Recognizing Citations--What are you looking at

Assignment: Identify the type of source by just looking at a database or bibliographic citation.

How to:

  1. Review the "Periodical, Journal, Magazine, Serial" webpage.
  2. Print out the Citation Exercise
  3. Identify what kind of a publication the citation represents by putting its initial in the space provided.
  4. Underline the title of each periodical.
  5. Circle at least one part of the citation that was relevant to your decision.
  6. Optional: Write a (complete) sentence or two for each as to what made you decide on the type of publication.

Support: Discuss the different publishing formats and their purposes. Also talk about the importance of converting database citations into the correct style for the field of study.

Use: In class or as individual homework with a discussion of the answers in class--perhaps having each student explain one choice. Ask what words or other things made them decide on a particular format.

Objective: To encourage students to evaluate and select appropriate information sources just by the citation. To help students be more efficient and effective in their searches.