History Assignment (Kathy Jones)

Assignment: Find an article on one of the topics listed below, or one provided by your instructor, using the JSTOR database. Write a correct Chicago style citation for the article.

           revolutionary war and united states
            europe and middle ages
            slaves and united states
            world war 1939-1945
            military planning and united states

How to:

    1. Choose "Articles, Indexes, Databases" from the University Library Homepage.
    2. Find JSTOR in the Multidisciplinary Collection or scroll down the alphabetical list of databases.
    3. Here are some very short video tutorials on using JSTOR.
    4. Select "Advanced Search."
    5. Limit to TYPE: Article and limit to only journals in the discipline of "History."
    6. Using your terms find a scholarly journal article that is available in full-text online in JSTOR.
    7. Fill in this form
    8. From this information create an Chicago style footnote and bibliography entry for the article.

Support: Do the assignment yourself. Discuss the use, value and coverage of JSTOR database. Provide a list of relevant topics with one for each student--to avoid possible sharing. Have them use this form.

Use: As a homework assignment. Have them compare their findings in class. If it is a "W" class, allow a few points for a writing exercise.

Objectives: •Make students aware of the existence, value and use of the authoritative source for the literature in History. •Practice in Chicago footnote and bibliography entry styles.