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This is a list of selected resources only and there are many others available in the Library. Please email the Reference Department at webref@jaguar1.usouthal.edu or call 460-7025 for help.


American Attitudes: What Americans Think About the Issues That Shape Their Lives.   Ref. HN 90 .P8 A527 2005
Attitude Psychology and the Study of  the Public Opinion.  Bookstacks HM 261 .C524 1976
Attitudes and Opinions.  Bookstacks HM 261 .O75 2005
American Profile: Opinions and Behavior, 1972-1989:  Ref. HM 261 .A85 1990
Classics of Polling.  Bookstacks HM 261 .C57 1990
Compendium of American Public Opinion.  Ref. HN 90 .P8 G56 1988
Constructing Public Opinion:  How Political Elites Do What They Like…Bookstacks HM 1236 .L48 2001
Constructing Public Opinion:  How Politicians and the Media Misrepresent the Public.
Video Recording –Instructional Media Center – HM 1236 .C66 2001
Dictionary of Polling:  the Language of Contemporary Opinion Research.  Ref. HM 261 .Y684 1991
Follow the Leader:  Opinion Polls and the Modern Presidents.  Bookstacks JK 518 .B72 1992
From Tea Leaves to Opinion Polls:  a Theory of Democratic  Leadership.  Bookstacks JC 330.3 .G44 1996
In Defense of Public Opinion Polling. Bookstacks HM 1236 .W37 2003
Navigating Public Opinion: Polls, Policy and the Future of America …. Bookstacks HN 90 .P8 N385 2002
Opinion Connection:  Polling, Politics, and the Press. BookstacksHM 261 .C285 1991
Opinion Polls:  History, Theory and Practice.  Bookstacks HM 261 .M666 1999
Polling and the Public:  What Every Citizen Should Know.   Bookstacks HM 261 .A74 1998
Polls and Politics:  The Dilemmas of Democracy.  Bookstacks JK 1726 .P653 2004
Polls & Surveys:  Understanding What They Tell Us.  Bookstacks  HM 261 .B69 1988
Public Information Campaigns & Opinion Research. Bookstacks JF 2112 .C3 P83 2002
Public Mind:  Image and Reality in America. Video Recording – Instructional Media Center – HN 90 .P8 P795 1994
Public Opinion:  Developments and Controversies in the Twentieth Century.  Bookstacks HM 261 .S7515 1999
Public Opinion:  Measuring the American Mind.  Bookstacks HN 90 .P8 B37 2000
Public Opinion Polling:  a Handbook for Public Interest and Citizen Advocacy Groups.  Ref. HM 261 .L18 1987
Studies in Public Opinion   Attitudes, Nonattitudes, Measurement Error…  Bookstacks HM 126 .S78 2004
Tides of Consent:  How Public Opinion Shapes American Politics.  Bookstacks HN 90 .P8 S845 2004
Understanding Public Opinion.  Bookstacks HN 90 .P8 U53 2002


Advances in Survey Research. Bookstacks H 62 .A1 N4 no.70 1996
Citizen Surveys:  How to Do Them, How to Use Them, What They Mean.  Bookstacks  HM 261 .M52 1991
Conducting Online Surveys.  Bookstacks HM 538 .S84 2007
Constructing Effective Questionnaires. Bookstacks HN 29 .P45 2000
Designing and Conducting Survey Research:  a Comprehensive Guide.  Bookstacks HA 31.2 .R43 2005
Designing Surveys:  A Guide to Decisions and Procedures.  Bookstacks HA 31.2 .C93 2005
Designing Surveys that Work.  Bookstacks H 62 .T447 1999
How to Analyze Survey Data.  Bookstacks HN 29 .S77 1995 v.8
How to Conduct Surveys.  Bookstacks HN 29 .F53 2006
How to Design Surveys.   Bookstacks  HN 29 .F533 1995
Interviewer’s Manual.  Bookstacks  HN 29 .M52 1976
Introduction to Survey Research, Polling, and Data Analysis.    Bookstacks  HN 29 .W3994 1996
Polling 101-Fundamentals of Polling. 
From the Roper Center for Public Opinion this online tutorial describes the basic principles of polling and sampling. http://www.ropercenter.uconn.edu/education/polling_fundamentals.html
Practical Sampling.   Bookstacks  HA 31.2 .H46 1990
Psychology of Survey Response.  Bookstacks  HN 29 .T68 2000
Questions and Answers in Attitude Surveys:  Experiments on Question Form … Bookstacks   H 62 .S349 1981
Survey and Opinion Research: Procedures for Processing and Analysis.   Bookstacks  H 62 .S724735 1977 
Survey Methodology. Bookstacks HA 31.2 .S873 2004
Survey Research Handbook.   Bookstacks  HN 29 .A46 1985
Survey Research Methods.   Bookstacks  HN 29 .F68 2001
Surveying Public Opinion.  Bookstacks  HM 261 .R73 1995
Taking Society’s Measure:  a Personal History of Survey Research.  Bookstacks H 62.5 .U5 H96 1991


Academic Search Complete.  SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases:  EBSCO..
Ethnic Newswatch .  SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases.
Expanded AcademicASAP .  SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases: Gale/InfoTrac.
Gallup Poll. Ref. HN 90 .P8 G3 (1935 – 1988)
Gallup Poll Monthly. Ref. HM 261 .A1 G34   (1989 – 2000) (See also Internet Resources below)
Gallup Report. Ref. HM 261 .A1 G34 (1987 – 1989)
JSTOR. SOUTHcat Plus: Article, Indexes, Databases.
News,  SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases: LEXIS NEXIS:  Academic.
New York Times Index.  Ref. AI 21 .N45
Newspaper Source.  SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases: EBSCO.
PAIS Bulletin.  Ref. Z 7163 .P9.
PAIS International in Print. Ref. Z 7163 .P9
PsyARTICLES. SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases: EBSCO.
PsycINFO. SOUTHcat Plus: Articles, Indexes, Databases: EBSCO
RAND Abstracts. SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases.
Roper Center Data Access.  iPOLL DATABANK, DATASETS, and US ELECTIONS provide access to a large variety of data from the Roper Center archives. http://www.ropercenter.uconn.edu/data_access.html.
Sociological Abstracts.  Reference Abstracts.
SocINDEX with Fulltext. SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases: EBSCO.
Statistical Abstract of the United States. SOUTHcat Plus:  Articles, Indexes, Databases: 
               Databases by Subject:  Statistics.



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ABC News Polling Unit: http://www.abcnews.go.com/US/PollVault/
CBS News Polls:  http://cbsnews.com/sections/opinion/main215.shtml
Gallup Organization:  http://www.gallup.com/
National Election Studies:  http://www.electionstudies.org/
Polling Report.com: http://www.pollingreport.com/

For additional Web Sites go to SOUTHcat Plus: Reference Sources: Public Opinion Polls

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