Biography - Using Print Sources


Research and write a brief, but interesting, biographical sketch of a founder/personality/scoundrel using a reference book or a monograph (a book on one topic). Include a properly formatted citation for the information source you used and the LC Call#.
[Bedford St. Martin's Research and Documentation Online may be useful]

How to:

To find a whole book about a person use a Keyword search on the the SouthCAT Catalog, type--biograph? name.
To look for biographical dictionaries that contain shorter articles about many different personalities in the field, type= biograph? mathematic? (substitute the discipline/subject for mathematic?).

Support: Offer students a list of famous and infamous people in your field or have them choose one from a textbook. Introduce style manuals and the importance of proper formatting according to the type of item used. Send the list to the reference librarians.

Use: This works as a daily presentation as well as a short writing exercise. Try it yourself.

Objectives: Begin to learn the personalities and history of the field. Begin to use the SOUTHcat catalog to find unknown books. Introduce the importance of proper citation styling in the field.