Periodicals: Classifying Types

Assignment: Compare periodicals using the periodical comparison form. Then, in a short essay, briefly contrast the three different kinds of periodicals: magazines, trade journals and scholarly (also called academic) journals.

How to:

  1. Review the "Periodical, Journal, Magazine, Serial" webpage.
  2. Print out the trade journal list.
  3. Print out the periodical comparison assignment form.
  4. Take the two printouts to the current periodicals section on the second floor, south side of the University Library.
  5. Complete the assignment according to directions. If you can, choose trade and academic journals in your field or discipline.
  6. Take the information you discovered and write a one page essay explaining the differences of audience, purpose, language, author credentials, physical formats and anything else you discovered.

Support: In class talk to the students about how research in your field gets published. Review the Periodical, Journal, Magazine, Serial chart. Let the librarians know when you make the assignment so they will prepared to help. Link to this YouTube video on this topic.

Use: As individual homework with a discussion of discoveries in class. As a followup have the students identify what kind of periodical is represented by each of the database citations on this list and explain why they think so. [in process].

Objective: To encourage student recognition of different kinds of information--even in print format. That they can identify types of periodicals just by the database citations.