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August 2006
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TaMilla Peyton

The following is a guide to library and internet resources that may prove useful. It is not an exhaustive list. Please check at the reference desk (2nd floor north) or send us email at (webref@southalabama.edu) for help in locating additional materials.


CIA World Factbook: http://www.odci.gov/cia/publications/factbook/index.html
International Data Base (IDB): http://www.census.gov/ipc/www/idb/
International Monetary Fund: http://www.imf.org
Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development: http://www.oecd.org
United Nations: http://www.un.org
UN Chronicle Online: http://www.un.org/Pubs/chronicle
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development: http://www.unctad.org
UNESCO: http://portal.unesco.org
Voting Practices in the UN: http://www.state.gov/p/io/conrpt/vtgprac/
World Bank Group: http://www.worldbank.org


An Insider's Guide to the UN. Bookstacks JZ 4984.6 .F37 2004
Annual Review of United Nations Affairs. Bookstacks JX 1977 .A1 A5
Basic Facts about the United Nations. Ref. JX 1977 .A37 1995
Chronology and Fact Book of the United Nations. Ref. JX 1977 .H64 1992
Encyclopedia of the United Nations and International Agreements. Ref. KZ 4968 .O84 2003
Europa World Year Book. Ref. JN 1 .E85 (Latest edition at Reference Desk)
Global Agenda: Issues before the General Assembly of the United Nations
Ref. JX 1977 .A1 U5244a
Global Governance and the United Nations System. NetLibrary ebook.
Great Debates at the United Nations. Bookstacks KZ 4968 .G67 2001
Guide to Information at the United Nations. Ref. JX 1977 .A39 1995
Historical Dictionary of the United Nations. Ref. JX 1976 .B395 1995
Politics and Process at the United Nations. Bookstacks JZ 4984.5 .S65 2006
Unesco Courier. Serials (Bound -3rd Floor South) AS 4 U8 A14 (1992 - 2001)
Now online at http://portal.unesco.org
United Nations: Confronting the Challenges of a Global Society. Bookstacks JZ 4984.5 .U536 2004
United Nations: International Organization and World Politics. 4th ed. Bookstacks JX 4984.5 .Z57 2005
United Nations and Global Security. Bookstacks JZ 5588 .U55 2004
United Nations and Human Rights. Ref. K 3240.4 .U55 1995
United Nations Chronicle. Serials JX 1977 A1 .U56 (Check SOUTHcat for holdings and locations)
United Nations in the 1990's. Bookstacks JX 1977 .J25 1993
United Nation Security Council. Bookstacks JZ 5006.5 .U545 2004
Voting Practices in the United Nations. Gov. Docs. Microfiche (2nd Floor South) S 1.1/8
World Economic and Social Survey. Ref. HC 59 .A169
Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations. Ref. G 63 .W67 2001
Yearbook of the United Nations. Bookstacks JX 1977 .A37 Y4


For locating additional material try subject or keyword searches on USA's Libraries' Catalog

Subject searches: Keyword searches
Angola " United Nations" and statistic?
United Nations "United Nations" and resolutions
Human rights China and "human rights"
Iraq Italy and "country study"
Economic sanctions "Country stud?" and Georgia
Security international "Area handbook series"
Diplomacy "United Nations" and peacekeeping
Humanitarian intervention "United Nations" and "conflict management"
"International disputes" and "United Nations"

JOURNALS & NEWSPAPERS (Print and Electronic)

Current periodicals and newspapers are kept on second floor south and are shelved alphabetically by title. Bound materials are kept on third floor south and are shelved in call number order. All microfilm and microfiche is kept on second floor south. Check the USA Libraries' Catalog for holdings and locations.

Indexes to the print and fulltext articles are available on the library's homepage at
http://library.southalabama.edu under "Articles, Indexes, Databases." Dates of full-text coverage may vary with each title and with different databases.

Academic Search Premier (EBSCO)
Expanded Academic ASAP (Gale/InfoTrac)
LexisNexis (Government Periodicals Index)
Marcive (Index to federal documents published since 1976)
Military and Government Collection (EBSCO)
Mobile Register (1992 - Present; Excluding 10/01/02 - 01/10/03)
NewsBank. (Ref. Microfiche 1987-1998)
Newspaper Source (Index to 143 US and International Newspapers - EBSCO)
New York Times Index. (Ref. AI 21 .N45)
PAIS International. Ref. Z 7163 .P9 (1986 - 2000)
Readers' Guide (1890 - 1982 online) & Ref. AI 3 .R48 (1900 -1999)
Social Sciences Index. (Ref. AI 3 .S62)

Questions: webref@southalabama.edu or call (251)460-7025
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