.
Handbook of North American Indians
Docs. Ref. SI 1.20/2:Vols 4-15, 17 and Bookstacks E 77 .H25 Vols. 4-15, 17.
Indian Tribes of North America. Ref. E 77 .S94 1978
Indians of North America. Ref. E 58 .D68 and Bookstacks E 58 .D68 1969
Indians of North and South America: A Bibliography Based on the Collection at the William E. Yager Library -
Ref. Z 1209 .W82 1977 and Ref. Z 1209 .W82 Suppl. 1988
Narratives of Captivity Among The Indians Of North America. Ref. Z 1209 .N53 1974
Native American Almanac: A Portrait of Native America Today. Ref. E 77 .H59 1993
Native American Periodicals and Newspapers 1829-1982. Ref. Z 1209.2 .U5 D36 1984
Native Americans of North America: A Bibliography Based on Collections in the Libraries of California State
Ref. Z 1209.2 .N67 C34 1975
North American Indian Landmarks: A Traveler's Guide Ref. E 77 .C26 1993
Portrait Index of North American Indians in Published Collections. 2nd ed. Docs. LC 1.2:P83/3/996
Tiller's Guide to Indian Country: Economic Profiles of American Indian Reservations. Ref. E 93 .T55 2005





American Indian Archival Material: A Guide to Holdings in the Southeast. Bookstacks Z 1209.2 .U52 S663 1982
Directory of Archives and Manuscripts Repositories in the United States.(2nd ed.) Ref. CD 3020 .U54 1988
Guide to Manuscripts Relating to the American Indian in the Library of the American Philosophical Society .
Bookstacks Z 1209 .F7
Guide to Records in the National Archives of the United States Relating to American Indians.
Docs. GS 4.6/2:AM3
National Union Catalog of Manuscripts Collections. Ref. Z 6620 .U5 N3



America's Ancient Treasures: A Guide to Archaeological Studies and Museums. Ref. E 56 .F64 1971
Atlas of American History . Ref. G 1201 .S1 J3 1978
Atlas of American Indian Affairs . Ref.  Atlas Counter G 1201 .E1 P7 1990
Atlas of Ancient America. Ref. E 61 .C66 1986
Atlas of the North American Indian. Ref. E 77 .W195 2000
Historical Atlas of the American West. Atlas Counter Ref. G 1381 .S1 B4 1989
National Atlas of the United States. Federal and Indian Lands.  Docs. Map Cabinets. I 19.111/A:  998/L 23
National Atlas of the United States of America. Ref. Atlas Counter G 1200 .U57 1970 and Docs Ref. I 19.2:N21 A
We the People: An Atlas of America's Ethnic Diversity. Ref. Atlas Counter E 184 .A1 A479 1988



American Indian Nations Count! United States Census 2000. Docs. C 3.2: IN 2/15
American Indians and Crime. Docs. J 29.2: AM 3
Historical and Statistical Information Respecting the History, Condition and Prospects of the Indian Tribes of the
United States. Ref. E 77 .S383
Historical Statistics of the United States:  Earliest Times to Present.  Ref. HA 202 .H57 2006
Nations Within a Nation: Historical Statistics of American Indians. Ref. E 77 .S924 1987
Native American Historical Demography: A Critical Bibliography. Ref. Z 1209 .D58 1976
Statistical Abstract of the United States. SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases: 
               Databases by Subject:  Statistics.
Statistical Record of Native North Americans . Ref. E 98 .P76 S73 1993



Article First. SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases:  FirstSearch.
Academic Search Premier . SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases: EBSCO
America: History and Life.
Ref. Z 1236 .A48.
AnthroSource. SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases
CIS Index to US Senate Executive Documents & Reports: Covering Document and Reports Not Printed in the US
Serial Set, 1817-1969.  Ref KF 40 .C57 1987
CIS U.S. Serial Set Index.  Ref Z 1223 .Z9 C65 1975
Comprehensive Index to the Publications of the United States Government, 1881-1893.   Ref Z 1223 .A5 1970
Descriptive Catalogue of the Government Publications of the United States, September 5, 1774-March 4, 1881.
 Ref. Z 1223 .A 1885
Dissertation Abstracts/Digital Dissertations. SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases
Expanded Academic.  SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases: Gale/InfoTrac
GPO Access. SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases
HeinOline. SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases
Historical Abstracts.  Ref. D 299 .H5.
History Cooperative Journals.  SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases
History Reference Center.  SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases
Index to Bulletins 1-100 of the Bureau of American Ethnology. Docs. SI 2.3: 1-100/ind.
JSTOR. SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases
Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government Publications.
Docs. Ref. GP 3.8: and Available as MARCIVE on SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases
Periodicals Archive Online. SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases
Project Muse. SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases
Public Affairs Information Service (P.A. I. S.).  Ref. Z 7163 .P9
Reader's Guide Retrospective:  1890-1982 . SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases:   Readers’ Guide
SocINDEX with Full Text.   SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases: EBSCO.
Writings on American History.  Ref. Z 1236 .L331



Arts in America: A Bibliography. (Vol 1, Section A: "Art of the Native American" ) Ref. Z 5961 .U5 A77
Dictionary of Art . 36 Vols. (In Index - Vol 34 See Entries Under "Native North Americans")
Ref. N 31 .D5 1996
Encyclopedia of World Art. 17 Vols. (In Index 15- American Indians, see the entries for American Cultures, North
American Cultures, Names of Tribes and Areas ) Ref. N 31 .E 4833 
Native America: Arts, Traditions, and Celebrations . Bookstacks E98 .S7 M25 1990
Native American Art and Folklore: A Cultural Celebration. BookstacksE 98 .A7 N374


500 Nations: An Illustrated History of North American Indians. Bookstacks E 77 .J787 1994
American Indian Lacrosse: Little Brother of War. BookstacksE 98 .G2 V46 1994
Celluloid Indians: Native Americans and Film. Bookstacks PN 1995.9 .I48 K56 1999
Cultural Representation in Native America. Bookstacks E 99 .E85 C85 2006
Daily Life of Native Americans in the Twentieth Century. Bookstacks E 98 .S7 F59 2006
Dancing at Halftime: Sports and the Controversy over American Indian Mascots. Bookstacks GV 714.5 .S65 2000
Encyclopedia of American Indian Costume. Ref. E 98 .C8 P37 1994
Encyclopedia of Native American Jewelry: A Guide to History, People, and Terms. Bookstacks E 98 .J48 B38 2000
Encyclopedia of Native American Religions. Ref. E 98 .R3 H73 1992
Encyclopedia of Native American Shamanism: Sacred Ceremonies of North America.
Bookstacks E 98 .M4 L98 1998
Handbook of American Indian Games. BookstacksE 98 .G2 M25 1985
Heartbeat of the People:  Music and Dance of the Northern Pow-wow.  Bookstacks E 98 .P86 B76 2002
Indian Dances of North America: Their Importance to Indian Life. Ref. E 98 .D2 L28
Native American Courtship and Marriage Traditions. Bookstacks E 98 .M27 G68 2000
North  American Indian Jewelry and Adornment: From Prehistory to the Present. Bookstacks E 98 .J48 D83 1999
North American Indian Portfolio. Reserve NE 2312 .C3 M3 1970
Native American Spirituality:  a Critical Reader. Bookstacks E 98 .R3 N382 2000
Photographs of Indians in the United States. Docs. GS 4.17/7:/In 2
Southeastern Indians Life Portraits; A Catalogue of Pictures, 1564-1860. Bookstacks E 78 .S65 F8 1996
Storytelling Encyclopedia: Historical, Cultural, and Multiethnic Approaches to Oral Traditions Around the World.
Ref. GR 72 .S76 1997
Storytelling Stone: Traditional Native American Myths and Tales. BookstacksE 98 .F6 S76 1991
Teaching Spirits: Understanding Native American Religious Traditions. Bookstacks E 98 .R3 B753 2001



American Medical Ethnobotany: A Reference Dictionary. Ref. E 98 .M4 M67
Medicinal Plants of Native America . Ref. E 98 .B7 M64 1986
Medicine Ways: Disease, Health, and Survival Among Native Americans. Bookstacks E 98 .M4 M43 2000
Native American Ethnobotany . Bookstacks E 98 .B7 M66 1998
Native Harvests: Recipes and Botanicals of the American Indian. Bookstacks E 98 .F7 K38 1979b



1993-1998, Federal Indian Policies. Docs.I 20.2:IN 2/34
ABC-CLIO Companion to the Native American Rights Movement. Bookstacks KF 8203.36 .G76 1996
American Indian Law Deskbook . Ref. KF 8205 .A76 1993
American Indian Politics and the American Political System. Bookstacks E 98 .T77 W545 2007
American Indian Policy in the Jacksonian Era. Bookstacks E 93 .S27 2002
American State Papers - Class 2: v. 1-2 (Indian Affairs).  Ref. KF 11 .A48 1998
BIA Profile: The Bureau of Indian Affairs and American Indians. Docs. I 20.2: P94
Bibliographical Guide to the History of Indian-White Relations in the United States.
Ref. Z 1209.2 .U5 P67(1977)
Bibliography of the Constitution and Laws of the American Indians. Ref. Z 1209 .H28
Cases and Materials on Federal Indian Law. Ref. KF 8204.5 .G47 1993
Code of Federal Regulations, 25, Indians. . Law Collection. AE 2.106/3:251
Constitutions and Laws of the American Indians. Ref Z 1209 .H28
Contemporary Native American Political Issues. Bookstacks E 98 .P76 C66 1999
Documents of United States Indian Policy. Ref. KF 8205 .D63 2000
Encyclopedia of American Indian Civil Rights. Ref. KF 8210 .C5 E53 1997
Encyclopedia of Minorities in American Politics. Ref. E 184 .A1 E574 2000
Federal Indian Policies, From the Colonial Period Through the Early 1970's . Docs.I 20.2:F 31/2/974
Federal Register. Docs. and Law Collection  AE 2.106:
Historical Backgrounds for Modern Indian Law & Order. Docs.I 20.2: L 41/2
History of Indian Policy. Docs. I 20.2: H 62
Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties. Docs. I 1.107:
Indian Frontier, 1763-1846. Bookstacks E 93 .H95 2002
Indian Treaties, 1778-1883. Ref. KF 8203 1972b
Indian-White Relations. Ref. and Bookstacks E 93 .N24 1972
Indian-White Relations in the United States: A Bibliography of Works Published 1975-1980 .
Ref. Z 1209.2 .U5 P67 Suppl.
Kappler Revisited:  an index and bibliographic guide to American Indian treaties. Ref. KF 8201 .A1 B47 2003
Modern Tribal Development: Paths to Self-Sufficiency and Cultural Integrity in Indian Country.
Bookstacks E 98 .T77 S55 2000
Native America Today: A Guide to Community Politics and Culture. Bookstacks E 98 .T77 P75 1999
Native American Issues: A Reference Handbook. Ref. E 98 .T77 T56 1996
Native American Sovereignty on Trial:  a Handbook with Cases, Laws, and Documents.
               Bookstacks  KF 8205 .Z9 W55 2003
Rifle, Blanket and Kettle: Selected Indian Treaties and Laws . Ref. KF 8202 1985
Rights of Indians and Tribes: the Authoritative ACLU Guide to Indian and Tribal Rights.
Bookstacks KF 8210 .C5 P48 2002
States and Their Indian Citizens. Docs. I 20.2:St 2/3
United States Code.
LAW AREA Y 1.2/5: and Docs. CD-ROM-AREA Y 1.2/5-2: also on LEXIS NEXIS.
United States Statutes at Large. Law Collection.  AE 2.111:
Working Effectively with Tribal Governments. Docs. EP 5.2: T 73/6/MOD.1-3



American Indian Literature: An Anthology. Bookstacks PM 197 .E1 A4 1991
American Indian Literature: An Introduction, Bibliographic Review, and Selected Bibliography.
Bookstacks PM 155 .R86 1990
Bibliography of North American Folklore & Folksong. (Vol. 2 – The American Indians) Bookstacks Z Z 5984 .U5 H32 1961
Book of the Fourth World: Reading the Native Americans Through Their Literature. Bookstacks PM 155 .B76 1992
Cambridge Companion to Native American Lliterature.  Bookstacks PS 153 .I53 C36 2005
Coming to Light: Contemporary Translations of the Native Literatures of North America. Bookstacks PM 197 .E1 C66 1994
Contemporary American Indian Writing: Unsettling Literature. Bookstacks PS 153 .I52 H67 1999
Dictionary of Native American Literature  Ref. PM 155 .D53 1994
Dictionary of Native American Mythology.  Ref. E 98 .R3 G46 1992
Indian Reading Series: Stories and Legends of the Northwest. Docs. ED 1.319:
In the Valley of the Ancients: A Book of Native American Legends. Docs. I 29.2:L52
Native American Folklore 1879-1979: An Annotated Bibliography. Ref. Z 1209 .C57 1984
Native American Literature: An Anthology. Bookstacks PS 508 .I5 N368 1998
Nature of Native American Poetry. Bookstacks PS 153 .I52 W55 2001
Reimagining Indians: Native Americans through Anglo eyes, 1880-1940. Bookstacks PS 173 .I6 S55 2000
Shaking the Pumpkin: Traditional Poetry of the Indian North Americas . Bookstacks PM 197 .E3 S5 1991
Traditional Literatures of the American Indian: Texts and Interpretations. BookstacksPM 155 .T7


Answering Chief Seattle. Bookstacks E 99 .S85 S433 1997
Forked Tongues: Speech, Writing, and Representation in North American Indian Texts. Bookstacks  PM 218 .M8 Great Documents in American Indian History. Bookstacks E 77.2 .M66 1991
I Have Spoken; American History Through the Voices of the Indians. Bookstacks E 98 .O7 A7 1971
Indian Oratory; Famous Speeches by Noted Indian Chieftains. Bookstacks E 98 .O7 V33
Touch the Earth: a Self-Portrait of Indian Existence. Bookstacks E 98 .C9 M24 1971b
Voices of Multicultural America: Notable Speeches Delivered by African, Asian, Hispanic, and Native Americans,
             1790-1995. Bookstacks PS 663 .M55 V64 1996



Encyclopedia of American Indian Wars, 1492-1890. Ref. E 81 .K44 1997
Encyclopedia of Native American Wars and Warfare. Ref. E 81 .E98 2005b
Facts about the American Wars. Ref. E 181 .F28 1998
Native American Weapons. Bookstacks E 98 .A65 T39 2001
Poison Arrows:  North America Indian Hunting and Warfare. Bookstacks E 98 .A65 J65 2007
Warfare, Culture and Environment. Bookstacks GN 497 .W3 1984



American Indian Women: A Guide to Research. BookstacksZ 1209.2 .N67 B36 1991
American Indian Women Telling Their Lives. Bookstacks E 98 .W8 B37 1984
Daughters of the Earth: The Lives and Legends of American Indian Women. Bookstacks E 98 .W8 .N53
Native American Women: a Biographical Dictionary. Ref. E 98 .W8 B38 2001
Sifters:  Native American Women’s Lives. Bookstacks E 89 .S454 2001
Women and Power in Native North America. Bookstacks E 98 .W8 W657 1995
Women in American History: A Bibliography (1975 - 1985). Ref. Z 7962 .H37 1979
Women of Color and Southern Women:...Ref. Z 7964 .U49 W637 1988
Women of the Native Struggle: Portraits and Testimony of Native American Women.
Bookstacks E 98 .W8 W66 1993


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