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July 2006
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Cubie S. Joor

The following is a guide to library resources that may prove useful. It is not an exhaustive list; please consult a reference librarian for help in locating additional materials.

Atlases and Dictionaries

American Reform and Reformers: a Biographical Dictionary. Ref. HQ 1412 .A46 1996
Biographical Dictionary of Women Economists. Ref. HB 76 .B535 2000
Dictionary of Women Artists. Ref. N8354 .D53 1997
Extraordinary Women of the Medieval & Renaissance World. Bookstacks HQ 1143 .E93 2000
Historical Dictionary of Women's Education in the United States. Ref. LC 1752 .H57 1998
Larousse Dictionary of Women. Ref. HQ 115 .L37 1996
Native American Women: a Biographical Dictionary. Ref. E 98 .W8 B38 2001
Notable Women in Mathematics: a Biographical Dictionary. Ref. QA 28 .N68 1998
State of Women in the World Atlas. Ref. HQ 1154 .S34 1997b
Women Humanitarians. Ref. HQ 1595 .A3 O43 2001
Women in Scripture: a Dictionary of Named and Unnamed. Bookstacks BS 575 .W593 2000
Women of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. Ref. GV 875 .A56 M34 1997
Women's Atlas of the United States. Ref. G1201 .E1 G5 1995


A to Z of Native American Women. Ref. E 98 .W8 S65 1998
American Indian Biographies. Ref. E 89 .A46 1999
American National Biography. Ref. CT 213 .A68 1999
American Women Scientists: 23 Inspiring Biographies, 1900-2000. Bookstacks Q 141 .R44 1999
Black Women in America. Ref. E185.86 .B542 2005 vols. 1-3
Collection of Biographies of Women Who Made a Difference in Alabama. Circ. ALGU CT 3260 .C68 1995
Famous Women. Bookstacks PQ 4274 .D5 E5 2001
Notable American Women: A Biographical Dictionary. Ref CT 3260 .N5725 2004
Sifters: Native American Women's Lives. Bookstacks E 89 .S454 2001
Who's Who in Political Revolutions. Ref. D21.3 .W485 1999
Women Humanitarians. Ref. HQ 1595 .A3 O43 2001
Women Pioneers. Bookstacks F595 .S828 1995


A to Z of American Women Business Leaders…Ref. HD 6054.4 .U6 S5 2002
Black Power Inc.: The New Voice of Success. Bookstacks HD 38.25 .U6 D36 2004
Careerpreneurs: Lessons from Leading Women…Bookstacks HD 6072.6 .U5 M66 2000
Engendering Economics: Conversations with Women Economists…Bookstacks HB 74.8 .O45 2002
Enterprising Women: 250 Years of American Business. Bookstacks HC 102.5 .D73 2002
Harvard Business Review on Women in Business. Bookstacks HD 6054 .H366 2005
Historical Encyclopedia of American Women Entrepreneurs:…Ref. HF 3023 .A2 O64 2000
New Perspectives on Women Entrepreneurs. Bookstacks HD 6053 .N438 2005
Rise of Women Entrepreneurs:…Bookstacks HD 6072.5 .C68 2002
Small Business Assistance for Women:…Gov. Docs. SBA 1.2:W84/20/2000
Standing at the Crossroads: Next Steps for Higher Achieving Women. Bookstacks HF 5382.6 .R83 2002


American Women Writers. Ref. PS 147 .A4 vols. 1-4 & Supplement v5
Black Women in America: an Historical Encyclopedia. Ref. E 185.86 .B542 1993 vols. 1-2
Encyclopedia of Feminist literature. Ref. PN 471 .W455 2004
Encyclopedia of Women Social Reformers. Ref. HQ 1236 .R29 2001 vols. 1-2
Encyclopedia of Women and Crime. Ref. HV 6046 .E56 2000
Encyclopedia of Women and Gender: Sex Similarities. Bookstacks HQ 1115 .E43 2001 vols. 1-2
Encyclopedia of Women and World Religion. Ref. BL 458 .E53 1998 vols. 1-2
Encyclopedia of Women in American Politics. Ref. HQ 1236.5 .U6 E53 1999
Encyclopedia of Women in American History. Bookstacks HQ 1410 .E53 2001vols. 1-3
Encyclopedia of Women in Radio: 1920-1960. Bookstacks PN 1991.8 .W65 E53 2003
Encyclopedia of Women in the Ancient World. Ref. HQ 1127 .S25 2001
Encyclopedia of Women's History in America. Ref. HQ 1410 .C85 1996
Historical Encyclopedia of American Women Entrepreneurs: 1776 to the Present. Ref. HF 3023 .A2 O64 2000
Women and American Television: an Encyclopedia. Ref. PN 1992.8 .W65 L69 1999
Women in the Middle Ages: An Encyclopedia. Ref. HQ 114.3 .W643 2004 vols. 1-2
Women in World History: a Biographical Encyclopedia. Ref. HQ 1115 .W6 1999 vols. 1-16


ABC-Clio Companion to Women's Progress in America. Ref. HQ 1410 .F76 1994
American Women's History: a Student Companion. Bookstacks HQ 1410 .M378 2000
Chronology of Women's History. Ref. HQ 1121.47 1994
Columbia Documentary History of American Women Since 1941. Bookstacks HQ 1420 .C65 2003
Columbia Guide to American Women in 19th Century. Ref. HQ 1418 .C58 2000
Fourth Estate: A History of Women in the Middle Ages. NetLibrary ebook
Handbook of American Women' History. Ref. HQ 1410 .H36 1990
History of Women in the United States: State-by-State. Ref. HQ 1410 .H58 2004 vols. 1-4
Reader's Companion to U.S. Women's History. Ref. HQ 1410 .R43 1998
Second to None. Ref HQ 1410 .S43 1993 vols. 1-2
Timetables of Women's History: a Chronology of the most Important People. Ref. HQ 1121 G74 1994
Women in the Classical World: Image & Text. Bookstacks HQ 1127 .W652 1994
Women in the Third World. Ref. HQ 1870.9 K58 1997
Women in the Western World, 1500 to Present. Bookstacks HQ 1150 .C66 1987
Women's World: a Timeline of Women in History. Ref. HQ 1122 .F69 1995


Domestic Violence: Opposing Viewpoints. Bookstacks HV 6626 .D668 2000
Global Feminisms Since 1945: a Survey of Issues and Controversies. Bookstacks HQ 1154 .G56 2000
Greenwood Encyclopedia of Women's Issues Worldwide. Ref. HQ 1115 .G74 2003 vols. 1-5
No Turning Back: The History of Feminism. Bookstacks HQ 1154 .F74 2002
Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women: Global Women's Issues. Ref. HQ 1115 .R69 2000
Statistical Handbook of Women in America. Ref. HQ 1420 .34 1996
Statistical Record of Women Worldwide. Ref. HQ 1150 .S73 1995
Where Women Stand: an International Report on the Status of Women. Ref. HQ 1154 .N39 1997
Women and Heart Disease. Ref. G 1201 .E51 W6 2000
Women in the Third World: An encyclopedia of Contemporary Issues. Bookstacks HQ 1870.9 W6548 1998
Women's Almanac. Ref. HQ 1101 W66 2000
Women's Firsts: Attribute to Women of Achievement. Ref. RA 778 .C2163 1996
Women's Issues. Ref. HQ 1115 .W6425 1997 vols. 1-3
Women's Rights. Bookstacks HQ 1236.5 W65253 2005
Women's Rights in the United States: a Documentary History. Ref. HQ 1236.5 .U6 W68 1994
Women's Rights on Trial: 101 Historic Trials from Anne Hutchinson. Ref. KF 220 .F76 1997
World's Women: Trends and Statistics. Ref. HQ 1154 .W95


Amazons to Fighter Pilots: a Biographical Dictionary of Military Women. Ref. U52 .A44 2003 vols. 1-2
They Fought like Demons: Women Soldiers in the Americans Civil War. Bookstacks E 628 .B52 2002
Woman's War Too: U. S. Women in the Military in WWII. Gov. Docs. AE 1.102:W84X
Women and the Military: an Encyclopedia. Ref. U21.75 .S54 1996
Women During the Civil War: An Encyclopedia. Ref. E628 H37 2004
Women in the Military. Bookstacks UB 418 .W65 W6724 2004
Women in the United States Military, 1901-1995. Bookstacks UB 418 .W65 F75 1996
Women of the Homefront: World War II Recollections…Bookstacks D 810 .W7 W657 2002


Almanac of Women and Minorities in American Politics. Ref. HQ 1236.5 .U6 M3778 1999
Days of Discontent: American Women and Right…Bookstacks HQ 1236.5 .U6 B49 2002
Encyclopedia of Women in American Politics. Ref. HQ 1236.5 .U6 E53 1999
From Suffrage to the Senate: an Encyclopedia of American Women in Politics. Ref. HQ 1236.5 .U6 S32 1999


African-American Women in the Sciences and Related Disciplines. Gov. Docs. LC 33.10: 93-4
American Men & Women of Science. Ref. Q 141 .A471
American Women in Science. Ref. Q 141 .B25 1994
Biographical Dictionary of Women in Science. Ref. Q 141 .B5285 2000 vols. 1-2
Nobel Prize Women in Science. Ref. Q 141 .N734 1997
Notable Women in Mathematics: a Biographical Dictionary. Ref. QA 28 .N68 1998
Notable Women in Life Sciences. Ref. QH 26 .N68 1996
Notable Women in Physical Sciences. Ref. Q 141 .N734 1998
Twentieth-Century Women Scientists. Ref. Q 141 .Y69 1996


American Women in Sports. Bookstacks GV 583 .A64 1989
Celebrating Women Coaches: a Biographical Dictionary. Bookstacks GV 697 .A1 H367 2000
Encyclopedia of Women and Sports. Ref. GV 709 .S44 1996
International Encyclopedia of Women and Sports. Ref. GV 709 .I58 2001 vols. 1-3
Outstanding Women Athletes: Who They are and How They Influenced Sports. Ref. GV 697 .A1 W69 1998
Women in Sports: Issues and Controversies. Bookstacks GV 709.18 .U6 W65 1993
Women's Sports Encyclopedia. Ref. GV 709 .W589 1997

Instructional Media Center

City of Women. DVD 83
Discovering Women. VHS 2091
Economic Equity Realities, Responsibilities, and Rewards. VHS 2629
Gap-Toothed Women. VHS 3167
Great Black Women Achievers Against the Odds. VHS 1523
History of the 20th Century Women. VHS 2750
Killing Us Softly 3. VHS 3192
Lady's Portion: Early Women Journalists. VHS 2776
Once Upon Her Time. VHS 1186 vols 1-2
Pap Test & Cervical Cancer Video. Gov. Docs. HE 20.3193:P 19/VIDEO
Rape Drug: a New Menace. VHS 2730
Rites. VHS 2581
She's Nobody's Baby: American Women in the 20th Century. VHS 52
Step by Step: Building a Feminist Movement. VHS 3286
Woman's Place. VHS 1042
Women and Islam. VHS 3035
Women at War, From the Home Front to the Front Lines. VHS 1050-7
Women in Sports: an Informal History. VHS 888
Women of Vision: 18 Histories in Feminist Film and Video. VHS 3612


For locating additional material try subject or keyword searches on USA's SouthCat
Catalog. Suggested terms:

Subject searches: Keyword searches:
sports for women "women in sport?"
feminism feminism and encyclopedia?
women history women and athlete?
women and the military-United States women and scientist?
women in politics women and politic?
women studies wom? and (soldier? or military)
women and war women and biograph?
sex role women and encycloped?
women in mass media gender and society
women authors women and reform?
businesswomen women and technolog?
leadership in women women and sport?
women united states history women and business

Selected USA Full-Text Journals

Some journals may be found in multiple databases with varied full-text date coverage. From the University
Library Homepage, click Our Journal List. Then type in title of the journal. Below is a list of some full-text
materials. This is not an exhaustive list; please consult a reference librarian for help in locating additional

Feminist Collections Women & Music
Feminist Issues Women and Language
Feminist Review Women in Action
Feminist Studies Women in Business
Gender & Society Women in Sport & Physical Activity Journal
Gender Issues Women Magazine
Gender, Place and Culture Women's Health Issues
Mothering Women's Quarterly
Signs Women's Studies

Indexes to Articles

The indexes listed below are useful for locating full-text articles and citations as well as articles from
print journals. They can be accessed from the University Library's homepage under "Articles, Indexes, Databases."
Bound journals are located on 3rd floor and are shelved by call numbers. Current issues of journals are on the 2nd floor South shelved by title.

Academic Search Premier-Select EBSCO
Academic Universe-Select Lexis-Nexis
Biography & Genealogy Master Index-Select Gale/InfoTrac
Business Source Premier-Select EBSCO
Contemporary Authors-- Under Indexes/Databases Listed by Title
Contemporary Women's Issues-FirstSearch
General Reference Center Gold-Select Gale/InfoTrac
Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition-Select EBSCO
Health Source: Consumer Edition-Select EBSCO
JSTOR- Under Frequently Used Index Collections
Literature Resource Center-Select Gale/Infotrac
MasterFILE Premier-Select EBSCO
Military & Government Collection-Select EBSCO
Reader's Guide Retrospective-- Under Indexes/Databases Listed by Title
ScienceDirect-Under Frequently Used Index Collections
Sociological Abstracts-Under Indexes/Databases Listed by Title
Vocational Search-Select EBSCO
Wiley Interscience-Under Frequently Used Index Collections

Internet Resources

Academic Info: Women's Studies. http://www.academicinfo.net/women.html
Celebration of Women Writers. http://digital.library.upenn.edu/women
Early Modern Women Database. http://www.lib.umd.edu/ETC/LOCAL/emw/emw.php3
300 Women Who Changed the World. http://search.ed.com/women
Feminism and Women's Studies. http://feminism.eserver.org
Feminist Majority. http://www.feminist.org
Historia-Women Scientist. http://www.women-scientists-in-history.com/
Women and Gender Studies. http://www.lib.lsu.edu/soc/women
Women in World History. http://www.womeninworldhistory.com
Women's Archives on the WWW. http://scriptorium.lib.duke.edu/women/wwwsites.html
Women's History Month. http://www.infoplease.com/spot/womenshistory1.html
Women's Studies. http://www.sosig.ac.uk/womens_studies
Women's Studies. http://www-rohan.sdsu.edu/dept/wsweb/timeline.htm
Women's Studies. http://southalabama.edu/univlib/picks/women.html
Women's Studies Resources. http://bailiwick.lib.uiowa.edu/wstudies
Women's Studies/Women's Issues. http://www-unix.umbc.edu/~korenman/wmst/links.html

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