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Summer 2009
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The following is a selected list of sources that will assist you in writing papers, from basic essays and term papers to far more advanced work excepting the creative writing of poetry and fiction. Use the search tips below for more books on the topics. If needed, ask a Reference Librarian for assistance, 251-460-7025.


University Writing Center. http://www.usouthal.edu/writing
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant. http://www.powa.org


To locate books in SOUTHcat, our catalog, use the following subject(sub.) or keyword(kwd.) searches:

English language rhetoric (sub.) (kwd.) English and rhetoric
exposition rhetoric  
English language style "English language" and style
English language composition and exercises  
English language grammar  

(Capitalization or punctuation in searches is not used in the SOUTHcat catalog.)

Allyn and Bacon Guide to Writing.  Ready Ref. PE 1408 .R18 2006
Bartlett’s Quotations.  http://www.bartleby.com/100
Bedford Handbook. Diana Hacker. Ready Ref. PE 1408 .H277 2006
Exploratory Essays. Link from http://www.powa.org
Contrastive Rhetoric Revisited. Bookstacks P 53.27 .C67 2001
Designing Interactive Worlds with Words.  Bookstacks PE 1404 .K38 2000
Elements of Style. Strunk.  Ref. PE 1408 .S772  2009
            Electronic:  http://www.bartleby.com/141/index.html
How To Write Themes and Essays. Bookstacks PE 1478 .M35 1994
Improving the Expository Writing Skills. Bookstacks LB 11631 .K26 1998
Writing Paragraphs and Essays.  Bookstacks  PE 1488 .W6188 1995



To locate books on this subject, try this keyword search--: "report writing"

Documenting in Context. Use the “Documenting” link at http://www.powa.org
Academic Writing: Genres, Samples, and Resources. Bookstacks PE 1408 .M744 2005
College Student’s Research Companion.  Bookstacks  Z 710 .Q37 2000
Practical Guide to the Qualitative Dissertation. Bookstacks LB 2369 .B49 2007
Research and Writing Across the Curriculum. Bookstacks LB 2369 .H84 2006
Research Strategies for a Digital Age. Ref. ZA 3075 .T46 2007
Schaum's Quick Guide to Writing Great Research Papers. Bookstacks LB 1047 .3 .R69 2007
Techniques for Student Research.  Bookstacks Z 710 .L34 2000
10 Steps in Writing the Research Paper. Bookstacks PE 1478 .M3 1994



To locate books on this topic, try this subject search---report writing handbooks manuals

Associated Press Stylebook. Bookstacks. PN 4783 .A83 2002
Columbia Guide to Online Style.  Bookstacks / Ready Ref. PN 171 .F56 W35 2006
MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers.  Reserve / Ready Ref. LB 2369 .G53 2009
Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses and Disseratations: Chicago Style.
Reserve/Ready Ref. LB 2369 .T8 2007
Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.  “APA.” Ready Ref. BF 76.7 .P83 2009
Also on Reserve;  Electronic:  http://www.apastyle.org and click on “APA Style Helper.”
Research and Documentation Online.  http://www.dianahacker.com/resdoc
Scientific Style and Format: the CBE Manual.  Ready Ref. QH 304 .C68 1994 
A Short Guide to Academic Writing. Bookstacks PE 1408 .J68 2003
Style Manual for Political Science. Ready Ref. JA 86 .A52 2006


Try these searches to locate other books: (sub.) technical writing (kwd.) "technical English"

Communicating in Science: Writing and Speaking at Scientific Meetings. Bookstacks  Q 223 .B664 1995
Journal of Technical Writing and Communication.  Periodical.  2nd/3d fl. south  T 11 .J66
On the Library home page, link to  Our Journal List
Journal Book:  For Teachers in Technical Writing and Professional Programs. Bookstacks PE 1475 .J68 1999
Rhetorical Ethics and Internetworked Writing. Bookstacks  PE 1404 .P614 1998
Scientists Must Write: A Guide to Better Writing for Scientists, Engineers and Students.
Bookstacks T 11 .B37 2002


Try these searches, (sub.) book reviewing / report writing

How To Write Book Reports. Ref. PE 1478 .T45 1989
Reviews and Reviewing. Ref. PN 98 .B7 R5 1986
MBR Reviewer Information. http://www.midwestbookreview.com/revinfo.htm
Scholarly Book Reviewing in the Social Sciences and Humanities. Bookstacks  H 61.8 .L56 1998


Search terms:

(sub.) exposition rhetoric / criticism / English language rhetoric
(kwd.) "English language" and rhetoric
Art of Literary Research. R. Altick. Ref. PR 56 .A68 1993
Genres and Writing:  Issues, Arguments Bookstacks  PE 1404 .G39 1997
The Art of Poetry: How to Read a Poem. Bookstacks PE 1505 .W55 2001
Writing About Literature: A Guide to the Student Critic. Bookstacks PE 1479 .C7 G37 2000
On Compiling an Annotated Bibliography.  James L Harner. 2nd ed. Ref. Z 1001 .H33 2000


Try these searches: (sub.) English language business English (kwd.) "commercial correspondence"

AMA Handbook of Business Letters. Bookstacks/IMC HF 5726 .S42 2002
AMA Style Guide for Business Writing. MCOB Library Ref. HF 5726 .A49 1996
Basic Business Communication. Bookstacks HF 5721 .L37 1991
Business Writing for Results. Bookstacks HF 5726 .C56 2003
How To Write Proposals That Produce. Bookstacks HF 5718.5 .B69 1992
Writing in the Workplace. Bookstacks PE 1404 .W7266


Search by this term: editing(sub.)

Craft of Revision. Bookstacks PE 1408 .M787 1995
Editors On Editing. Bookstacks PN 162 .E36 1993
Elements of Alternate Style: Essays on Writing and Revision. Bookstacks PE 1404 .E44 1997
Write Right, A Desktop Digest of Punctuation, Grammar and Style. Ref. PE 1112 .V4 1995
Your Dictionary.com. http://www.yourdictionary.com Multilingual.


Try this keyword search in the Catalog: persuasion AND rhetoric

Ad Hominem Arguments. Bookstacks P 301.5 .P47 W347 1998
Craft of Argument. Bookstacks PE 1431 .W65 2001
Good Reasons: Designing and Writing Effective Arguments. Bookstacks PE 1431 .F35 2006
Shape of Reason: Argumentative Writing in College. Bookstacks PE 1431 .G34 2006
Writing Argumentative Essays. Bookstacks PE 1431 .W87 2001
Writing Argumentative Essays. Link from http://www.powa.org


Try these searches:

(sub.) autobiography / women authors
autobiographies / autobiography / diaries
Biography Writers Workshop. (McKissack) http://teacher.scholastic.com/writewit/biograph
American Lives: An Anthology of Biographical Writing. Bookstacks CT 211 .A48 1994
Life Notes: Personal Writings By Contemporary Black Women. Bookstacks E 185.86 .L498 1994
Promoting Journal Writing in Adult Education. Bookstacks LC 5219 .N48 no. 90


Art of the Personal Essay. Bookstacks PN 6141 .A78 1994
How to Write Great Essays. Bookstacks PE 1471 .S83 2004
On Writing Well:  An Informal Guide.  Bookstacks PE 1429 .Z5 1995


Searches: (kwd.) synonyms or homonyms ; (sub.)English language synomyms

Bartleby. http://bartleby.com/110 Links to Rogetís for synonyms
Bartlettís Rogetís Thesaurus. Dictionary Stand #2-Ref. PE 1591 .B35 1996
Cambridge Idioms Dictionary.  Ref. PE 1460 .C25 2006
Describerís Dictionary: A Treasury of Terms Ref. PE 1591 .G67 1993
Collection of Confusable Phrases.  Ref. PE 1464 .D65 2004
Dictionary of Confusable Words. Ref. PE 1591 .U73 1988
Homophones and Homographs. Ref. PE 1591 .R72 1994
New Dictionary of Eponyms. Ref. PE 1596 .F73 1997

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