University of South Alabama Libraries Personnel

Five digit numbers are internal campus lines only.

Library Administration

Marx Library - Dean's Office
5901 USA Drive North
University of South Alabama
Mobile, AL 36688
(251) 460-7021
Fax: (251) 460-7181

Dr. Richard Wood(251) 460-7021 rwood@southalabama.eduDean of University Libraries
Kitty Emery (251) 460-7021 Administrative Assistant I
Robin Hayes (251) 460-2495 Secretary V
Angie Logan(251) 460-7110alogan@southalabama.eduAccounting Clerk IV

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Marx Library - 1st Floor North


Marx Library - 4th Floor South
(251) 460-7924

Mary Duffy(251) 460-7924 mduffy@southalabama.eduAssistant Dean, Marx Library Systems
Gary Pugh (251) 460-7902 PC Application Specialist
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Biomedical Library

Baugh Biomedical Library (Campus): 460-7043,
USA Medical Center: 471-7855
USA Children's & Women's: 415-8586
Biomedical Library Hours
Biomedical Library Staff Directory

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Marx Library - 152 South
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm
(251) 460-7026
Fax: (251) 414-8286

Muriel Nero (251) 461-1754
6-2837 Head of Cataloging, Associate Librarian
Jia He 6-2836 Cataloging/Electronic Resources Librarian, Assistant Librarian
Brenda Hunter(251) 460-7026 bhunter@southalabama.eduLibrary Technical Assistant I
Joyce Thomas Robinson 6-2946 Library Technical Assistant II
Tania McPherson6-2947 tlmcpherson@southalabama.eduLibrary Technical Assistant I

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Circulation Services/Course Reserve

Marx Library - 135 South
(251) 460-7028

Instructional Media Center

Marx Library - 1st Floor North
(251) 460-7029
IMC Homepage

Angela Rand Head of Access Services, Associate Librarian
Paul Hendrix (251) 460-7020 Library Supervisor, Circulation/Reserves/IMC
Anita Lovelady (251) 460-7028 Library Technical Assistant II (Course Reserves)
Vangie Farrington 6-7028 Library Technical Assistant I
Beverly Feller 6-7028 Library Technical Assistant I
Garry Murrill (251) 460-7028 Library Technical Assistant I
Kristie George (251) 460-7028 Library Technical Assistant I
Emily Baird (251) 460-7028 Library Technical Assistant I
Steve Betancourt(251) 460-7028 sbetancourt@southalabama.eduLibrary Technical Assistant I (PT)
Cavesha Nero (251) 460-7028 Library Technical Assistant I (PT)
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Collection Development/Acquisitions

Marx Library
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm
(251) 460-7033

Kathryn Jones (251) 460-7033 Head of Collection Development, Senior Librarian
Sonja Kaderly Sheffield (251) 460-7027 Library Technical Assistant II
Elisabeth Vandillon (251) 460-7606 Library Supervisor
Vacant 6-2835   Library Technical Assistant I
Ashley Johnson Pate 6-7096 Library Assistant III

Government Documents/Serials

Marx Library - 220 South
(251) 460-7024
Government Documents/Serials Homepage

Vicki Tate6-2822 vtate@southalabama.eduHead of Documents/Serials, Senior Librarian
Paula Webb 461-1993 Reference & Electronic Resources/Government Documents Librarian, Associate Librarian
Barbara Jackson 6-2073 bjackson@southalabama.eduLibrary Technical Assistant I
Vacant 6-2821   Library Technical Assistant I
Vacant6-2821 Library Technical Assistant I
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Mitchell College of Business Library

Mitchell College of Business Learning Resource Center
(251) 414-8067
MCOB Library Homepage

Vacant (251) 460-7998, Room 118   Business Librarian
Sallie Wetzel (251) 460-7997, Room 116 Library Technical Assistant I
Maureen Sacramona (251) 414-8067 Library Clerk III (part-time)
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Reference/Interlibrary Loan/Library Instruction

Marx Library, Room 253 North
Reference: (251) 460-7025
Interlibrary Loan: (251) 460-7034
Library Instruction: (251) 460-7025
Reference and Copy Service:
Interlibrary Loan:

Kathy Wheeler (251) 460-7938 Head of Reference & Instruction: Electronic Services, Math/Stat, Senior Librarian
Kathryn Jones (251) 460-7033 Social Science, Senior Librarian
Amy Prendergast6-2827 Science and Technology, Senior Librarian
Elizabeth Shepard 6-2826 Reference & Instruction Librarian, Assistant Librarian
Ellen Wilson (251) 460-6045 Electronic Resources Librarian, Associate Librarian
Jason Ezell(251) 414-8178 Instructional Services Librarian, Assistant Librarian
Vacant 6-2825   Librarian
Deborah Cobb (251) 460-7034 ILL Coordinator, Library Supervisor
Michael Itaya6-5340 mitaya@southalabama.eduLibrary Technical Assistant I
Trevor Elmore 6-5193 Library Technical Assistant I
Rebecca Young 6-2833 rjyoung@southalabama.eduLibrary Technical Assistant I
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The Doy Leale McCall Rare Book and Manuscript Library

0722 SHAC
(251) 434-3800
Fax: (251) 434-3622
The Doy Leale McCall Rare Book and Manuscript Library Homepage

Carol Ellis2-3800 Director
Kristina Polizzi2-3800 Library Technical Assistant I
Barbara Asmus2-3800 basmus@southalabama.eduLibrary Assistant III
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USA Baldwin County

10 N. Summit St., Fairhope, AL 36532
Campus Mail: c/o IRPA and Regional Campuses, AD 325
(251) 928-8133
Fax: (251) 928-8212
USA Baldwin County Homepage

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