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Fall 2006
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This is a basic, selective list of Shakespeare sources. Possible SOUTHcat, USA catalog, searches are included which will help you make your own discoveries. Ask at the Reference desk for further assistance or send query to webref@jaguar1.usouthal.edu


MLA International Bibliography. EBSCO.  Web database subscription. Access through Library home page. Select “Articles Indexes Databases.”
MLA International Bibliography. Print edition available through 1996. Ref. Z 7006 .M64
            The MLA is the most complete bibliography on language & literature in the English language.
Shakespeare: A Study and Research Guide. 3d ed. Rev. Ref. PR 2894 .B44 1995
Shakespeare. Magill Bibliographies series. Ref. Z 8811 .R68 1992
Shakespeare for Students: Critical Interpretations. Ref. PR 2987 .S47 1992
Shakespearean Criticism: Excerpts. 1984- . Ref. PR 2965 .S43
The Library presently has vols. 1-20 and 22, 25, 28 & 32
Academic Search Complete (EBSCO) Database which is accessed through the Library home page. Articles from many literary journals indexed, some of them with complete text of articles.           
Expanded Academic ASAP (Gale/InfoTrac). Subscription database only accessed through the Library home page. Articles from many literary journals indexed, some of them with complete text of articles.           
JSTOR. Facsimile full text articles on a variety of subjects. Latest five years of journals not included.
Literature Resource Center. Thomson Gale.  Link through “Electronic Reference Books.”
Project Muse


Complete Works of Shakespeare. Bookstacks PR 2754 .K5
Complete Concordance or Verbal Index to Words, Phrases, and Passages in the Dramatic Works of Shakespeare
            Bookstacks PR 2892 .B34 1953
Encyclopedia of the Renaissance. 6 vols. Ref. CB 361 .E52 1999
Shakespearean Synopses: Outlines of All the Plays of Shakespeare. Ref. PR 2997 .P6 M2 1959
Lamb, Charles. Tales from Shakespeare. Bookstacks PR 2877 .L3 1963
            Written to make Shakespeare accessible to children in prose form. For help with plots.
Asimov’s Guide to Shakespeare. Bookstacks/Ref. PR 2976 .A73 1978
Quotable Shakespeare: A Topical Dictionary. Ref. PR 2892 .D37 1988
Shakespeare Lexiconia: Complete Dictionary. Ref. PR 2892 .S4 1968
Shakespeare’s Characters for Students. Ref. PR 2989 .S53 1997
Shakespeare, A Life. By Park Hornan. Bookstacks PR 2894 .H65 1998
            For other biographies search shakespeare and biography (keyword)
Shakespeare in Theory: The Postmodern Academy and the Early Modern Theatre. Bookstacks PR 2970 .B74 1997
British Writers. 8 vols. & supp. Ref. PR 85 .B688  See volume 1.


As this is a selective list, browse in adjacent call no. areas for more books

As this is a selective list, browse in adjacent call no. areas for more books
Shakespeare the Playwright: A Companion to the Complete Tragedies, Histories, Comedies, and Romances.
            Bookstacks PR 2976 .C27 1996
Everybody’s Shakespeare: Reflections Chiefly on the Tragedies. Bookstacks PR 2983 .M326 1993
Shakespeare’s History Plays. Bookstacks PR 2982 .S48 1992
Mind in Character: Shakespeare’s Speaker in the Sonnets. Bookstacks PR 2848 .W44 1987


Costumes and Settings for Shakespeare’s Plays. Bookstacks PR 3091 .W48 1982
Gender and Performance in Shakespeare’s Problem Comedies. Bookstacks PR 2981 .M39 1997
Hamlet on Stage: The Great Tradition. Bookstacks PR 2807 .M54 1985
Looking at Shakespeare: A Visual History of Twentieth Century Performance. Bookstacks PR 3100 .K46 1993
Shakespeare and the Globe. Instructional Media VHS-444
Shakespeare’s Theater: A Sourcebook.  Bookstacks  PR 3095 .S523 2004
Rehearsing the Text. Instructional Media VHS-1568-7
Recovering Shakespeare’s Technical Vocabulary. Bookstacks PR 3091 .D47 1995


Complete Works of Shakespeare. http://www-tech.mit.edu/Shakespeare
Mr William Shakespeare and the Internet.  http://shakespeare.palomar.edu
Shakespeare.com http://www.shakespeare.com
English Server. http://eserver.org
                The search term is shakespeare

Try these searches on SOUTHcat, the Libraries catalog:

Subject: sonnet English history and criticism
  Shakespeare, William
Keyword: characters AND Shakespeare
  Shakespeare AND criticism
  Shakespeare AND bibliography
  (actors OR acting) AND Shakespeare
  “stage setting” AND Shakespeare
  Shakespeare AND plots
  Shakespeare AND “twelfth night”
  Shakespeare AND midsummers
  biography AND Shakespeare
  Tragedies AND Shakespeare

(Capital letters aren't necessary for searching; don't use punctuation.)

Note: Click on “LIMIT” to search for materials in a certain format, such as videorecordings.

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