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The following is a basic list of library materials. Please consult a reference librarian for assistance in using these materials or in locating additional information. You may contact us at webref@jaguar1.usouthal.edu or at the telephone number listed above.


Print volumes of journals are shelved by call number on the Third Floor South of the University Library. Current journals and microform titles are shelved alphabetically by title on the Second Floor South. Use the indexes below to identify articles on specific topics as well as to locate full text electronic articles.

ABC Pol Sci: Advance Bibliography of Contents. Reference Z 7161 .A214 (1969-1998)
Academic Search Premier. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases: EBSCO
Business Source Premier. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases: EBSCO
Congressional Digest. Reference JK 1 .C65 (1964 to date )
LexisNexis Congressional. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases
CQ Researcher. Ref. H 35 .E35 (1991 to date ) and SOUTHcat Plus: E-Reference (1991 to date)
C.R.I.S.: The Combined Retrospective index Set to Journals in Political Science 1886-1974.
Reference Z 7161 .C18
Expanded Academic ASAP. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases: Gale/InfoTrac
Ethnic Newswatch. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases
General Business File ASAP. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases: Gale/InfoTrac
GPO Access. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases
Hein Online: SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases
International Political Science Abstracts. Reference JA 36 .I5 (1964-92)
JSTOR. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases
LegalTrac. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases: Gale/InfoTrac
LexisNexis Academic. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases
Marcive. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases
Military and Government Collection. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases: EBSCO
Mobile Register (Newsbank). SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases (1992 to date)
New York Times Index. Reference AI 21 .N45 (1851 to date )
Newspaper Source. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases: EBSCO
PAIS. Ref. Z 7163 .P9
Periodicals Archive Online. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases
ScienceDirect. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases
Social Sciences Index. Reference AI 3 .S62 (1974-1999)
SocINDEX with Full Text: SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases
LexisNexis Statistical. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases
Wall Street Journal Index. Business Reference HG 1 .W26 (1958 to date )
Wiley InterScience. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases


American Political Dictionary. Reference JK 9 .P55 1997
Cold War Encyclopedia. Reference D 840 .P28 1995
CQ's Pocket Guide to the Language of Congress. Reference JK 9 .C67 1994
Dictionary of American Diplomatic History. Reference E 183.7 .F5 1989
Dictionary of World Politics. Reference JA 61 .E85 1991
Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy. Reference E 183.7 .E52 2002
Encyclopedia of American Political History. Reference E 183 .E5 1984
Encyclopedia of American Political Reform. Reference E 839.5 .C57 1996
Encyclopedia of American Public Policy. Reference JK 468 .P64 J33 1999
Encyclopedia of Civil Rights in America. Reference E 185.61 .E544 1998
Encyclopedia of Democracy. Reference JC 423 .E53 1995
Encyclopedia of Minorities in American Politics. Reference E 184 .A1 E574 2000
Encyclopedia of Political Thought. Reference JA 61 .E52 2001
Encyclopedia of Political Revolutions. Reference JC 491 .E63 1998
Encyclopedia of the American Constitution. Reference KF 4548 .E53 1986 and Suppl. 1
Encyclopedia of the American Legislative System. Reference JF 501 .E53 1994
Encyclopedia of the American Presidency. Reference JK 511 .E53 1994
Encyclopedia of the Republican Party/ Encyclopedia of the Democratic Party. Reference JK 2352 .K87 1997
Encyclopedia of Terrorism and Political Violence. Reference HV 6431 .T56 1987
Encyclopedia of Women in American Politics. Reference HQ 1236.5 .U6 E53 1999
International Relations: A Political Dictionary. Reference JX 1226 .P55 1995
Political Quotation. Reference PN 6084 .P6 P58 1990
Public Administration Dictionary. Reference JA 61 .C47
State and Local Government Political Dictionary. Reference JK 2408 .E44 1988
Urban Politics Dictionary. Reference JS 48 .S65 1990
World Encyclopedia of Political Systems and Parties. Reference JF 2011 .W67 1999
Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations. Reference G 63 .W67 2001


Alabama Government Manual. Reference JK 4531 .A4 (latest at Reference Desk)
Alabama Official and Statistical Register. Reference JK 4531 (1903-1979)
Alabama Political Almanac. Ready Reference JK 4530 .A442 1997
Alabama's State and Local Governments. Ready Reference JK 4516 .M33 1994
Almanac of American Politics. Reference JK 1012 .A44
America Votes. Reference JK 1967 .A8 (1956- present)
Book of the States. Ready Reference JK 2403 .B6
Campaign Guide for Political Party Committees. Documents Y 3. EL2/3: 13P75/
Campaign Guide for Congressional Candidates and Their Committees. Documents Y 3.EL 2/3: 13 C 76
County and City Data Book. Documents Reference C 3.134/2: C83/2
Congressional Quarterly Almanac Plus. Reference JK 1 .C66
Congressional Quarterly's Desk Reference on American Government. Ready Reference JK 274 .W449 1995
CQ's Politics in America. Ready Reference JK 1012 .P64
CQ Guide to Current American Government. Reference JK 1 .C14 (1999-2005)
European Political Facts in the Twentieth Century. Reference JN 12 .C643 1992
Government Directory of Addresses and Telephone Numbers. Ready Reference JK 6 .G58
Municipal Year Book. Ref. JS 344 .C5 A24 [annual]
Political Handbook of the World. Reference JF 37 .P6
Political Science Research Methods. Reference JA 73 .J64 1991
Statistical Abstract of the United States. Reference HA 202 and http://www.census.gov/statab/www/
Statistical Abstract of the World. Ready Reference HA 155 .S7
United States Government Manual. Ready Reference JK 421 .A32 and Docs. Ref. AE2.108/Z:
Vital Statistics on Congress. Reference JK 1041 .V57
World Almanac of U.S. Politics. Reference JK 6 .W67
Your Guide to Researching Public Records. Documents Reference Y3.EL2/3:8R31/998
Major International Treaties Since 1945. Reference JK 171 .G745 1987
Treaties in Force: A List of Treaties and Other International Acts of the United States... Documents Law Collection S 9.14:



Subject: Keyword:
political science local and politic? and "united states"
public administration municipal and government and "united states"
local government local and government and south?
state government "local government" and evaluation
municipal government "united states" and politic? and history
elections discrimination and law and "united states"
political science research television and politics
county government women and politic? and "united states"
political ethics "united states" and "foreign relations"
bureaucracy "free trade" and "united states"
national security "area handbook series"
comparative government "contemporary world issues"
public welfare ethics and "public policy"
voting research urban and policy
public opinion

political and reform

political parties government and agenc?
international relations "public officers" and "professional ethics"
civil rights "public opinion" and evaluation
terrorism questionnaire? and design?
policy sciences research and methodology
social sciences--research qualitative and research and "social science?"
social sciences--research--methodology research and design and social
political science--handbooks, manuals, etc interview? and design?
research design  
social surveys  
political planning  


The Gallup Organization [ http://www.gallup.com/ ]
Government Information Sources (INFOMINE) [ http://infomine.ucr.edu/cgi-bin/search?govpub ]
GPO Access on the Web [ http://www.gpoaccess.gov/index.html ]
Internet Law Library [ http://www.lawguru.com/ilawlib/ ]
Internet Resources for Political Science, Public Administration
[ http://sciences.aum.edu/popa/links.htm ]
State and Local Governments [ http://www.loc.gov/rr/news/stategov/stategov.html]
Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet [ http://thomas.loc.gov/ ]
U.S. Federal Government Agencies [ http://www.lib.lsu.edu/gov/fedgov.html ]
U.S. House of Representatives [ http://www.house.gov/ ]
U.S. Senate [ http://www.senate.gov/ ]
White House [ http://whitehouse.gov/ ]
FedStats http://www.fedstats.gov/
International Data Base (IDB) http://www.census.gov/ipc/www/idbnew.html


Dates of full-text coverage may vary with each title and with different databases. One way to check availability is to use "Our Journal List" on SOUTHcat Plus
Administration and Society (Ingenta)
Administrative Science Quarterly (Business Source Premier, Expanded Academic, JSTOR)
Alabama Court Rules (LexisNexis Academic)
American Journal of Political Science (Academic Search Premier, JSTOR)
American Political Science Review (Expanded Academic, JSTOR)
American Politics Research (Ingenta)
Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy (Ingenta)
Behavioral Sciences and the Law (Wiley InterScience)
Campaigns and Elections (Expanded Academic, Academic Search Premier)
Communist and Post-Communist Studies (ScienceDirect)
Community Development Journal (Oxford Journals Online)
Comparative Political Studies (Periodicals Archive Online)
Comparative Politics (JSTOR)
Foreign Affairs (Periodicals Archive Online)
Futures (ScienceDirect)
Government Executive (Military & Government Collection)
Government Finance Review (Expanded Academic)
Government Information Quarterly (Military & Government Collection, ScienceDirect)
Human Rights (SocINDEX with Full Text)
International Journal of Politics and Ethics (Expanded Academic, JSTOR)
International Journal of Public Administration (Business Source Premier)
Journal of Conflict Resolution (JSTOR, EBSCO EJS)
Journal of Government Information (ScienceDirect)
Journal of Politics (Academic Search Premier, JSTOR)
Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory (Expanded Academic)
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (Wiley InterScience)
Journal of Public Economics (ScienceDirect)
Latin American Politics and Society (Academic Search Premier)
Legislative Studies Quarterly (JSTOR)
National Civic Review (Expanded Academic, Academic Search Premier, Wiley InterScience)
PA Times (Business Source Premier)
Political Research Quarterly (JSTOR)
Political Science Quarterly (Expanded Academic, Academic Search Premier, JSTOR)
Politics and Society (Expanded Academic, EBSCO EJS)
PS, Political Science and Politics (Expanded Academic, JSTOR)
Public Administration (Health Business FullTEXT, Business Source Premier)
Public Administration and Development (Wiley InterScience)
Public Administration Quarterly (Business Source Premier)
Public Administration Review (Business Source Premier, Expanded Academic, LegalTrac)
Public Budgeting and Finance (Health Business, Business Source, General Business File)
Public Management (Expanded Academic, Business Source Premier)
Public Opinion Quarterly (SocINDEX with Full Text)
Public Works (General Business File)
Review of Politics (Expanded Academic, Academic Search Premier)
Studies in Conflict and Terrorism (SocINDEX with Full Text)
Supreme Court Review (Expanded Academic, LexisNexis Academic)
Trial (Expanded Academic)
World Politics (Expanded Academic, JSTOR)

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