Mathematics and Statistics Assignment (Kathy Wheeler)

Assignment: Find an article on “approximation theory” written by a faculty member from the Department of Math and Statistics at the University of South Alabama. Assignment in Word format.

How to: Following the directions and fill in the form.

  • Go to the University Library’s web site (
  • Click on Articles, Indexes, Databases
  • Under Indexes/Databases Listed by Title, click on M and choose MathSciNet
  • Choose Full Search from the left side of the screen
  • In the first box, choose Anywhere from the pull-down menu and enter the words: approximation theory
  • In the second box, choose Institution Code from the pull-down menu and enter USA’s institutional code which is 1-SAL. The institutional codes for other organizations can be found at
  • fill in this form.

Support: Hand out or link to the form in Word format.

Use: Homework assignment

Objectives: Make students aware of a math/stat database. Practice using it.