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Feminist Literary Criticism:  Explorations in Theory.  Bookstacks PN 98 .W64 1989
The Bloomsbury Guide to Women’s Literature.  Ref. PN 471 .B57 1992
Dictionary of Feminist Theory.  Ref. HQ 1115 .H86 1995
Who’s Who in Lesbian and Gay Writing.  Bookstacks PN 491.3 .G75 2002


Bibliographic Guide to Chicana and Latina Narrative.  Bookstacks PS 153 .M4 L46 2003
Dictionary of Russian Women Writers.  Ref. PG 2997 .D53 1994
Dream of Light and Shadow:  Portraits of Latin American Women Writers
                Bookstacks PQ 7081.3 .D74 1995
Encyclopedia of Continental Women Writers.  Ref.PN 481 .E5 1991
Feminist Encyclopedia of Spanish Literature.  Ref. PQ 6055 .F46 2002
History of Women’s Writing in Germany, Austrian, and Switzerland.  Bookstacks PT 167 .H57 2000
Postwar Women’s Writing in German-speaking Europe.  Bookstacks PT 405 .P625 1996
Russian Women Writers.  Ref. PG 3203 .W64 R868 1999
Spanish American Women’s Use of the Word.  Bookstacks PQ 7082 .P76 S35 2001
Spanish Women Writers: A Bio-bibliographical Source Book.  Ref. PQ 6055 .S63 1993
Voces Femeninas de Hispanoamerica:  Antologia.  Bookstacks PQ 7083 .V6 1995
Women’s Writing in Contemporary France.  Bookstacks PQ 149 .W645 2002


Black American Women Novelists.  Magill. Ref. Z 1229 .N39 W47 1989
Black Women Poets of the Harlem Renaissance.  Bookstacks PS 310 .N4E37 2003
Contemporary American Women Fiction Writers: an A to Z Guide.  Bookstacks PS 374 .W6C66 2002
Contemporary American Women Poets:  an A to Z Guide. Bookstacks PS 151 .C665 2002
Contemporary Southern Women Fiction Writers:  An Annotated Bibliography.  Magill.
                Ref. PS 261 .R44 1994
Contemporary Women Dramatists.  Ref. PR 736 .C58 1994
Dictionary of British and American Women Writers, 1660-1800. Ref. PR 113 .D5 1987
Encyclopedia of British Women Writers.  Ref. PR 111 .E54 1988
Biographical Dictionary of English Women Writers, 1580-1720. Bookstacks PR 113 .B46 1990
Oxford Companion to Women’s Writing in the United States. Ref. PS 147 .O94 1995
Peculiar Passages: Black Women Playwwrights, 1875 to 2000.  Bookstacks PS338 .N4A425 2005
Tell this Silence:  Asian American Women Writers.  Bookstacks PS 153 .A84 D86 2004


A Celebration of Women Writers.   http://digital.library.upenn.edu/women

Victorian Women Writers Project.  http://www.indiana.edu/%7Eletrs/vwwp

Voices from the Gaps:  Women Artists and Writers of Color.  http://voices.cla.umn.edu


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            Women and literature
            “short fiction” and women
            Collection? and literature and women
            Poetry and “women authors”

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