Philosophy Assignment (Jan Sauer)

Assignment: Find an article on one of the topics listed below or one assigned by your professor using the Philosopher's Index(EBSCO) database. Identify Subject Headings/Descriptors. Write a correct MLA style citation for the article.

philosophy and ecology
politics and pragmatism
Richard Rorty
technology and cognition
ethics and stem cell research

How to:

    1. Choose "Articles, Indexes, Databases" from the University Library Homepage.
    2. Find Philosopher's Index under EBSCO or scroll down the alphabetical list of databases.
    3. Using your terms find an article that is available in electronic full-text or on the shelves in the Library.
    4. Hint: You may have to "Check for Full Text;" jumping to another database to access the full text of your article. See Step Four of this Finding Articles webpage.
    5. Hint: You may have to "Check SOUTHcat Catalog for availability" in order to see if we have a print subscription to the journal and to identify its location in the library. See Step Five of this Finding Articles webpage.
    6. From this information create an MLA style citation for the article. Hint: click on title of the article in Philospher's Index; click on Save; choose MLA format; click "save" again. Use the resulting citation as a starting point, but check to make sure of its accuracy. (It is not always accurate and you are liable for any discrepancies.)
    7. Write a brief annotation for this article.

Support: Discuss the use, value and coverage of the Philosopher's Index. Provide a list of relevant topics with one for each student--to avoid possible sharing.

Use: As a homework assignment. Have them compare their findings in class. If it is a "W" class, allow a few points for writing an annotation.

Objectives: •Make students aware of the existence, value and use of the disciplinary source for philosophical literature. •Encourage perfect MLA citation style creation.