Political Science/Criminal Justice Assignment (Kathy Jones)

Assignment: Find an article on one of the topics listed below using the JSTOR database. Write a correct APA style citation for the article.

juvenile justice
emergency management
physical anthropology
evolution and anthropology
gerontology and nutrition
offer other relevant topics

How to:

    1. Choose "Articles, Indexes, Databases" from the University Library Homepage.
    2. Find Project Muse under multidisciplinary collections or scroll down the alphabetical list of databases to the J.
    3. Put quotations marks around phrases to hold the words together in the search.
    4. Check the box "Include articles from JSTOR back issues" to retrieve older article also.
    5. Check the box for "articles" to further limit your search.
    6. Choose one full text article that looks particularly interesting to you.
    7. Fill in this form
    8. From this information create an APA style citation for the article.

Support: Do the assignment yourself. Discuss the use, value and coverage of Project Muse and JSTOR. Provide a list of relevant topics with one for each student--to avoid possible sharing. Have them use this form.

Use: As a homework assignment. Have them compare their findings in class. If it is a "W" class, allow a few points for written section.

Objectives: •Make students aware of the existence, value and use of the authoritative source for the literature in these social sciences. •Encourage good APA citation style creation.