The academic library has for centuries offered scholars and students the opportunity for independent study. In order to be truly independent our students need to know where to find, how to use, and how to evaluate information from the library and from all kinds of different sources. The best way we know to do that is by demonstrating specific sources and then having the students use them.

Modules 1-9 offer introductory information on the library, its homepage, the catalog, and practice on using basic reference books, periodical types, controlled vocabulary, and choosing good information sources.

The rest of the modules provide structured assignments for finding information in many academic disciplines.

These instructor pages also include suggestions for student support, possible ways to use the assignment, and the learning objectives being addressed by the assignment. Each page has a link to the student "version."

We hope that you will call us and request an instruction session when you assign papers that require more complicated research strategies than offered here. We can come to your class or you can bring the students to our computer classroom for these sessions.

We welcome your comments, evaluations and suggestions for improvement. Please feel free to adapt them as you wish, but let us know what works best for your students so we can continue to understand your needs and improve this program.

The Reference Librarians of the University Library 8/14 /08