The following are some links to materials that might help you make sense out of the library and its resources. Many of these links are on the Instruction Page, where you might also look at to find more Help links.

Multimedia Aids:

Library Tour
Catalog Tutorials

Some Library Basics:

Library Jargon and Online Jargon--what's an annotation, a citation, a bibliography, pdf versus html text, boolean
Library of Congress Classification System--we don't do Dewey Decimal
Newspapers vs Magazines vs Scholarly Journals--all periodicals are not created equal
Primary vs Secondary Sources: what's the difference

Helpful Research Planning Sites

Writing Research Essays in North American Academic Institutions: A Guide for Students of All Nations, William Badke

Assignment Calculator from the University of Minnesota


Bedford/St. Martin Documentation

Internet Searching

Evaluating Webpages
Google Advanced Search Tips
Google Help Center

University Library Homepage
University Homepage
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