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Claire Evangelista
April 13, 2006

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•Find and bring back one book from the stacks with illustrations about one of these: trademarks, symbols, iconography, logos, brands, commercial art [Hint: Do a "keyword" search using truncation and Boolean operator AND.]

Articles in Print Periodicals

•Find one periodical with advertising or graphic design of interest from the 1940's. Some suggestions: Life magazine; Saturday Evening Post; Atlantic Monthly, Harper's, Progressive Architect, Nation, Art Director's Annual, National Geographic, "annual and advertising[keyword search]. [Hint: Do a "Journal Title" search on the catalog to get the call numbers of these magazines. Most are on the 3rd Floor South. ]

Articles, Indexes, Databases --

EBSCO's Academic Search Premier
Expanded Academic ASAP
Periodicals Archive Online

•Find a full-text article from one of these databases discussing the history of a topic of interest to you, such as: tattoos, fantasy art, album covers, pinups, afro-centric art, cartooning, textiles, theatre posters, match covers, hats, purses, shoes, costumes, whatever.

Our Journal List --USA Subscribed, Full-Text, Electronic Journals and Print Holdings

•Find the full-text of this article: Parry, Linda "The Open Display of Textiles as Arranged for the ‘William Morris Exhibition'. " Museum Management and Curatorship 15.4 (1996): 416-17.

Google Advanced Searching--

Web Directories and Search Engines

LII- Librarians Internet Index--

Bubl Link--Search "images" to get image collections--

Open Directory--

Digital Librarian--

Loomia: podcast and videocast search engine-- [1940s]

Library of Congress/Archives Collections

Library of Congress American Memory Project-

Emergence of Advertising in America: 1850-1920-

Themes for Coca-Cola Advertising 1886-1999-

New Deal for the Arts--

Other Collections

Duke University Special Collections--Digitized--

Ad*Access Why Advertising? Medicine and Madison Avenue Timeline

Ad*Access is a pilot project to make a selection of historical advertisements available for study and research. The project draws on part of a large collection of magazine and newspaper ads within the Duke library's J. Walter Thompson Company Archives. The project includes over 7,000 ads, mainly from U.S. publications dating between 1911 and 1955.

Getty Images--

Corbis Collection--

Truth in Advertising--Collection of cigarette advertisements from the 1940s and 1950s.--

Fashion-Era --visual and cultural history of fashion (see Tailleur Fashion Plates)--

Costume Gallery--

Miscellaneous Links:

ARTLex Art Dictionary--

Figure Drawing Factory--

NPR story--


Helpful Hints for Library Research:

If you don't know where to start, do the smart thing. Ask for help.

  1. Start With your instructor-- If you have any questions about the assignment, get them cleared up BEFORE you spend time doing the research.
  2. Let the Reference librarians help you develop an appropriate research strategy for your particular project--2nd Floor North or call 460-7025 or email us at
  3. Try this Assignment Calculator from the Univ. of Minnesota for help planning your time and executing the paper writing process.
  4. Think before you begin--Who is your audience? This question will determine what level of information you need to find. Different kinds of information are found in different places--don't waste your time using the wrong source.

Smart "Public" Internet Searching

  1. Use well-regarded and recommended Internet sites and directories
  2. Watch for more trustworthy domains: .gov and .edu
  3. Evaluate what you find through a search engine extremely carefully. Criteria for Evaluating webpages
  4. Use an "advanced" search engine like Google Advanced Search and limit to "more trustworthy" domains

Works Cited/Bibliography Form:

Bedford St. Martins: Research and Documentation Online by Diana Hacker

Plagiarism--The major academic crime

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