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April 2009
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Eligible Users:
USA faculty and currently enrolled students.

SciFinder Scholar access is now available through web browsers. To use SciFinder through a web browser a faculty member or student must register with CAS and sign up for a user name and password. Go to http://library.southalabama.edu and choose “Articles, Indexes, and Databases” then scroll down “Databases Listed by Title” to SciFinder for  links to the registration form and to detailed instructions from CAS.  Part of the registration process requires an e-mail to be sent to the user from CAS. This e-mail will only be sent to a University of South Alabama e-mail domain, so the user’s USA e-mail address MUST be used to register.

On campus and remote access to SciFinder are available. Go to http://library.southalabama.edu, choose “Articles, Indexes, and Databases,” then scroll down “Databases Listed by Title” to SciFinder and click on “Connect to SciFinder Scholar.” If off-campus, it is necessary to log in through our proxy server with last name + first two letters of first name as login name and J number as password. When the login page for SciFinder appears, login with your SciFinder user name and password.  Note: Due to a temporary technical issue, when you attempt to connect to SciFinder off-campus, you may get a warning about an expired security certificate. Just click through this to connect to SciFinder.

NOTE: USA has only 3 simultaneous users for SciFinder, which we share with 5 other schools. If these are exceeded, the message “Login failed. Too many concurrent users for this login ID”  will appear. Wait and try again later.

Ranging from 1907-present, SciFinder Scholar covers chemistry and the life sciences including biochemistry, biology, pharmacology, medicine, and related disciplines in more than 10,000 journals. Information on patents from more than 57 patent issuing authorities is also included. There is information on more than 26 million substances.

How to Use
Once SciFinder is opened, the user is offered the choice to Explore, Locate or Browse.

Explore Literature by Research Topics, Author Names, or Company Names
  Substances by Chemical Structures (includes software to draw structures and upload to search) or Molecular Formulas
  Reactions by Reaction Structures (includes software to draw reactions and upload to search)
Locate Literature by Bibliographic Information (ex: journal name, article title) or Document Identifier (ex: patent number, CA abstract number)
  Substances by Substance Identifiers (ex: chemical name, CAS registry number)
Browse Journal current tables of contents


When you have a list of references, on the right of each reference will be two icons. Click on the microscope icon to see complete details of the reference, including the abstract. Click on the page icon to check for fulltext access and retrieve fulltext if available. SciFinder links to the fulltext in the ACS Journals and other fulltext journal collections.

For training resources on using Scifinder, go here: http://www.cas.org/support/scifi/index.html

Chemical Abstracts

Print volumes.

Reference Abstracts: v. 1-129, 1907-1998
Decennial/Collective indexes.  
Reference Abstracts: First-Tenth, 1907-1981
Online searching by librarian: Mediated online searches are available for non-USA patrons for cost of search plus $10 for individuals and non-profit organizations or $25 for for-profit companies.
Personal accounts in STN Easy: Available to individuals from STN with no sign-up or subscription charges. Charges are per search and per answer displayed. Go to: http://stneasy.cas.org/easy5/index.html
for information on how to sign up and prices.

For more information, or to schedule an online search, call Amy Prendergast at 460-7025, x2827 or e-mail aprender@jaguar1.usouthal.edu. To use the online search request form, go to SOUTHcat Plus (http://library.southalabama.edu) and click on “Information” then scroll down and choose "Fee-Based Database Searches" under Library Forms.

Reminder: The USA Library subscribes to ACS Web and also purchased the full-text backfile of all American Chemical Society journals from year of first issue. From SOUTHcat Plus (http://library.southalabama.edu) choose "Articles, Indexes, Databases" then scroll down and click on "ACS Journals."

Questions Amy Prendergast or call (251)460-7025
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