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U.S. Government Agencies

PSC 334
September 13, 2006
Dr. Kressley

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This is a partial list of resources, located in the Reference and Documents Departments, that may be helpful when doing research on government agencies.  You can e-mail the Reference Department or call 460-7025 or contact the Documents Department at 460-7024 for help.

Find your agency website:

Normally: http://www.(Agency name or acronym).gov

White House list of Federal Agencies and Commissions with links to their websites:

U.S. Federal Government Agencies Directory

Use Google Advanced to find Agency websites. You can limit to .gov, .mil or other domains

The United States Government Manual
National Archives and Records Administration

print versions at:
Documents Desk AE 2.108/2
Reference Desk: Ref JK 421 .A32

Finding Books and Documents in the USA Catalog

Subject Searches 
United States. (Agency name)-History 
administrative agencies--United States
bureaucracy--United States 
executive departments-United States  

Keyword searches
agency AND atomic
government agenc?
department AND treasury
"bureau of alcohol"
service AND immigration

DOCS DESK AE 2.108/2: and REF DESK JK 421 .A32
National Archives and Records Administration

The United States Government Manual

REF JK 421 .F42 1999
Sisung, Kelle S., editor

Federal Agency Profiles for Students

REF JK 9 .H57 1998
Kurian, George Thomas, editor-in-chief

A Historical Guide to the U.S. Government


Finding Articles in Databases: All are available through "Articles, Indexes, Databases" on the Library Homepage

Academic Search Premier through EBSCO

Expanded Academic ASAP through Gale/InfoTrac

History reference Center (EBSCO)--Supreme Court cases


Government Periodicals Index

Marcive -- Web index to federal government publications

GPO Access (Official federal government information)


FirstGov : Your First Click to the U.S. Government

Google : Uncle Sam

Online Style Guide:

Citing Internet Sources

Bedford/St. Martin Sample Paper and Documentation


Turnitin Information

Kathy Jones, Social Sciences Librarian
revised 5/20/09 js