The University Library Auditorium is designed foremost as a library instruction facility for large classes (seating capacity of 124 and 4 wheel-chair bound persons), as well as to meet other Library needs that exceed the space in Library meeting or classrooms. It is also available for other cosponsored university purposes as time is available. Requests to use the auditorium will be approved by the Dean’s office based on the priorities below:

  1. Library instruction classes
  2. Classes requiring the use of IMC or PETAL resources
  3. Academic events co-sponsored by the University Libraries
  4. Non-Library events
  5. Non-University events

The best interests of the University may make it necessary to occasionally give priority to (or cancel) one event in favor of another. If a cancellation is necessary, the unit or group holding the reservation will be notified as far in advance as possible.

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Failure to cancel an approved reservation denies others the use of the auditorium. Please make every effort to notify the Library as soon as possible if your event is canceled.


  1. Nothing may be attached to the walls, ceiling tiles, furniture or screen in or around the Auditorium.
  2. Fire code prohibits any open flames, including incense or candles.
  3. The Emergency door may not be opened except in case of fire and emergency.
  4. Equipment, supplies or personal belongings of a group may not be stored or left in the Auditorium or Library.
  5. The Library is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  6. Smoking, beverages, and food are prohibited.
  7. Teachers (K-12) or adults must supervise students and children at all times.
  8. Noise must be kept to a reasonable level.
  9. The Library cannot be used as a contact for information about non-library events.
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The University Library Auditorium is not designed for:

  1. Musical events or plays
  2. Regularly scheduled classes
  3. Groups that present controversial topics (as determined by the Dean)
  4. Small groups (fewer than 40 people)


The Library will take reservations up to one year in advance.

A reservation form must be completed at least 2 weeks before a non-library sponsored event. The person completing the form should be the official contact person (administrator, officer, etc.) of the department or organization.

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An e-mail or written response (approved or disapproved) will be sent to the contact person listed on the reservation form within three working days. If confirmation is not received, it is the responsibility of the contact to follow-up with the Dean’s office.

Use of equipment in the Auditorium must be requested and includes:

  1. Internet accessible pc with CD-ROM drive
  2. Projection capability
  3. Microphones
  4. VCR/DVD
  5. Lighting controls

Library trained technicians in Circulation Services are limited in number. Requests for evenings and weekends, as well as non-university events will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and may require a fee. If so, charges will be communicated upon approval of the request.

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The organization’s officer or contact must be present during the event and is responsible for all arrangements, public relations and conduct of participants.

The requesting organization is responsible for returning or restoring the Auditorium to its original condition. The user will be required to pay all damage, loss and the cost of excessive clean up. A damage deposit may also be required.


The purpose of this policy is to clarify use policies and fee schedules for University affiliated and non-affiliated organizations or groups. The policy covers the use of the Auditorium, Room 181, and Room 171 in the University Library.

University Affiliated Organizations

It is the policy of the University Library NOT to charge room or equipment fees to university affiliated organizations. However, Circulation Services will normally require at least one member of the organization to become familiar with light and equipment controls.

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A fee of $25.00 per hour will be charged to University affiliated organizations using audiovisual equipment during evening hours (after 5:00 p.m.) and weekend hours (Saturday and Sunday) to recover costs when an IMC technical staff must be present to set up, familiarize, take down and trouble shoot audiovisual equipment.

University affiliated organizations requesting that a Circulation Services staff member provide technical assistance with audiovisual equipment that is beyond initial setting up and taking down of equipment, familiarization training, and trouble shooting will be charged $25.00 per hour.

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Non-University Affiliated Organizations

Fees are required to cover the cost of the technical person who must be present to set up, familiarize, take down and trouble shoot audiovisual equipment as follows:

Room Fee: $25.00

Equipment fee: $25.00/hour during normal business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday –Friday)
$50.00/hour during evening hours (after 5:00 p.m.) and weekend hours (Saturday and Sunday).

Auditorium Reservation Form (pdf)

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