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Citation Exercise

Assignment: No one wants to waste time doing inefficient research. One of the skills that will make your life easier is being able to identify different kinds of periodicals. This skill will help you decide if a source is an appropriate choice, as well as help you figure out which citation format to use for it in your own bibliography.

See "Periodical, Journal, Magazine, Serial" webpage to get a chart explaining the different types of periodicals.

Print out the following list of citations on the topic of plagiarism which are reproduced as found in databases and bibliographies. Your assignment is to identify the type of periodical publication represented by each citation. Write the inital letter of the type in the space provided for each. You may use the type of publication more than once. (Hint) The number in parentheses indicates the length of the article. Also underline the title of the periodical in which the article appears. Be prepared to explain your choices.

1. --------------- When elaboration leads to appropriation: Unconscious plagiarism in a creative task. Louisa-Jane Starck, Timothy Perfect, Stephen Newstead. Memory
August 2005 v13 i6 p561(13)


2. --------------- Plagiarize at your peril: Someone like me may have written that term paper you just bought. Rhonda Lauret Parkinson. Maclean's
Nov 15, 2004 v 117 i 46 p 134 (1)


3. --------------- Plagiarism and the Online Student: What is Happening and What Can Be Done? (Education) Phil Tietjen. Technical Communication
August 2005 v52 i3 p402(1)


4. --------------- Ethical Misconduct In The Business School: A Case of Plagiarism That Turned Bitter. C. Cabral-Cardoso. Journal of Business Ethics
Jan 2004 v49 i1 p75(15)


5. ---------------Plagiarism investigation lingers; scholar awaits Naval Academy's decision on academic fate. (Brian VanDeMark) Nelson Hernandez. The Washington Post Oct 20, 2003 pA13 col 1 (32 col in)


6. --------------- Web plagiarism claims denied (NEWS) Sarah Harrison. Nursing Standard
August 17, 2005 v19 i49 p10(2)


7.--------------- Go Ahead, Steal Me. Devon Pendleton. Forbes 179.1 (July 2, 2007): p106. (608 words)