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Cataloging and Processing

The University Library's Cataloging and Processing Department is responsible for creating and maintaining catalog records on Voyager. Cataloging and Processing is located on the First Floor South in the library. Muriel Nero is the Head of Cataloging and Processing and may be contacted at 251-460-7026 or mnero@southalabama.edu.

The Cataloging Department catalogs and classifies monographs, non-book materials, periodicals and electronic journals for the University Library and its branches. It is responsible for maintaining Voyager bibliographic records, authority records, and for processing of materials for the shelf and for online access.

The cataloging of materials standards consist of:
  • All cataloging records will be done using AACR2, LCRI, and RDA (American Library Association and Library of Congress standards).
  • Authority records are based on the Library of Congress authority records
  • The OCLC database will be the source of cataloging copies
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Library Binding

Library Binding is a part of Cataloging and Processing and is located in Serials/Acquisitions on the First Floor South. Library Binding consists of Thesis/Dissertation binding, periodical binding, and special book binding. For more information, contact Nancy Trant at 6-2835 (on campus) or 251-460-7026.

Thesis/Dissertation distribution, format and style, including binding, follows the USA Graduate requirements (http://www.southalabama.edu/graduateprograms/ThesisDissertationGuide.pdf). The Collection and Processing/Serials/Acquisitions Thesis/Dissertation binding procedure includes:

  • Binding is paid for in the USA Graduate School Office
  • Cost is $12.00 per copy
  • Library gets two copies (one must be on 100% rag content paper)
  • Major professor gets one copy
  • In addition to the three required binding copies, the student may choose to pay for binding any number of personal copies
  • Books for binding are delivered on a monthly basis.
  • Notification of Thesis/Dissertation availability is made by e-mail or telephone to the person listed on the receipt to pick up copies
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