European Studies—the Cold War

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Dr. Dan Rogers
Summer 2005

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Locating Primary Documents:

Government Publications (Selected by Vickey Baggott)

Print: (These, with SUDOC numbers, are on Second Floor, South; Government Documents area)

Introduction to National Archives records relating to the Cold War / compiled by Tim Wehrkamp.
AE 1.124: 107 (Similar item:

American forces in Berlin : Cold War outpost, 1945-1994 / by Robert P. Grathwol, Donita M. Moorhus.
D 1.2: B 45/2

Coming in from the cold : military heritage in the cold war : report on the Department of Defense Legacy Cold War Project.
D 1.2: C 67

Early Cold War overflights, 1950-1956 : symposium proceedings / editors, R. Cargill Hall and Clayton D. Laurie.
D 5.202: SY 6/v.1-2

International cold war military records and history : proceedings of the International Conference on Cold War Military Records and History held in Washington, D.C., 21-26 March 1994 / sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the United States Army Center of Military History ; edited by William W. Epley.
D 114.2: C 67

Third battle : innovation in the U.S. Navy's silent Cold War struggle with Soviet submarines / Owen R. Cote, Jr.
D 208.212: 16

Apollo's warriors : US Air Force special operations during the Cold War / Michael E. Haas.
D 301.26/6: W 25/2 (PDF format)

Seeing off the bear : Anglo-American air power cooperation during the Cold War : proceedings, joint meeting of the Royal Air Force Historical Society and the Air Force Historical Foundation / Roger C. Miller, editor.
D 301.82/7: B 38 [microform]

Cold war and beyond : chronology of the United States Air Force, 1947-1997 / Frederick J. Shaw, Timothy Warnock.
D 301.82/7: C 67

Revelations from the Russian archives : documents in English translation / edited by Diane P. Koenker and Ronald D. Bachman,
LC 1.2:R32

Drawing the Iron Curtain : Cold War cartoons, 1946-1960 : a Caroline and Erwin Swann Memorial Exhibition, May 23-August 16, 1996, Oval Gallery, Madison Building, Library of Congress / [Harry L. Katz, curator ; Lucia J. Rather, co-author].
LC 25.2: C 94

At Cold War's end : US intelligence on the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, 1989-1991 / Benjamin F. Fischer, editor.
PREX 3.2: C 67

CIA documents on the Cuban missile crisis, 1962 / Central Intelligence Agency ; editor, Mary S. McAuliffe.
PREX 3.2: M 69

Assessing the Soviet threat : the early Cold War years / Woodrow J. Kuhns, editor.
PREX 3.17: AS 7

Selected estimates on the Soviet Union, 1950-1959 / editor, Scott A. Koch.
PREX 3.17: ES 8

On the front lines of the Cold War : documents on the intelligence war in Berlin, 1946 to 1961 / edited by Donald P. Steury.
PREX 3.18: D 65

CIA under Harry Truman / editor, Michael Warner.
PREX 3.17: T 77 [microform]

Foreign relations of the United States.
S 1.1:

Origins of the Cold War : the Novikov, Kennan, and Roberts "long telegrams" of 1946 : with three new commentaries / Kenneth M. Jensen, editor.
Y 3.P 31: 2 OR 4/993 [microform]

U.S. and U.S.S.R. : partners during the cold war? : superpowers cooperated in several fields despite differences, new study says / United States Institute of Peace.
Y 3.P 31: 16/13


A Cold War conundrum : the 1983 Soviet war scare / By Benjamin B. Fischer.

Cold War history, 1949-1989 / USAF Museum.

Evaluation and management of Cold War Era historic properties / Environmental Assessment Division (EAD) at the Argonne National Laboratory, Dept. of Energy.

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